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Hüttikerberg,  HÜTTIKON (ZH)

13 September 2008




photos by © dalia di giacomo






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Reportage Meh Suff! Festival 2006

Meh Suff Metal Festival: a little jewel of the Swiss metal scene yet so unlucky! For example, after a very successful edition in the year 2006, the festival had to be canceled in 2007 after polemics with the local authorities. This year, in September, the Meh Suff found an ideal location at the very border between Argovia and canton Zürich. The location was simply fantastic, well and quickly connected with important centers and near to Zürich, but, at the same time, "hidden" in a beautiful clearing in the middle of a wood on sweet hill, where wide comfortable flat paths quickly lead to the asphalted street of the closest centre (http://www.mehsuff-metalfestival.ch/de/standort.html). A perfect quick easy connection between rural and urban areas. Out of sight, and, finally, out of controversial neighborhood, the Meh Suff could have delivered an unforgettable souvenir of a late lazy summer 2008, in an enchanted atmosphere. But the enemy, this time, was the weather. The 2 day little event began under a very cloudy sky , ending, on the day after, under an insistent annoying rain. Enough to transform the little corner of metal and fun in a mud bath. The organization  provided everything necessary for this little celebration of Swiss  heavy music, and one of the most inviting things was the free camping opportunity, just behind the stands. Pity that water, mud and cold have turned this Lilliputian yet pretty, young, sympathetic  manifestation into a hard- to- endure thing. Nonetheless metalheads (the real ones) are famous for finding the necessary energy in the adversities too, therefore i was very pleased to see those few die-hard headbangers who honored also the non headlining bands in front of the cool styled stage...... this doesn't mean that the festival was not visited, on the contrary: the festival was actually attended for its capacity, but most  people, at least in the afternoon, remained stubbornly in the tents to eat , speak and drink. Needless to say, the tents were crowded. A place where to sit was difficult to be found, while outside there was some desolation . I am honest when i say i didn't remain there for long time . Actually i was disappointed and not only by the weather but also by the line up, showing the absence of some important Swiss newcomer acts, and, above all, i was disappointed by the audience. At least for what i have seen when i was there, only few seemed to be passionate, friendly and nice, because, for the most part, people seemed quite arrogant, interested in shelter and kitchen, some of them were even caught by astonishment to see those who took photos under the rain. Maybe things changed later, i don't know. For me, however,  is the first impression that counts. What i surely know is my wish to write extensively about a more exciting 2009 edition, possibly in the same location. For the record, among the bands of this edition,  interesting were names like Mortal Factor, Cropment, Embalming Theatre, Tribes Of Caïn. 
Last but not least i would underline the effective shuttle service between the festival and the railway station of Otelfingen (Wettingen), the comfortable parking possibility and the excellent stand of Imkerei.ch with fantastic mead horns, honey and, of course, much mead,  attractive at the tasting: the intriguing true ever lasting headliner of the Meh Suff!


review by dalia di giacomo  - photos © by dalia di giacomo  31.10.2008

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