DEEP PURPLE:  Mini Interview with Roger Glover          
by Dimitris "Heartcollector83" Theodoropoulos 
25/09/2002 Lecabettus Theatre, Athens,Greece.
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Roger and Dimitris

I  JUST MAKE THE MUSIC!    message for Greek fans
Dimitris-Hi Roger!


Dimitris-Can i ask you something? 

Roger-No! (laughs!!) 

Dimitris-No?! (laughs!!) 

Dimitris-What about the rest of the records(burn,stormbringer...),maybe in limited editions as you did with the first ones.. 

Roger-The reissues?

Dimitris-Yes,the reissues and on vinyl 

Roger-Oh,yes they are getting them together right now,they're going through the tapes.They will send the tapes to me,i'll listen to everything and then i'll make a decision. 

Dimitris-Oh,ok then.So we can hope on something of a kind. 

Roger-Oh yeah,i'm sure it'll happen. 

Dimitris-Probably on limited editions once again right? 

Roger-I've no idea how they sell it...I just make the music!! (laughs!) 

Dimitris-Oh!I know allright!But i thought you had something to do with it.. 

Roger-Yeah!Me too!! (laughs!)

 Dimitris-How come the shows get better everynight? 

Roger-Alcohol!! (many laughs!) 

Dimitris-Finally a message to the Greek fans? 

Roger-They are the most energized fans in the world. 

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