Circolo degli Artisti - ROMA - 09.02.2004


live review by Sara "Shadow_Lady" De VIta  

all pics ©  by Gino Chiarizia

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A live the one from Anathema really moving: delicate, with no excess, ad yet intense, as after all every work involving the Cavanagh brothers.

Many people, maybe too many, but you know, it is rare that such a band comes down to our capital city, and such a response from audience should be expected.

Intense colours: violet, green, yellow, white…light cones that stretched on our heads in an endless and hypnotic intro of effects…then, one at a time, they appear…their shadows, a show of lights, projected upon us.

Everything appeared in a haze, the people with upward heads and open mouths… not a word…

…apart from “Balance”!

A mixture of sounds recreating melancholic and decadent atmospheres in a vocal interpretation, by Vincent, performed at the best of his capabilities, moving our entranced souls.

Great complicity in the band, appeased glances between the three brothers: certainity and confidence, allowing the show to be truly unique. No exaggeration: they were there to play, to entertain… no distractions with any superfluous stuff…their notes alone.

…”Closer”…and a respectful hush fell…

I admit I have been carried away a bit too much from the situation (but who would have been different in my place?), moreover I was not in a easy position in the audience: imagine before me a huge crowd of hairs belonging to metallers held by magic fluids that Anathema were pouring in their ears.


Therefore it has been extremely difficult to follow thoroughly the show: I could not help but keep my sight in stand by and amplify the ears, drugging me with strong sensations.

From their last album they performed the already mentioned “Balance” and “Closer”, and then “Are You There”, “Pulled Under…”, “A Natural Disaster” and the marvellous and dreaming “Flying” that has been the background of a true catarthic moment (in the musical sense). The rest of the show unravelled between songs from The Silent Enigma, Judgment, Serenades (by proposing one of their all-time masterpieces: “Sleepless”) and Eternity (with “Angelica”).

All in all the band relived with us old emotions, cleaned and brought to the present after years of new musical propositions and modernizations.

Well…this hasn’t been the concert of (and for) “A Natural Disaster”: has been the concert of the history of a band that from more than 10 years manages to renew itself and marks the most psychedelic and muffled part of metal, with no fear of contaminations, but on the contrary accepting them well and treasuring them with great respect (getting to the point of proposing a very personal cover of “Comfortably Numbs” by the great Pink Floyd, one of their sources of inspiration).

The guys there played practically without interruptions, with funny and interesting “role exchanges” between Danny and Vincent, with the musical complicity of the rest of the band, recreating movement on the stage to avoid getting involved in a dangerous staticity.

All in all a very good show, never overdone, but that left inside a great sense of sharing.

They parted from us heralding:<<Ci vediamo tutti a Bologna al Gods Of Metal>> (“We are going to see ya all at Bologna for the Gods of Metal”).  (a revelation that left us surprised)… to vanish in the back stage at the sound of a funny little march (a la Seven Dwarves)…GREAT.

Sara De Vita  





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