KLIMT 1918 :  Interview with Marco Soellner and Alessandro Pace

by Salvo  "Lovedeath" Russo       


02/09/2002 -  phone interview                          "Undressed Momento" REVIEW



Hi Marco!Congratulations for this Masterpiece...Klimt1918 are one of the most original bands... and I think that this is one of the best album in 2003!!!Tell me something about your past

(Marco) KLIMT 1918 was formed by me (Marco) & my brother Paolo (drums) in October 1999. We were the only two members left of Another Day, an Italian act dedicated to progressive Death Metal sonorities.

In 2000, after the split of A.D. we recorded “Secession Makes Post Modern Music”, first demo of the band, more focused on different sonorities and suggestions. The musical influences can be indicated with the Swedish and English Avantgarde Metal (Anathema, Opeth, Edge of Sanity, Katatonia), the 80'ies Wave (The Cure, U2 - early years, Police, Japan, Duran Duran, Depeche Mode, The Smiths) and The Beatles (years 1967 - 1970). “Secession Makes Post Modern Music” was acclaimed with great reviews by media and, after an important promotion, the band chose to accept a deal for two albums with MY KINGDOM MUSIC.

In july – september 2002 the band entered again the Outer Sounds Studios and, under the precious supervision of Giuseppe Orlando and Massimiliano Pagliuso (NOVEMBRE), they recorded their debut album “Undressed Momento”. That’s all, by now.


This album is full of emotional music...may you tell me something about your inspirations?

(Marco) I take inspirations just from my feelings..you will find a lot of influences in this album :film from Lars Von Trier, Tears for Fears, Police, Duran Duran, The Smiths, the album Joshua Tree from U2, Luigi Tenco, Gino Paoli, post-electros Artaud, Harmony Korine,’80 synth-pop,W. Blake, Poe, mujaihiddin & fedayn, M. dushamp & dada movement, Darkthrone, Emperor, Cure, Katatonia, Opeth, Anathema, Novembre etc…


In my opinion this album may be appreciated both from Opeth fans and new wave fans as well...do you agree?

(Marco) Yes I agree absolutely. In Undressed Momento you can find lirism, romanticism, suspended atmospheres but also electric and violent moments.


The structure of your songs are not easy but they are able to enter in the listener'soul.Which is the secret???:)

(Alessandro) …don’t know!! We make our songs in a very spontaneous way! We like simple melodies that enter in your ears and brains giving you emotions – that’s all..


About your musical influences.....I notice a very important touch of new wave in your music....

(Alessandro) Yes! As mentioned above our music is full of influences from the most representative electro-synthpop band from 80’s.


A technical question....(the first)! Your voice is 80's pop style- oriented. You remind me of Sting in "if you could see me now" (in high tones)..but who's your vocal inspiration?

  (Marco) Kurt Smith, Orzball, Morrissey, Peter Murphy, Sting (undoubtedly), above all Simon LeBon and Nick Harley!


About the sound...tell me please something about the arrangements and production. are you satisfied ?

(Alessandro) Of course!! I think Giuseppe Orlando and Massimiliano Pagliuso from Novembre made one of their best works from Outer Sound  studio!


Now i want to ask what do you think about Italian metal scene? In your opinion are there good bands?

(Alessandro) Of course! In Italy things are improved in the last years..we have a lot of interesting bands!!

I can mention (not only metal of course) my fave ones: Novembre, Room with a View, Aborym, Spiritual Front, Grayswan, Grimness, Edenshade, Ephel Duath, Lacuna Coil, Bohemien, Chaos/Order, Neuelicht Inc., Pulcher Femina, XP8, Syrian…too much to remember all !!


My Kingdom Music is one of new reality...when did you signe with them?

(Marco) We signed in December 2001. We appreciate a lot the work they are making for us!


Do you think to promote this album with a European tour?..and I want ask you somenthing about covers you think to play on tour?

(Alessandro) Actually with this line-up we played only two gigs. But we are managing a lot of dates all around Italy – stay tuned & check out our official website (www.klimt1918.com) for updates. We played only a cover in our last show at the end of June here in Rome. The song was “By this River” by Brian Eno totally played in our particular style eheh!! However we continue to play cover in the future.


Which is your favourite song in "Undressed Momento"?

(Alessandro) That Girl, Undressed Momento, Parade of Adolescence…

(Marco) Parade of Adolescence, We don’t Need No Music, If Only You Could See Me Now…


Ok...As my last question I propose our usual and typical Gryphonmetal last question for the bands we interview for the firs time... The game of the Tower' : there is a very high tower and on this tower three bands are waiting for you and you have to push down two of them to let them fall saving the third one. For you there are:


(Alessandro) I push down myself…

(Marco) I push down all them…I need free space! you know I am a claustrophobic subject…


Thank you!!!!!!

(Alessandro) Thanks for this funny & interesting interview!!!


Salvo  Russo    

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