DEICIDE :  Interview with Glen Benton 

by Dalia  "gryphon-spirit" Di Giacomo       

 transcripted by Stefan Vogelaar  and Matt Haumschild    

25/11/2002 -  Pratteln (CH) at Z 7 -   EUROPEAN TOUR  -    OUR LIVE REPORTAGE

Glenn and Dalia  -                   pic taken by Stefan  


Dalia: You are in the middle of the European tour, which is the most "satanic" audience you have found till now?

Glen: Maybe the Greek one, ...they are CRAZY!...

  Do you think that the word "Satanism" in itself makes any sense? Because the word actually means nothing but "enemy", so I could be Satan to you and you could be Satan to me.... 

 ...i am satan to all the christians.....

  ....shouldnt we speak always and only about "Lucifer"?


So, why is the word satanism so spread out?

  Well, I think a lot of people don't understand Satanism, they think it's butchering animals and that kind of shit , but  it's more of a philosophy and a way of thinking, a way of life than it is anything else, right? Christians believe in God, I don't believe in God and I believe in the evil and good , and I side with evil so that makes me what I am. Christianity defines me as a Satanist, not me! 

What does it mean "I don't believe in God" because I believe that God is so, as it is described in the Bible for example....

I don't believe in a fairy tale, I don't believe in the Bible, to me the Bible is a fairy tale. I tell my son, if you want to hear a story about religion, I'll tell you a story about "The Three Bears" it's a bedtime story, it's the same shit. 'Mother Goose" Fairy Tales. 

I think that in the Bible, God is described as the evil as he is.... no? 



I don't believe anything in the Bible, I find the Bible rundundantly fucking boring. 

Just one more question relating to that topic, so, Judism and Christianty share the same God, the only basic difference is Jesus Christ, isnt it, and from the moment that Deicide are also famous for the attacs against Jesus Christ and the famous rappresentations of him, i would ask you, are you sure that Jesus Christ is really the son of that hated God?

I don't beleive anything that is coming out of the Bible so...

I think that Christians have such a perverted plesure in rapresenting Jesus Christ always nailed on the cross, like satanist could also do, i mean Jesus Christ is a victim of christianity more than a king of christanity. 

 i dont think so

What do you think about electronics in the metal music?

like keyboards?

yes,... like keyboards...

I think that is GAY!

But why, is it not enough strong?

It is not powerful

which is the symbol you prefer?

< indicates me the downunder cross on his forehead >

I personally think, that Kataklysm could be crowned as one of the most successfull and impressive band of this year.which is the most intresting band for you for this year? 

Vital Remains, VITAL REMAINS!

D : This is our typical last question we propose to every artist we are interviewing for the first time, we call it the game of the tower.There is a very high tower and on this tower usually we put three bands and you have to push down two of them saving just one, but for you i put three angels of the hell on top of this tower and they are : Belial, Dantalion and Asmodeus, who would you save?

 I say Asmodeus and the other two go down


..Ah!?!... go to hell... 

hehehehe thank you very much Glen!

Niederrohrdorf - Switzerland Impressum