MYSTIC CIRCLE:  Interview with  Ezpharess

by dalia  "gryphon-spirit" di giacomo       

 transcripted by Stefan Vogelaar      

25/11/2002 -  Pratteln (CH) at Z 7 -      OUR LIVE REPORTAGE     OUR ALBUM REVIEW

 Ezpharess and Dalia  -                   pic taken by Stefan  



D : Your last album Damien is devided in three chapters like the Omen Trilogy and i think that you have left a little bit the melodic stuff aside.

A : Yeah, The Great Beast was more melodic, and i think that is due to the fact that we had a lineup change. The keyboard player left us last year after the tour, and on this album it's me who plays the keys and i liked to play more under the guitars, because in the past the guitars where behind the keyboard or not loud enough, the keyboard was always dominant and i dont like that very much, i like when you can hear the guitars and make the guitar sound in the foreground. But at the moment that i'm never satisfied with my production, it is hard to say if it is ok or not.

D : So, the problems with the lineup are definitly solved?

A : Yeah, the lineup probs we had are solved i think. We have a new drummer, he is 22 years old and he is a very talented guy at the drumkit. At least we were very lucky to find that guy. He played with our friends from the rehearsal room we use together, the band Abnorm, and he did some kind of psycho Death that time, but he liked more the music from Mystic Circle than from Abnorm and so he joined us. Well, this little story is now one year old, because he come to us in november.

D : Mystic Circle has often devided the opinions, methinks that you can be a band that just can be loved or hated nothing in between, do you agree?

A: (laughing) ... it's the best way to get famous, i think the people just judge in good or bad, and thats my opinion

D : Your music is not a canonic Black Metal, you  describe it as Dark Satanic Metal, what is the difference?

A : Well, on The Great Beast album it was more Melodic metal and Heavy metal with more guitar solos and most of the people said "lets be satisfied with that", but we played not only Black metal, we had influences of heavy metal and other styles, but i must say that the Damien album has more nordic influences, but at the same time some Death metal aspects, and thats the reason why i call it dark Satanic metal

D : which are your impressions about this Damien tour and, in particular, about  playing together with Deicide?

A : For our bass player it was a dream to play this tour with Deicide, because he is a fan of Deicide since the first album, and i have to say that this guys are really cool and friendly and maybe we can play some shows in Florida together with them, and i must say that the American guys are the best ... i dont know, but the people from the States are cool... professional and friendly.

D : Being on stage, is for you more making a show , or making a rite?

A : A rite, but i have to say that its twice. On one hand it is a show on the other hand i must say that it is a rite because it is a religion for me, it's my life. In a short way, it's my live to make happy the people and fill them up with kick ass music and satisfy them in their metal heart and in a venue like this here (Z7) with a big stage and big crowd: that's what i like to do.

D : Do you think that a metal for the masses exists?

A : Yeah, i think so, ... Dimmu Borgir or Cradle of Filth exist for the masses. These bands did the right music at the right time and that is much important, and they get an image, there are lots of bands out there playing well, but they dont have image....

D : Would you like to have fans coming also from the Gothic scene?

A : we have some fans coming from the Gothic scene , and they love The Great Beast a lot and also as the Drachenblut album. Yeah, we have some...

D : so you are happy about..

A : ...yeah, we are .. 

D : i personaly like Servants of Twilight, this song is hard and fast, but catchy too. which is your favorite song of "Damien" album?

A : God is Dead maybe, it's a great song from this CD, but also Armageddon War...

D : A naughty question, which is for you the real "mark of devil"?

A : well, the real one is 666...(laughing)

D : ... i'm not that convinced....(laughing)

A : ...well, the real mark of the devil is the power and the strength.......are you satisfied with that answer?

D : (laughing)...well, would you prefer to speak with a taliban or with a bishop?

A : thats a good question, i don like ether of them!
i hate fanatic shit.., i hate just fucking shit... you know what i mean, i think. All that extreme stuff sucks, like inquisition in the past, killing people for nothing... that stuff sucks!

D : where would you spend a whole night, in an old castel or in a wood?

A : In a castle .. i would like to take my girlfriend to England and pass some nights in an old castle ..... that would be great, ... i love that places

D : If you could to speak to Lucifer what would you ask  him?

A : Hmmmm..., i would ask him to play better guitar, and how long will i stay together with my lovely girlfriend and the third is if i'm getting more famous or not, and the fourth one is to be immortal.... (laughing) 

D : So, you'd like to be immortal?

A : yeah but just if we listen still to metal in 10.000 years. i would live for metal 10.000 years and more.... thats my life. i was infected when i was 14 years with Kiss and Black Sabbath ... i got infected, no help for me to get out 

D : what about your projects for the future?

A : maybe we will do a headliner tour next year (2003)

D : the last question is our typical GM last question we drop to every band we interview for the first time, and it is called the "game of the tower".  there is a very high tower and on top of this tower there are three bands waiting for you, and you can save only one and the other two have to fall...
so for you Mystic Circle on the tower are waiting Helloween,Edguy and Primal Fear.

A : Shit...  three true metal bands!.... but i think Helloween will be my favorite one.

D : thank you very much Ezpharess!

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