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05.09.2014 - 06.09.2014  Hüttikon - Switzerland 







live reportage by dalia di giacomo



Friday, 05.09.2014
14:20 - 15:05 | Final Cut (45min)
15:35 - 16:20 | Jungle Rot (45min)
16:50 - 17:35 | Cryptopsy (45min)
18:05 - 18:55 | 1349 (50min)
19:25 - 20:15 | Aborted (50min)
20:45 - 21:45 | Watain (60min)
22:15 - 23:15 | Vader (60min)
23:45 - 00:45 | Kreator (60min)
01:15 - 02:00 | Disgorge (45min)

Saturday, 06.09.2014
13:05 - 13:50 | Shotgun (45min)
14:20 - 15:05 | Dim Aura (45min)
15:35 - 16:20 | Expenzer (45min)
16:50 - 17:35 | Blutmond (45min)
18:05 - 18:55 | Oral Fistfuck (50min)
19:25 - 20:15 | Asphyx (50min)
20:45 - 21:45 | Unleashed (60min)
22:15 - 23:15 | Ensiferum (60min)
23:45 - 00:45 | Satyricon (60min)
01:15 - 02:00 | Amputate (45min)




It is kind of strange to review a Festival  some months later. The school year has been very time-demanding for me. But the "forced" procrastination of  this live review could have  positive sides. Hopefully it will result more intriguing for those readers who attended this event because  now, only some days away from the winter edition of this Festival (Meh Suff! Winter Festival), they get an occasion to remember a true awesome time. While  all our  international readers get an occasion to know more about this great Swiss Festival, now that many plans are made about the next summer. Who knows... some will choose to be present at the next edition of the  Meh Suff! Metal Festival for the very first time.

This was a fomidable edition to say the least. The Meh Suff!-crew has been successfull since years: top organization, great billings (just to mention: the past edition was headlined by the Hyperblasters Kataklysm), great atmosphere. This year the festival got the same great characteristics of Swiss efficience and Swiss hospitality,  maintaining that "sense" of intimacy and of "feeling-at -ease", which is totally gone lost in bigger open airs. Services are there, you can buy merchandise, you can drink mead too at the nice and faithful Imkerei stand ( ) where you can buy horns,  keyholders and other products; you can admire how enchanting this location is, at night, even more when you look at the sky watching the moon and the black silhouettes of the pine-trees; you have the adjacent camping-place.  But the music remains always in absolute foreground All this must have been mesmerized the bands. I got the impression that during this edition, even more than in the previous ones, the bands were simply enthusiast. Each band that i saw has given the best , each band has find the time to connect  with the audience, each band enjoyed seeing devoted fans, devoted metalheads, who were there for them only. 


From the moment that photos and videos say more than words, I will not comment much, leaving you with my fots and footages. The first day was headlined by Kreator, the second day was headlined by Satyricon. The audience was pumped up in both days till late,  the atmosphere for the performance of the headliners was perfectly prepared by the previous bands. No one was tired when the headliners played and the pit was full. On the first day, I took the entrance of the festival when the Belgian Death Metallers Aborted were almost ending the show .  I can only say that Aborted was technical and unrestrained. Huge vocal power and blasting drumming.

Black metallers Watain, led by Erik Danielsson, put on the stage a very dark yet hammering show, very mystique, and very respectful to their dark God. It was a  true worship, not only a concert, it was a "sinister" ritualistic worship. The stage was also provided with an altar, nothing more, nothing less than an altar. Cauldrons of fire, skulls and the  inverted cross were also part of the set up. Although the music was extreme yet it resulted captivating. I remember  frontman Danielsson kneeling, at times during the show, before the altar. The same did he at the end of the show, very slowly , very concentrated. It was the first time I had the occasion to attend Watain. If they will play again in this area (Zürich), you can beat I will go see them. Ave!

Polish Death metal institution Vader has been fantastic, with a kind of fresh aura and no compromises.  The death/thrashy Triumph Of Death was brutally awesome and crunchy, with a nostalgic taste of the 80's: an absolute highlight of their concert, followed by Where Angels Weep. Metalheads were very eager to attend Vader's show. In particular the new material was much appreciated. The band didnt disappoint and delivered a concert full of energy, experience, technique and hooks that made you headbanging like hell. Vader kicked ass. Simply that. Knowing that Kreator had to  hit the stage after this concert, we truly had a fantastic gift to live a unique evening with practically two headliners of the same caliber. Vader was acclaimed as the ultimative strike of this first phase of the festival. Solos were wild, vocals solid. What do you want more than this?

To the grave
To the grave
Still marching on

To the grave
To the grave

You'll meet the Human... DEAD

O tempera, o mores!
How weak became this pride...

Ad portas inferi

Where even Death may cry...


Setlist Vader


Abandon All Hope

Go to Hell

Silent Empire

Blood of Kingu

Triumph of Death

Where Angels Weep

Come and See My Sacrifice



Return to the Morbid Reich

CarnalSword of the Witcher

One Legend follows the other. After Vader, Thrash-Metal Icon  Kreator in perfect form hit the stage on front of the enthusiast metalheads. I felt that Kreator have not only the stature of Slayer but they  are truly the German answer full of rage to Metallica. Moshpits and headbanging non stop with crowd surfing. Absolutely entertaining was Mr. Petrozza when he said that Meh Suff! means "mehr saufen" (to drink more), he didnt know. Indeed it is true: Swiss-German (Schweizerdeutsch) is quite a dialect for the Germans. He told also how brilliant this festival developped and thanked the audience. At the end of the show, Kreator' s frontman brought a flag announcing the song "Flag of Hate", closing the show in a traditional manner for Kreator. Time to raise the flag of hate for Meh Suff! Festival 2014 too.


