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Eddie Hydoverdov 


Interview by Salvo Russo






Deviltears is a Russian band based on Rostov-on-Don. The genre is Gthic/Love Metal. The band got the attention of our Italian  editor Salvo Russo, who,  after having appreciated the band's great album "Night Vendetta",  is  eager now to listen to the upcoming release. While looking forward to the big release day, Salvo got in contact with Deviltears drummer Eddie Hydoverdov.   Salvo Russo talked with Mr. Hydoverdov about the album, the great video "Peacemaker" and  many other things. This is the interview.

Music of any style is immortal.


Hi. It is a real pleasure to have this interview with you. After four long years wait, the new album is finally about to come out. What happened after “Night Vendetta”?

Hello! A lot has happened, we became less now four of us, we were on, grew up, and of course we were able to achieve release of the new album in Europe.

Deviltears come from Russia, and your sound reminds me a lot of Finnish gothic music, but most importantly, you make awesome tracks. In my opinion, your music could reawaken all those who think that Gothic Metal is almost dead. The mood seems influenced by “TO DIE FOR” and “SENTENCED”, especially on the vocals, do you agree on that? 

Of course I agree, because we grew up listening to these groups. I don't think this style died, I would say more, any style cannot die if it is made with heart. Music of any style is immortal if it's honest and written with the soul.

The trailer of the album is available online and it seems a real success. How much do we have to wait until it is out?

We are very pleased that you liked the trailer and the sound of the album. The album release is scheduled for December 8, 2014.

The video “Peacemaker” got more than 30 thousands views and it is in fact a masterpiece of music and images. Who had such a great inspiration and what could you tell us about the song?

This song was born in 2009, and the idea of this video came immediately with the song, we didn't know then that all this will come to us. We live 80 miles away from those places where bombs [fell]. We are tired of seeing how the world is going crazy. We don't want to kill each other, we want to live, play music and ride each other concerts.

How could you describe this new album compared to the previous one?

The new album has turned out much on, grow up, [more] varied and beautiful of its predecessor. All the songs on this album It is what we ourselves have experienced, or what was happening before our eyes. For us it's a very personal album. We've been through a lot at the time when it was created .

You started in 2006, and many things have changed since then. Nowadays most bands tend to give more importance to the sound, and there is less musical research. In this context, some new metal trends have come out; what do you think about the current musical scene?

Everything changes in the world, and music too. Personally I don't like the music, which is all based on the technique,  has no soul. In any art should  be the soul and beauty. Many young bands, in the first place, [are] trying to impress the listener with the mastery of their instruments, and it very quickly bored. Deviltears too [is a] young band, but for us melody  is much more important than technique. I think we should learn from groups of the 70-80-90 years.

In the latest album, you had Jape (from “To Die For”) as a special guest for the title track. Should we expect any other surprise in this new album as well?

No. In this album  there will be no such surprises. We decided not to invite to this album  famous musicians, for us it will be interesting if people listen to our songs without guest stars. If this album will appeal to fans , and [they]  will listen, for us it will be a great victory!!!

Tell me about the lyrics of the new album. Is it a concept album? Is there any core theme you put into music? Is there any song that for some reason you consider more telling than the others?

All songs in this album for his own good, but the concept certainly is. The album is called  The KEYS, and this is the concept. We are all faced with the fact that when walking down the street suddenly catch a whiff of that long forgotten, or hear the music which is also forgotten , or the weather that you like, and at this point you begin to experience the feelings that were once a very long time, and what kind of events you linked, this is the The KEYS. Song Flashback  about it.

Why in your opinion Finnish Gothic “Lovemetal” has lost some of its charm compared to 15 years ago? Listening to your band or Icon and Black Roses, I cannot but notice that there is still a lot to say. What do you think?

Again, the world is changing. Many groups have lost inspiration due to  earned money, many just stayed in the past due to inadequate implementation, and many just tired. I just can not answer this question. I can tell you what we do, what we want and what is important for us today, and what we would like to tell. If we manage to get fans to experience with us, listening to our music, I think we will continue to do the same...;)

Can you tell us something about your upcoming tour?

Can only say what he planned. But more specifically I think we'll find out in January.

Now, the Game of the Tower is our closing question.  You are on top of a high tower and there are 3 other bands up there with you. You have to push down 2 of them and save one among: TO DIE FOR, SENTENCED and HIM.

Can't speak for the whole group , I would have left SENTENCED ;)


Thank you Eddie for this interview. Horns up!

Interview by Salvo Russo - November 2014


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