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Rosario Reina and Marialisa Pergolesi 


Interview by Salvo Russo




Our sound in Italian.

Hi, here we’re after 5 years since we met last, and many things changed, what could tell us about the evolution of the band?

Hello! Yeah, actually since our last meeting we  experienced lots of changes, after our “Terrenica” we decided to work on a new album  called “Plusvalenze” that we published in 2012 and started the “Plusvalenze tour”.

The new vocalist Marialisa is a great revelation for Rossometile, how did you get in touch with her?

Yeah it is! We’re really glad to have her with us on the stage. We met her in a very strange way. We were searching around for another vocalist ‘cause the previous one wasn’t really satisfacting for us; and the drummer Rino read an announce on the site “Villaggiomusicale”, a young red-haired girl that was searching for a metal/rock band so we decided to meet her and listen to her voice.

Nell’83” is a very good song, but in my opinion what hits the nail is the video! It was recorded in a nursing home or where? How did you convince all those old people to be part of this project? Was it funny?

Thank you! Yes, we wanted to make a video with “Nell’83” and the video producer thought it would have been a great idea to involve some people from this nursing home in Naples. Old people were really glad to make part of this project, at the beginning we were a bit afraid, we didn’t know how it would have been, but after three days working with them we get closer and closer and we started feeling a really good energy, that we hope it reveals in the video.

Your music is full of different influences and even if there your three albums sound different from each other , we can’t but admit that progressive rock, gothic and pop/rock are the main ones, do you agree?

Yes we totally agree, actually we’re working for the new album that will sound once again different from the other ones, we’ll give space to our gothic rock taste in order to heighten Marialisa’a vocal qualities .

In 2009 you signed with MKM, but the latest album was self-produced, why?

Yes, it was. The third album’s genre is totally different from “Terrenica”, so we thought it wasn’t a good idea to signe once again with MKM because its distribution channels are oriented towards metal and progressive rock.

The Italian language is another feature of the band, wouldn’t be easier to sing in English? Do you think that the use of Italian language is a limit for the bands to be followed in an international scene?

Of course using English language would be easier because of its sonority, but our idea is to spread our sound in Italian, it’s more difficult but we like the challenges. We think that it’s not that limit because Italian too has got its sound and if the bands in general work harder and harder on the lyrics they could succeed and have great results even in the international scene.

I see that you played many concerts, what can you tell us about people’s reaction?

In Campania we play a lot, we have our friends/funs/followers, don’t know how to call them (haha) that really enjoy our music, they believe in us and this is the most beautiful thing that we could ever expect from them, because if they believe in us they give us the confidence and the courage to go straight on our way.

Now a question for Marialisa, your voice is so sharp and clear, and in my opinion, you are as good as many international famous singers, did you take some lessons? When did you become aware of this talent?

Oh! What a beautiful question! Thank you so much!!! I should admit that I never took  lessons because I’m a bit suspicious /wary  of professors that teach in my little city, but I would like to find someone that I trust, someone whose experiences speak for him or her in order to improve myself and become more aware of what my voice can do. I can tell you that since I was little, I even didn’t speak, I use to take a broom and sing all the time, every day, then I grew up and I started singing in churches and last I decided to search for a band in order to express myself through my voice.

What do you think about the musical scene today? Too many bands, widespread on the web, we can say that many things have changed since you started playing, do you have a personal recipe to stand out?

The musical scene today is a big mess, everyone can make music and upload it on youtube or stuff like that, but the answer to your question is quite simple: the recipe is the quality of what you make, if there are quality, a personal attitude and something interesting to tell to the people, not just to show yourself to the world as the best one or the John Lennon of the XXI century, but just because your soul is asking for it, then you could get relevant results.

Let’s talk about near future, is there something brewing in your rehearsal studio!? Could you give us some previews?

Our plan is to work on this new album with influences from symphonic metal and gothic rock, rerecord some special tracks from the previuos albums, songs like Nell’83 and Terrenica (very soon is going to be ready our second video on the song Terrenica) and we hope to find the right way to express ourselves in all our potential.

In the question above, I mentioned that too many bands are trying to stand out, but in your personal opinion are there new interesting ones?

Yes, of course there are! I think that in our country we’ve got lots of interesting projects, many people make their own music with original ideas and on an high level of quality, it would be great to spread their music and make them known in Italy and abroad. Italy is a country full of talent.

Three adjectives to describe Rossometile!

Polyvalent, obstinate, sparkling.

Thank you!!!

Interview by Salvo Russo - December 2014


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