Setlist Kreator

Intro: Mars Mantra

Phantom Antichrist

From Flood into Fire

Coma of Souls (intro only)

Endless Pain 

Pleasure to Kill

Hordes of Chaos


Enemy of God

Civilization collapse

Intro 2: The Patriarch

Violent Revolution

Flag Of Hate


The second day begins for me with the Dutch Dath/Doom act Asphyx, who reunited 2007. The band enjoyed the show in an incredible way. The  cohesion in the band was flawless. Bonebreaking and crushing  in all  mid-paced- tempo, almost doomy paths.  Asphyx have played a solid and reliable show, that has left in me an impression that will last. I'm sure that the audience was given everything that a metal heart is looking for. No better way to pave the way for Unleashed. Martin Van Drunen and his band has done a very good job!

Setlist Asphyx


The Quest OF Absurdity


Food For The Ignorant


M.S. Bismarck

Death The Brutal Way

Forgotten War

Wasteland Of Terror

The Rack


Last One on Earth

Here the footage Last One On Earth. I liked the  drone who appeared suddenly flying over the audience while the band was playing. It added a kind of hi- tech- embellishment near an already technically perfect stage! Enjoy  Last One On Earth. The quality of this footage doesnt reflect the vocal ability of Martin van Drunen, whose performance was great, due to the resounding bass sound coming from the giant speakers. It is not easy to shoot photos, gather impressions for the review and make  footages at the same time. Anyway...take what the convent gives! 


Shouting "Welcome warriors!"  Deathsters heavy machinery Unleashed began to enflame the pit with the fast and mighty song Blood of Lies . A true arsenal of riffs and mighty tempos took merciless and  immediately shape.  The quality of the musicianship was astonishing. Partularly irresistible was Dont want to be born, with its "back to the 80's" fascination. Brutal extasy! The reaction of the new generations, enthusiast in the first raws was awesome: Go for it! Here the footage.

The Death Metal triumph rips on and  on with The Longships Are Coming from the album "Sworn Allegiance", the band could express all the technical skill from the solos to the impressive drumming.

After having presented the band's line up, frontman Johnny Hedlund announced Fimbulwinter (song from 2012 album "Odalheim"): fast and brutal. Great highlight was Wir Kapitulieren Niemals. "We  fucking never surrender" said Hedlund to the crowd.  With If They Had Eyes we went back to their first album. Pounding and brutal was also This is Our World Now followed by Now Your Child Will Burn, Hammer Battalion and Midvinterblot. The setlist was well balanced indeed presenting songs from various moments of the story of the band. To Asgaard We Fly was another highlight as well as Death Metal Victory. The whole show was not only a kind of story of the band but a story of Death metal. The one hour concert seemed  last just few minutes, so involving and interesting it was.  Unleashed, super band! Period.


Ensiferum enthralled me. The Folk Metal Finnish band has been so full of energy, so badass, so explosive. Ensiferum has been a true revelation for me . Sami Hinkka is an incredible bassist; together with frontman Petri Lindroos and band grounder Markus Toivonen, put on the stage a damned hot and involving show. Unfortunately the sight to keaboardist Emmi Silvennoinen was often restrained by the Viking-string-line. Anyway this was a hell of a show which I still remember as one of the best concert I ever saw.  Ensiferum opened their concert with the hook filled beautiful In My Sword I Trust. Other highlights was One More Magic Potion. But i was falling in love with Token of Time. At the end of the show, the band lined up and applauded the audience.

In this edition one thing caught my attention: the brilliant performances of the drummers. The rhythmic section of each band was  propelled by a monster, not by a drummer. The culmination was of course the performance of Frost of Satyricon. When Norwegian Black Metal gods Satyricon played, I became almost obsessed to shoot pics of Frost. Although I had backstage access, to jump on the "back" of the stage running around and disturbing  is not my thing. I tried my best, or my worst, it's up to you to decide. I couldnt be there in time for 1349, but at least I enjoyed Satyricon so much, after years i didnt see them. And I was so blown away due to Frost's drumming. Just fantastic, precise, intense, merciless  with all facettes useful to amplify feelings of involvement, power and fear. Frost behind the drum-kit is simply unreal, as well as his look à la Genghis-Khan. The concert was infernally immense. Satyr was commanding yet very solidal with the band and the audience. The presence of a  keyboardist attracted my attention too.  Satyr and Satyricon were at the very top with "banging" setlist and boundless dinamism. Compliments to Satyricon and a huge THANK YOU to the guys of Meh Suff! for having organized this mega-edition....and ...may Frost be immortal! \m/.   

Dear readers, dont miss all these bands when they play in your area, and come to Switzerland for the next edition of the Meh Suff! Metal-Festival ! However next date (on  January 2015 ) is the Meh Suff! Winter Festival in Winterthur with Primordial and Dark Funeral among other great bands. 

In Metal faith, your dalietta.

Setlist Satyricon

Now, Diabolical

Black Crow on a Tombstone

Our World, It Rumbles Tonight

Walker Upon The Wind

Repined Bastard Nation

The Infinity of Time & Space


The Pentagram burns

Fuel for Hatred

Mother North




review by dalia di giacomo



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