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at X-tra Limmat Haus in Zürich  13.10.2002
We are on the first floor of the very elegant X-tra Limmat Haus in Zürich , a cool and refined venue, modern and atmospheric, it is really worth to be visited. It was february 2001 when i saw the first gig in this venue (it was the Sisters of Mercy tour supported by Paradise Lost, hehhe i cannot forget!). And now i'm  here again. While i'm  looking  at the tasteful room and at the candles which lights up the semi-darkness, many memories are dancing in my minds balanced by the curiosity to see Das Ich live, from the moment that this band is sorrounded by a dood galloping fame. Das Ich seem to be very particular and eccentric, we will see. Today evening they are supported by Access Denied . The venue is good crowded, there are many persons in typical gothic look (the so called grufties), but also totally normal rock fans  make up the audience. Though the gothic and dark elements are really numerous, we are not in the middle of a kind of little M'era Luna clone. Nevertheless, coming straight from M'era Luna 2001 (yes 2001, more than one year ago), a surprise is waiting for me. Do you see the man in the picture below? Well the picture was taken indeed during the M'era Luna 2001 and that man is here this evening and dressed in the same way: it's impossible not to notice him! Unbelievable and congrats for the look! But how small is the world! 


ACCESS DENIED  www.a55d.de  
Access Denied firmly intend to perform a good gig, and, above all, to interest the audience as soon as possible, moreover paving the way for Das Ich is not the easiest task , though this German band already  experienced to work with Das Ich and Bruno Kramm. So they begin their show very determined, with energy and with a good mobility that will characterize their whole show . The members are 3,  singer Oliver Theile, the long-haired guitarist Markus Aschenbrenner, who provides  backvocals too , and programmer Christian Schulz behind the keys, all giving contribution in  playing what i call a clear Electro Metal: the synth backscape is prevalente, and with it, all what concerns electronic sounds and effects, but still there is an heavy rhythm underlined by a rather typical metal guitar. The voice is resolute and round, well distinct and clear among the instrumental shoots, and though some notes, from time to time, are sung out of tune, on the whole the show is agreeable enjoyble, suitable for this evening , proving that in field electro-goth Access Denied have class and capacities. Aggressive and nervous songs alternate with tracks clearly industrial oriented, or with others one where rough attacks balance mid-tempo and bass notes. Among the songs presented i like a lot the very atmospheric Burning Bridges, with valuable bass tones and clean mighty vocals; and Self Destructive, played under cold blue lights, rich in alienating sounds and versatile guitar riffs.  Access Denied are receiveing a good quantity of applauses: the rather introvert audience seems to like Access Denied more and more. But one of the highlights of their show is when singer is saying "stoppt Bush! das ist meine Meinung!" (stop Bush! That's my opinion!) Eh yes: political flavours are walking side by side with the  electro-metal notes.
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DAS ICH   www.dasich.de       
And the stage is prepared for Das Ich  now. Two keyboards connected to adjustable and mobile arms and a central microphone with 2 kinds of rings placed side by side are the main characteristics of the stageset. I was wondering: why 2 keyboards? In the meanwhile the room is getting even more  crowded than before and the waiting for the unconventional Anti'Christ duo Kramm - Ackermann is growing. Under a spectral blue -red light the trio begins the performance with energy and rather spheric sounds . Well what trio? Yes i didn't know: Das Ich present themselves as a group composed by 3 members: besides singer Stefan Ackermann, and keyboard -and sound responsible: maestro Bruno Kramm, we have on the stage a young resolute, long haired (at least speaking about the not shaved parts of his head) half rocker-half grufty looking keyboarder. The 2 keys are setted in a symmetrical way, and thanks to the mobile arms, they can face one another or can move away from each other,  or can   face both the audience.   But in spite of this technology , das Ich appear at once  like three entities come out straight from hell, sorrounded by a lot of surreal, nearly apocalyptic, atmosphere. They open with Es ist ja Krieg, followed by the more electronic and nervous Kindgott, which presents also some industrial elements. The applauses begin to flow and Stefan  says: "Danke schön Zürich". Already with these two songs Das Ich have proposed a kind of little summa of their prerogatives: sinister symphonic musical  base; evil but clear and impressive vocals, which underline the lyrics in German;  multi-layered and bombastic  synthetizer- attacks which sound a little bit threatening, very dark and occasionally imposing. Art anyway: cause this concert is not simply intended like a musical performance, but on the contrary, a really artistic expression of music compositions and thoughts. And, fortunately,  the sound quality in this venue is very good.
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And we go on with Kain und Abel, rather violent and electro-industrial. The theatrical involvement of singer Stefan is taking shape more and more . While Bruno Kramm, under the coloured lightrays  seem , with his hair styling, a kind of Devil-Amon Ra, Stefan is looking like the good-evil elf of our minds and our cosciences. But there is no time to be spent in philosophical expansions, cause we are catapulted in the mid-tempo rhythmed Erde ruft with its chorus, its heaviness and its symphonic -psychedelic tones. After that, it is the turn of Keimzeit: melodic, heavy, sad, a really cool song  expressing typical german medieval proceeding and more modern symphonies. 

