CROWHEAD:  Interview with  Jol and Rym
by Salvo "Lovedeath77" Russo         02/01/2003 -  Mail interview  
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1) Hy !!! Congratulations for your cd, “Frozen” let us give a look to the past of Crowhead... your name was Shadow Dancer......


In  1999 Rym and I initiated the project CROWHEAD with the intention to create personal music closer to our passion for 80’s Dark Wave and Gothic music.

It all started when SHADOW DANCERS, a cult band of the 90's Norwegian Gothic Metal scene, split up. I and Rym (bass and guitar in SHADOW DANCERS) after the release of our “Love Letter” demo CD in the summer 2000, and various deal offers, we joined MY KINGDOM MUSIC for the release of our debut album “Frozen”. We spent seven months of hard work in this together with Rico Darum and Ted “Superdead” Skogmann.


2) In your music I find a lot of influences to lovemetal metal like Entwine, Him (first album) but not only...because there's more darkness in your music...do you like "lovemetal"?

  I like depressive music like Swans, old the Cure and Joy division. The band you mention, I have no idea about. I know one song with Him, that¹s a good one, but I find all my inspiration from the old 80 the bands.

What do you mean exactly with "LoveMetal"? Our lyrics mainly deal with the opposite feeling Love/Death, exploring the most painful side of this combination..."Love Metal” sounds to me like "soft" tunes for soap-operas...we aren't definitively influenced by that...the title of our debut album says it all...


3) I like the amazing atmospheres of "Fire Eye” although the refrain is very melodic.... may you tell me something about this song?

Well, the classic “freaking out” thing in a old love story, love and hate are so close together, so are brutal and sweet melodies... with  “Fire Eye” we try to mix it, like a twisted mind, in a hopeless situation.


4) The 80's dark is a reference of your style...In your opinion which bands have had a big influences for Crowhead?

Joy Division, The Cure, Duran Duran, The Mission.


5) Now a particular question... the last 4 songs are very particular...because you're not a Electro Goth Metal band and is strange to find 3 remix...

I think it’s a good thing to put on some remixes, when the mixes are like those we have on frozen. Rico, and Ted make the first mix. (The producers of the cd) and Sebastian Komor from Icon Of Coil makes the second 2. They all did a great job in my opinion, and I was more than happy to include such songs in our debut album. I love those remixes because they do not alterate the atmosphere of Crowhead compositions.


6) Who’s the inspiration of the Crowhead's songs? No bands...I say about the sensations... your attitude seems a lot related to melancholy sadness... how much is important this feeling?

Melancholy (related to Sadness/Pain, and so to Events happened in our daily life) is in my opinion the Essential condition to create such kind of Music (and any kind of deep impact Art, according to me) and expressing such feelings in Music & Lyrics are the perfect consequence.


7) Do you think to promote this album with a European tour?

Not at the moment, but we will see closer to the summer, and if the cd sell enough we will try to make a short tour, in Italy and Germany.


8) I think that the production is very important and your cd sounds very good as regarding production too!!! Do you agree?

  Yes, I agree, the production is perfect. We spent quite a lot of time in the Studio, in order to gain the sound that was in our mind, and we achieved our goal thanks to presence of Rico and Superdead....


10) With whom would you go around the world for a tour?

It would be great to go on tour with the Kovenant.


11) As my last question I propose our usual and typical Gryphonmetal last question... I call this question 'The game of the Tower' There is a very high tower and on the tower three bands are waiting for you and you have to push down two of them to let them fall saving the third one. For you there are:


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