Arcturon (CH)

Coilcry (CH), Knocked Out (CH)

Atelier 21 – Bubendorf – 08.01.2011

Live reportage by Dominic Latscha(photos and review)

  I  knew a visit in this venue would be a great thing

The venue „Atelier 21“ is a location in a place called Bubendorf (engl. Boystown). This village is about 30 minutes away from Basel. Although it exists for awhile, the location is only known in the Area of Kanton Basel-Landschaft (canton Basel-Country). It was an accident, that I found the leaflet for a metal night with the Swiss Bands Arcturon, Coilcry and Knocked Out from Basel-Country.

I knew very soon, that the look of this leaflet with the burning guitar was well created and I knew a visit in this venue would be a great thing. Finally, you have to show support for your local metal scene and you give newcomer bands a chance to shine.

These criteria’s were responsible for my decision to visit this place with my friends. We arrived after 30 minutes at the Atelier 21. A few longhaired guys stood around in front of the atelier 21 and listened to the sound check.

After a few seconds, more visitors stepped toward Atelier 21 and the doors opened on 8 o’clock PM.

You had to wait about one hour until Knocked Out entered the stage. Many metal fans pushed in front of the stage. They opened their set with “Frozen Inside”. Unfortunately, you could not hear the vocals, because the microphone did not work right. For heavens sake, the sound engineer was able to fix this problem and the vocals sounded great. Their mixture of Rock’N’Roll and Punk Rock made the crowd going nuts and sometimes you heard a little influence from the British Kick Ass Rock’N’Roll legend Motörhead. For this reason, Knocked Out was forced to play a further song after their regular set and they decided to play the “Army Song”. This special track was dedicated to Coilcry singer Alex Büche, who appeared in front of the stage to go nuts with the band. They did a very good job this night and earned the standing ovations.


Setlist Knocked Out

Frozen Inside

Young Guys

Between Rise And Fall (Overdrive)

Forsaken (Overdrive)

A Land for Free (Overdrive und Synthi)

One Night Long

Bleed To Death


Army Song


Would Coilcry be able to top this performance? This question was spinning in my head during the break. I had no idea how they could exceed the expectations of the crowd after this strong performance. At this time, I did not know that my worries were for no reason.

Coilcry showed smartness with the choice of their intro. The jazz classic “Papa loves Mambo” from Perry Como became the official intro and singer Alex Büche, lead guitar player Sandro Mito Gysin, drummer David Horstmann, bass player Dominique Aneschi and guitar player Joachim Lötscher stepped on the stage with a funny dance choreography. “Wrapped Up Soul” was played first and then the gaspedal got pulled down. You could see many longhaired metal fans in front of the stage with banging heads and singer Alex Büche kicked ass with his rough voice. The fans liked it and he ran from the left side to the right side of the stage to rock the crowd and lead guitar player Sandro shined with some guitar riffs, which were as good as the ones from guitar legend Zakk Wylde.

Many bands only stand around and play their set and show no enthusiasm or passion for the music. But Coilcry are different. Alex Büche proved this and left the stage to get in touch with the party crowd. He also showed his comedian skills with funny jokes during the breaks and made a grimy looking security smile. I think such actions deserve much respect, because nobody could make him smile and laugh. Such moments always hurt me, because this kind of comedian skills reminds me very often how great Dimebag Darrell and Pantera had been in the 90’s. The only bad thing was an interruption, because they had to tune up their instruments. Suddenly something unexpected happened. There were a few breaks to breathe through for example when the ballad “Way to End” was played. Coilcry showed their serious side with the song “Domestic Hate”, which is about the crime called “Domestic Violence”. They ended their set with “New One” and wanted leave, but the crowd was overwhelmed and asked for more. Then the song called “My Girlfiend Is A Jesusfreak” got played and all hell broke lose. The crowd was totally out of control and jumped around. Coilcry did a great job and could beat Knocked Out. Unfortunately, less people stayed inside to enjoy the show.


Setlist Coilcry

Wrapped Up Soul

Symbiotic Welfare

No Rest

Freezing Sun

Sleepless Sleepwalking

Human Beef

Domestic Hate

Way To End

A Star Avoids The Light

Born Underwater

New One

My Girlfriend Is A Jesusfreak


The last band Arcturon was announced as headliner and entered the stage on 11.30 PM. They convinced the 20 metal fans with their Melodic Death Metal, which reminded of Sweden’s Finest In Flames and Dark Tranquillity. Nevertheless they were good, but you noticed the lack of enthusiasm from the crowd. Most of them already left the show.

The hardcore metal fans did not care about it and ignored that fact. There was still a party going on until the show ended about 12.30 PM.


Setlist Arcturon


Pleasures of the Earth

Foolish Lambs

The Eight Thorns Conflict


Numinous Temptation

We’re getting death



The Empire shall burn

The Dissenter

The Glorious Passion


by Dominic Latscha   23.01.2011

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