The  "apocalyptic eccentrics"  propose now Garten Eden: Stefan opens often his arms like he would stress the intensity of the song, under the red-blue lights, powered by a heavy drumming and a sinister musicscape, like a march towards the search for immortality. 

And with Schwanenschrei we go on with another kind of industrial march which can sound anyway very melodic,  surreal and enthralling , enriched by final electronic shoots. 

"Alles stirbt sich gleich

ganz langsam leuchtest du

niemandens harmonien"

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Let's proceed with the mytical Der Schrei, a clear industrial-electrometal song, with brilliant sound effects, and then again with Krieg im Paradies: merciless, sinister, heavy.

As Das Ich advance in their show, the more active and interested is the audience, which slowly dives into a more pronounced enjoying of the music. Applauses and acclamation burst out spontaneously . Finally the very evil Lügen und Das Ich hits the crowd with repetitive and hypnotic determination, underlined by red, blue, green and yellow spotlights.

There is a good body involvement of Das Ich in their performance and Stefan has jumped and walked prooving a mobile stageacting. But incredible as it can seems, the show, on the whole, though  artistic and impressive,  gives an impression of excessive monumental immobility, nevermind how agile Stefan can be, nevermind how adjustable the keyboards can be . So that, music aside, nothing really eccentric happens.  Although a sinister fame is following and preceeding this band, there is nothing really sensational and striking to be seen. And if you  don't like this kind of music , you are getting slowly bored. But if you like the art implicit in this musical message, underlined by clever and deep lyrics you will enjoy this exploration from neoclassic till industrial areas with  gothic flavours. And the lyrics will let you think and think about many subjects concerning the human soul , the human feelings and god.

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And now finally the more intense moment of the evening is coming: Stefan holds himself  on to the  two rings and under  red-green rays light up  him only, like a christ on the cross, sings with a lot of pain in his voice Gottes Tod. Acclamations and applauses burst from the demanding swiss  audience, so that you can easily imagine that an encore is called. 

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23.08 h:  and indeed Das Ich come back on the stage. Bruno Kramm, clearly satisfied with this   warm  consent,  presents his band: firstly the "new key" Kain, then the "old key" Bruno, himself, and finally the "old" singer Stefan who receives many applauses. Krieger is one of the songs proposed in this first encore round. Eh yes!  because at 23:20 a second encore is called with enthusiasm, where Destillat, with its tension to eternity, is welcomed with joy.

As last thing and good-bye, Stefan is  greeting the swiss audience launching these 3 messages :

1) "stoppt diesen  Bush!" (people, stop this Bush!)

2) "lasst die Tiere am Leben" (let animals live)

3) Das Ich knows very well, that without you, our fans, we could not stand here on the stage!"

Yes, word!,  without the support of the audience no band could go on playing on a stage, but only few remind this simple law and express their gratitude! So , thumbs up Das Ich! Moreover the fact that Das Ich  have dedicated also some words in defence of  animals is a demonstration of sensibility and humanity.

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review by Dalia "Gryphon_spirit" Di Giacomo                   PICS BY ©:   Stefan  Absolut_Evidence

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