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Elen: interview with Clara Sorace

Elen live is:

Vocals : Elen
Guitars: Antonio "Motel" and Michele Marsella
Drums: Giuseppe Modarelli
Bass: Fabrizio Gallina
Keys, Sequence: Stefano Maccarelli

Interview by Salvo Russo_ December 2012

Elen's music is a mix of Rock, Electro, Gothic, Symphonic, Pop. The first EP "Amaranth", with five Rock tracks sung in English,  was released in 2011 and critics have reacted very positively. The second EP "Distanze" has been released 2012 and a video has been shot for the song "Un Lento Replay". Elen's music is inspired by Evanescence, Within Temptation and Skunk Anansie. Italian fans are impressed by Elen's vocals. GryphonMetal's Italian Gothic Rock editor Salvo Russo has noticed this emerging musical project and has interviewed Elen for us.



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I cannot imagine a day without music.

Elen…let’s talk about you…Who are you? Tell us about you…
I am a Singer / Songwriter, my work record begins with the meeting of Stefano Maccarelli, composer/ sound designer .  I was born in Crotone, a town in the south of Italy, now I live in Rome . I started 

my musical career when i was a child, after 10 years of study (Singing / Piano). I decide to take part in various singing competitions, always classifying as a finalist. after some experiences and collaborations, I feel the need of having to express my sound, and that's created the musical project "Elen". 


You have made two important works…and the second one can be considered the result of 

hard years of assiduous application…can you draw a parallel between these two mini-albums?
In 2011 comes the first album "AMARANTH", composed of five rock songs in 
the English language .
In 2012, the  second EP "Distance" always structured on five songs but this time preferring the 

Italian language, the two works are not so different from each other, we tried to keep the same sound creating the atmosphere more Gothic style . "Un Lento  Replay" is a song that has the dark atmosphere and Gothic, Electro Rock, this song can be seen, the one that differs by more than the others, in terms 

of musical structure, sound and vocal approach!


When did you realize that being a singer could have been your real aptitude?
The singing and music in general have always been part of my life, I can not imagine even a day

without music or without singing ..... so I started to realize that I wanted to do this since I was a child!


Now let’s talk about the songs…Italian vs English…are you not so sure about the language by which you want to sing your songs…or how do your songs born?...English or Italian!?
We do not first decide whether to use English or Italian language in our songs .... so as we plan the first in that style will be made, the whole is only the result of the inspiration of the moment,, if a piece melodic sounds better in English is done in English, then frankly I do not do mystery of my 
love for the English language, I find it very musical!


Reading at your biography…I see that your main influences are Within Temptation, Evanescence, and Skunk Anansie: I really notice the mark of these bands in your songs…can you explain me what make you inspired to these bands? Is there a particular moment in which you realized that this branch of “metal” belongs to your soul?
It is true I love their music, their sound, the beauty of their melodies, and I was inspired in part to 

these groups. When we started working on the second album, I believe that at that time their music 

has been a great source of inspiration for us,  so we realized that this kind of music belonged to our 
soul!  I think that for those who make music there must always be some points of reference, this 

means to grow musically in my opinion, but the important thing is to maintain its musical identity without creating copies!


We can also affirm that your songs could be appreciated by goth & alternative rock fans, but also from those who likes usual Italian music…if we listen to “Piccola Poesia” I notice a perfect blend between melancholic mood & typical Italian pop-rock song…what I want to say …if you’d take part to Sanremo Festival it won’t be a “scandal” ….agree?!
I like the beautiful music I try not to be too tied to a genre, San Remo would be a good opportunity for people like me trying to get more visibility, but unfortunately it is not easy not having a record label behind. So I think that despite my album does not have a typical San Remo classic sound, it would 
be a good opportunity to consider.


Can you talk us about the production of your music, and something about those who collaborates

 with you…musicians, producer, friends….
Our music is a musical experience that spans various genres from Rock to Pop to get to the Sound Tracks, keeping our own style recognizable. I consider myself very lucky, because I found a group 

of musicians and authors who collaborate in our project, really cool, I think that it is not easy to find 

the right people who may have the same your taste in music, and especially when it comes phase of an arrangement of a song, it creates a feeling that makes it more simple and harmonious, and this is true for musicians and for the author of the lyrics! Stefano Maccarelli which is precisely the producer of this 
musical project as well as music composer, is responsible for the songwriting and arrangements, 

when the structure is completed, the musicians who work with us register the shares in their music study which is based in Naples, Stefano then will the arrangement and the voice recording in our recording studio in Rome ,  then the phase of mixing and mastering. In a short time we have created 

a fan page on Facebook, where many fans and friends are continually updated on our new music, and

it's nice to know that there are people who follow you and believe in you, for us this is very important! 
Obviously there is still much to do, so much more to test and improve, the important thing is 

to never give up!


Let’s talk about the actual difficulties for all musicians to sell their products….how much is important to buy digital albums by iTunes and other specialized sites…let’s try to convince our readers about the importance to give this small contribution....
iTunes is a great medium, it is essential to be known through social network , so people 
like and follow you and your music and maybe with time can support you through 
to sales. everything 'is very difficult and it takes a lot of time and patience, also because ours is an independent project, so the difficulties are more.

What can you tell me about your imminent live shows? Is there anything planned?
Well, we are preparing for shows with a group, there  are very good young players, we already did a show last September, that went well, we are now studying the new repertoire, which we will propose 

in the summer of 2013!


What do you think about actual rock scene? Are there (in your opinion) interesting new bands?...if yes…which ones?
I think the rock scene today is a little bit in "crisis" because the record 
labels produce more projects "Pop", "Dance" and HipPop. The TALENT SHOW now 
have become a real music industry from which hardly come "projects rock." Once 
"The rock"  was done in the basement, as a group, trying and trying, playing live. The underground music is full of interesting rock groups, which are unlikely to emerge. As for the "famous", 

I like MUSE, I like their musical evolution ,  the way they  introduce  electronics is  strong. They are very interesting.


Are you already working to compose new songs?
We are currently working on projects such as soundtracks, but we are also working on a track 

that long ago we started and it was not then completed, now we may have more inspiration 

and I think that it will be done, I hope :-)


Final “old”GryphonMetal question…is the Game of the Tower….this is my first interview with you…then…it’s a MUST for us. You’re on a very high tower and with you there are 3 bands….you have to push down two of them…saving only the third one!!!!
Oh no, I love these groups .... how do I? Ok .. so I decided to save Skunk Anansie ..... ...yes Skunk Anansie  forever.

Thank you!!!

interview  by Salvo Russo 

Salvo Russo is editor for since 2001.

He is based in Italy, reachable at this e-mail address  More in Team


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