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Interview with Jason Trost

foto-source: official Jason Trost Facebook page 

Our American editor Matthew Haumschild,  impressed by the cult movie "The FP" ("one of the funniest yet original movies Iíve seen in a long time"), has organized  a Facebook interview with  director and actor Jason Trost. The result is a very interesting chat about the new film "All Superheroes Must Die" , copyright, James Remar, music in movies and about being behind the camera or in front of it.





review THE FP




Just think if cavemen had a copyright to "fire". We'd all be screwed.

You're my first writer/director I've interviewed, all the other times, I'm interviewing band members from Metal bands. any who, Question #1...

Do you think itís more important to make movies for the sake of making money or for the sake of artistic expression?

I think you have to consider both. It's the way movies have evolved. You try to do something new and fresh but you also have to make something people want to watch, if you're making art that no one wants to look at then that's a fail and if you're making art everyone has already seen that's also a fail. Those will both get lost in the mix. I think you kind of just have to give them something they've seen a thousands times with a fresh new spin... that's marketable... it's a whole Catch 22 and it can keep you up nights.



In regards to copyright, do you agree that copyright has strayed from its original intent of promoting innovation?

Oh yeah. There's so many lines and boundaries due to copyright. I mean yeah it protects everyone but now that there are so many stories, comics, movies, games etc that it's almost impossible not to be "copying" someone whether you intend to or not. That's why with "The FP" we just said, "Screw it" and made Dance Dance Revolution "Beat Beat Revelation" so we didn't have to even deal with all that.

When I thought about that question, I had the thought of, "what is copyright?" is it there to spur new original ideas? But as humans, haven't we historically built upon someone elses work anyway? and made it better in the process in most cases.

Yeah, I mean I think so. Just think if cavemen had a copyright to "fire". We'd all be screwed.

hahaha BTW, I'm confused, is it VS or is it All Superheros Must Die?

It's All Superheroes Must Die... It was "VS" during the festival circuit, then it was bought and the distributor changed the title to maximize it's marketability. I definitely agree in the end.

I was curious about that...everytime I typed in Vs the Pearl Jam album came up..well....this was a few months ago

Yeah and we couldn't have that... ha

How did you get hooked up with James Remar? I know he did the voice introduction for the FP and now heís in All Super Heros Must Die as the main villian...

I've known James since I was nine years old. My brother, sister and I were travelling through England and Thailand with our dad while he was working on Mortal Kombat Annihilation. When you are set it can get boring pretty quick at times. I had a gameboy with Tetris, James liked Tetris and we've been friends ever since. Now he's like a rad uncle or second Dad.

That is very cool.

I heard you had some budget issues with this movie, that you had to rip out pages of the scriptÖ

Yeah. When you make a movie for 20,000 dollars, especially one like this, a lot of things have to go out the window. But as hard as it was, it definitely spurred a lot creative which was nice... It also made me realize what not to put in scripts where you're only going to have 20,000 dollars.

It's kind of a coincidence, I don't know if you knew this or not, but the movie "Chasing Amy" was also made with $20,000, it drove the producer nuts.

I bet it did. It was just my buddy Lucas and I "producing" this one. It definitely drove us nuts at times.

I bet.

If one of your upcoming movies becomes a huge box office success like Wet and Wreckless, would you make another FP movie?

Ha. First of all the idea of Wet and Reckless becoming a huge box office success makes me laugh. I wish! All I want to do is make another FP movie! That's my dream. Unfortunately a lot of people lost money on that. And until that is recouped, no one in their right mind will ever finance a sequel. So if Brandon and I ever accidentally get rich at some point and we need a tax right off, F2P will happen.

This is the End look rather interesting...very star did that come about?

My brother was the DP on it, I was in town shooting Hatchet 3, my shoot days got pushed, Seth and Evan saw The FP and loved it. We had a few drinks... Just classic right place, right time scenario.

That is sweet.

Your character's name is Jtro as well in that movie?

Yep and that's all I can say, ha.


Do you prefer to be behind the camera or in front of it?

It depends. That's a hard one for me to answer because I like both in different ways. Both are easier and harder all at once. With acting you show up for a couple days, everyone pampers you for some reason and then you leave. Behind the camera you get the shit kicked out of you and your job lasts a year and a half, everyday. But man is it worth it when that movies done and you're watching it in theater. (After you've seen it 700 times on a computer monitor) So to answer your question... depends on my mood, ha. Do I want to be tested or pampered?

I have another All Superheros question.

Alright shoot

How has the music played a role in All Superheroes?

Well, it plays a big role. I think music is at least 50% of a movie. It can manipulate and strengthen so much. So I'm always very critical with that. It was a long, hard road, but I'm definitely happy with what we got in the end.

One more for the official interview, will you ever shoot again in Frazier Park? Maybe not for the FP but for other movies?

Oh of course. My dad has his huge "ranch" and barn up there which always ends up being a back lot. We shot 95% of All Superheroes Must die in The FP, and probably like 15% of Wet and Reckless... I don't see not shooting there again in the future.


Thank you very much for your time Jason,I really do appreciate it

Hey man no problem at all

and thank you!



Interview  by Matthew Haumschild

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