1. The undiscovered Land
    2. Skyward
    3. The final Curtain
    4. Perennial Dreams
    5. Fly at higher Game
    6. As far as Eyes can see
    7. The whispering Gallery (bonus)
    8. Deadend Fire
    9. Farpoint anywhere
    10. Where Silence has Lease
    11. Red Ball in blue Sky


Sabine Edelsbacher - vocals

Andreas - guitar

Lanvall - guitar, keyboards

Roland Navratil - drums

EDENBRIDGE: "Aphelion"    edenbridge  release 27.01.2003 Massacre Records

My Earth Dream 

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Edenbridge are back with a work that follows classic goth-power footsteps. Many influences from Nightwish  regarding the structure of the song , guitars get a power  riffing very hard and melodic, while i notice very good keyboards and piano supported by wonderful vocals ...very original and full of emphasis;
Much care is put regarding the arrangements in all songs;
 romantic atmosphere involves the second track "Skyward " where the melody is fantastic .....while oriental atmosphere fills "The Final Curtain" that is one of my favourite although the guitar is always in power metal  style and sometimes is not perfect;
Melodies are the prerogative of this band, and the musicians get a good tecnique and are able to create brilliant parts giving a good touch to all songs;
The songs are full of solos offered both by guitars and keyboards , and the cd is very pleasant although there's nothing original as regarding the style that is very similar to Nightwish and sometimes Stratovarius...in particular in "Fly at higher Game" in which the guitars are influenced by Tolkki in a very incredible way!!!!!!
Sabine's vocals are perfect in all songs and in particular the ballads are sung with a lot of emphasis. I like "As far as eyes can see" which showcases a very beautiful melody and all arrangements are something wonderful!!!!What a romantic song!!!!!
Power Metal background in the follow "The whispering Gallery" where Sabine leaves many parts to the guitar solos ;
Another good note concerning "Where silence has lease" that is another good ballade, while the others power songs nothing add to this work that will be a classic for this style........nothing original but a good album!!!
 Salvo Russo  13/02/2003
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