second interview with IN FLAMES:  Interview with Peter Iwers  
by Matthew "Matt" Haumschild
18/03/2003 -  at THE RAVE in Milwaukee- Wisconsin (USA) 
MH: Hello everyone, today we are here with...please state your name for the

PI: ha, my name is Peter

MH: Peter! Did you dye your hair?

PI: Ah, yes I did actually

MH: It was blond last time

PI: um, it wasn't really blond last time <laughing>

MH: well with the light anyway it kinda looks blond

PI: Yeah maybe...

MH: You guys recently just recorded the video for "Trigger." Since, this is
America, we don't get to see a lot of metal videos and I doubt we'll ever
get the opertunity to see it, could you describe the video to us?

PI: Um, Basically a cool ass video as we always do and there's a bit of a
story element to it, but I won't tell you anything about it because I think
you are going to see it on Much music or um..

MH: Much Music USA anyway

PI: Yeah It's a cool story and I don't want to spoil the surprise.

MH: Oh yeah I understand, do you guys ever plan on putting out a DVD?

PI: Yeah, we always plan on putting out a DVD, but we keep on filming too
much material and we have so much of it, it'll come someday when we have
enough time to watch through all of the tapes.

MH: I'll be the first one in line to get it when it comes out, You all took
a month off, what were you guys up to during that time?

PI: We just relaxed basically, we wrote some new music, there were some award
things going on in Sweden that we were nominated for so we went to those
just having fun and spending quality time with our families and everything.

MH: What band would you like to tour with?

PI: Iron Maiden

MH: Really?

PI: Always

MH: Are you guys big Iron Maiden fans?

PI: Yeah, me personally my two favorite bands are Slayer and Iron Maiden, and
we've toured with Slayer already so now Iron Maiden is up next. But there
are several bands we would like to tour with, but that has always been the
one band that would be cool to tour with.

MH: Were you all recording a new release as of late or doing any more

PI: We just recorded an E.P., it's going to be for the "Trigger" song, we
re-mixed two of the songs and one of two covers.

MH: Did you produce it yourself or did someone come in from the outside?

PI: Yes, Anders did actually.

MH: Can you describe your song writing process? It's just that different
bands have different ways to come up with new material like locking
themselves in a room for X-amount of hours, I didn't know if you had a
different process or something.

PI: Well, Jesper and Bjoren they usually write a bunch of riffs and sometimes
the arrangements of songs and then we all go sometimes to the rehearsing
room and arrange them together like we did last record and what we are doing on this upcoming we traveled somewhere and we basically locked our selves in and had nothing but contact with our selves basically and just rehearsed when we felt like it into the night until we were done. Then it's like when you go into the rehearsing room I think it would be it would be a little too stressful because all of us would have something to do, just travel away, this time for two weeks, just for the rehearsal part.

MH: How long does it usually take you write a song, does it vary or...

PI: It varies, sometimes like said, they might present a complete idea which doesn't take very long, sometimes it just takes one or two riffs and we jam and they come up with the rest of the ideas.

MH: Now for my last question, This is a typical question asked to whomever someone from Gryphon Metal is interviewing. Let's say there's this tower...

PI:I think I have heard this question before <room is laughing>

MH: And on this tower there three bands, and your trying to get on top of it, but to do this you must push two of the three bands off...I have two different sets of them actually..."The Helicopters," "Abba," or "The Sounds".

PI: um...oh shit..."The Sounds" because they are the youngest and "Abba" because they are the oldest.

MH: And here's the other one, "Arch Enemy," "DArk Tranquillity," or "Pain"

PI: Dark Tranquillity deffinatly, they suck! <Laughing>  I'm only joking  because I know them the best, they are the band I pick to stay.

MH: Thank you very much for your time, I'll be in the pit for ya.
Niederrohrdorf - Switzerland Impressum