MAJA: LIVE   REPORT  at Kulturwerk 118 - Sursee (CH) - 30.03.2002
I saw Maja live at Kulturwerk118,  yesterday 30.03. 
I can say that Maja 's  performance has fully confirmed the positive opinion I got after having listened to their mini album. They are a very good live band, putting on the stage heaviness and strength, bringing out their intelligent music. The band is very dynamic, not static, but at the same time one can receive from them an impression of solidity. They arose the enthusiasm in the audience since first notes, and the rest of the gig was always "in crescendo". Guitarrists Jonathan and Ste played their guitars with conviction and in aggressive way, lefthanded bassist Mike then plays with a style I still never saw before, reaching an extremely mobility in mastering his bass. Drummer Marzio played very well in a cool way without making any mistake. And singer Jo Learned? He is very original, aimed at carrying out his experimentations, was very confident in his voice,always up to the task. With a long sleeve black shirt, militar unlaced black shoes and orange skirt (yes skirt!) he was often bent over himself performing his expressive research. Maja played their songs the one after the other with practically no gaps among the tracks. Full power all time long. They presented their "Bye" repertoire + many new songs, still not included in a CD: among them I want to mention in particular the beautiful "WINE", that was also the opener of the gig. People who crowded the venue was attracted by the performance , many and many followed the music headbanging. At the end, when bassist Mike asked in German "Habt ihr Spass gehabt?" (have you had a good time?), from the enthusiast audience came the obvious approval and the encore was punctually performed.
Here we go with the setlist:

How can I say

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