at The Rave Ballroom - 18 . 03. 2003 -USA

REVIEW BY  Matthew "Matt" Haumschild 
"WAKE UP!!!" recalling the song by the now defunct Torque PHX that starts
out with it's name, I roll out of bed and march into the shower with just
five hours of sleep. As I am cleaning myself, I come to realize I have a
five an half hour drive ahead of me but I wanted to beat this time and see
if I can get to Milwaukee sooner. However, before the show I was going to
drive to Chicago to check out a site or two since I was in the vicinity.

I technically left my house at 6:00 so to get to Milwaukee at this time, was
a very good thing! Although I was a bit tired after six Red Bulls© and two
"No Dozes"© I was tired and a bit crazy! I proceeded to Chicago after
gassing up...then it started to rain.

2:30 PM
Five toll booths, $2.25 in toll fees, another Red Bull©, half snow half rain
on the roads later, and heavy traffic I'm back in Milwaukee.

3:00 PM
Talk to Manager, set up interview for 5:00PM

Had lunch at water street brewery (which isn't too bad, if your in the area
stop by and sample their beer) and proceeded back to the club

5:10 PM
After waiting outside for a few minutes, the manager led me back into the
club where I did my interview with Peter.

5:30 PM
Went back into my car to listen to local talk radio station.

6:30 PM
Doors open up, I take my camera along thinking I was going to get a
press/photo pass for obvious reasons. The security guard informed me that
the club's "Policies have changed" which was horseshit because I went to the
club's website and the day after I got home and it showed pictures in the
club from last week. I suspect either Mudvayne, Sony (their record label) or
the club was behind this. I was NOT happy

After going back to my car to return my camera, I walked back in, and the
same security person who scowled at me, pat me down. Which is fine I
understand, I've been patted down for security measures before shows...then
3 steps later I went though a metal detector!!! I'm going to a fucking
concert not a fucking airplane! (aeroplane for the English)
Again I was not happy walking in mainly because of the camera issue, I was
on the guest list as I soon found out, hoping to get the photo pass and
showing it to the security guard and telling her to fuck off! I never got
one. I trot up the steps to the ballroom and on my way up, another security
person gave me a note that's pictured below...

I'm in the ballroom, bigger than I had thought it was, this place from what
it looked like used to be a huge theater for opera's and stuff. Cool, but it
got me worried. In places like this, the acoustics are over done and contain
lots of echo and revere. Instead of hanging out with the kids on the floor,
I opted for the balcony. When I sat down, I got to thinking that this trip
almost wasn't worth it. I woke up at 5:00 am, not to complete the job I was
sent out to do. I was so mad at the club and Mudvayne, I almost couldn't
contain myself. On my way up I saw the shirt vendors and the bars,
everything was outrageously priced. I have finally come to the conclusion
that this club sucks ass and whom ever organized this tour. Inflames was the
only thing keeping me from just driving home.

The first band "Grade 8," came on stage, and from where I was sitting, they
didn't sound too bad. As predicted, there was lots of reverb. The only think
I could truly make out were the drums everything else was basically noise.
But what I can tell you, the drums sounded great! Compared to the other two
bands, these guys had the best drum sound. The band from what it sounded
like, had a rap element to it. Personally, I don't mind some rap metal
depending the group if they can truly pull it off, I guess before I can
truly say if they suck or not I would have to see them again, but from I
could tell, I wouldn't mind seeing them again. For those in America, they
are on the Ozzfest tour this year on the second stage.

The next band came on stage, with a name that sounded really weird, I guess
bands nowadays are running out of creative names to call themselves now they
just make up names. The bands name was ______. Again, there was lots of echo
and you couldn't really tell what was being portrayed. You could hear the
guitars better and the vocals you could make out every fifth word. At least
this time, he sang half the time. When he did sing, it actually sounded very
good. It kinda reminded me of Rob Halford in some spots. Again, this band is
playing at Ozzfest, they are worth a second look.

Around 9:00PM
 A Rave employee came on stage...this shocked me, and said in the
microphone, "For your safety and for the safety of other Rave customer's if
there is moshing or body surfing you will be ejected from the building no
exceptions" among other things, everyone was booing and giving her the
finger. I can't say it enough, this place sucks ass. Do you know what
though, people are going to mosh anyway, good luck stopping 35 crazy people
from expressing themselves...good luck.

May I remind you that I am still sitting in the balcony and I am surrounded
by sixteen year old boys complaining of having to go back to school the next
day making me feel old. Inflames came on and opened up with "Pin Ball Map".
This is the fifth time I have seen Inflames, they have never opened up with
this song
. Another thing they did that I had never seen was, they came out,
instead of wearing all white painters suits, they came out wearing black
pants, white shirts, black suspenders and a black or red tie, I couldn't
tell with the light
.  The crowd just went nuts! I just said, "Fuck this!"
and I ran down the steps, and jumped in the newly formed pit. There was a
pretty decent sized pit for them I was quite proud. One of the problems
Inflames has, that in these types of shows, in a big ballroom or a
5000-10,000 seat place, their sound quality isn't as good for whatever
reason. When Anders tries to speak, the echo in that place so big, you could
not understand him. In clubs, there's none better than Inflames. Inflames's
set included, "Bullet Ride," "Trigger," "System," "Space," "Only For the
", "Cloud Connected", "Colony", "Gyroscope" and I think one or two other
Inflames had an incredibly short set. It was too bad, they should have been headlining.

Since I could not get my camera in the place due to either the club or
, and I had a LONG drive to Saint Paul, longer than I took to get
there, I had been up since 5:00 am, I just went home.

In a day full of adventure, the camera incident, and the metal
detector it wasn't bad. Inflames kicked ass and the first couple bands
weren't bad either. 


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