In And Above Men

From Lowering Skies

Everything Invaded

The Southern Deathstyle


Capricorn At Her Feet

Lunar Still

A Walk On The Darkside

Crystal Gazing

As We Eternally Sleep On It


Fernando Ribeiro - Vocals
Pedro Paixao - Synths & Samplers, Guitars
Mike Gaspar - Drums
Ricardo Amorim - Guitar

Niclas Etelävuori (Amorphis) - Bass


MOONSPELL: "The Antidote"                  moonspell                     
Finnvox Studios -  Hiili Hiilesmaa
reviews by dalia di giacomo  and Salvo Russo


Review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo________
Extremely dark album, atmospheric and enough heavy (though it could have been even  heavier), anyway the best since Irreligious, ultra far better than Sin Pecado i must admit, with gothic touch but above all with a good quantity of metal with a drop of Death enrichment, expressed mostly in melodic form, though there is no lacking in  raw , hammering moments , doble bass driven moments . Is this after all not the meaning of Gothic Metal? So ok, "Gothic metal" exists and is in good health i think, thumbs up. And in particular thumbs up to the collaboration with the young author Autor José Luis Peixoto (Nenhum Olhar), metal and Moonspell fan (according to what drummer Mike Gaspar says):  Peixoto a synonim for beauty and balance, joy and pain in the Alentejo. Not the first time that Moonspell walk hand in hand with an author from the literary  world , just remember Opium and Pessoas. It is very welcomed to me, cause culture and literature are a "conditio sine qua non" for being really respected by me personally. 

The Antidote against all poisons and venoms,  poisoned itself by sadness and anger,  can pass from purely metallic touches to rocking or  only melodic ones and this also within the space of a single track. It sounds even Blackish in some passages.
Ribeiro is able to propose not only growlings ( being they concentrated above all on "In and above Men" , "Everything invaded", and a touch in "Lunar Still" and "The southern Deathstyle") but also  lots of "clear" bass round velvety vocals too, and many moments in which these 2 aspects alternate . 
In The Antidote we can find acoustic , psycho and impending environments united with a wide spectrum of influences from Dark Tranquillity, passing through My Dying Bride, Sentenced, Paradise Lost, Rapture and Before the Dawn. 
Very good tuned Capricorn at her Feet which mixes Gothic aesthetics with Doom strength, crunchy guitars, melodic solo and good bass notes.
Sonar like in The Antidote, a song of a terrible deep sadness which gives the shivers, in my opinion a masterpiece.
Another plus song is Everything Invaded, an amazing mix between rock and growling, with instrumental finesse. 
Some tracks are also powerful drum- driven like "Crystal gazing " and the spectacular The Southern Deathstyle
A walk on the dark Side is very catchy with rock-ish intro, but has it influences also from Darkseed or am i wrong?

Like slightly mentioned before, Moonspell become hammering and a bit experimental in The Southern Deathstyle that is very agreeable with exotic and very modern phrases, a bit doomy and Death too, overwhelming double bass drums.

Minus point - not particularly beautiful imo is "As we eternally sleep on it" , in spite of the beautiful title, beautiful intro and  lyrics, and hypernatural outro. Indeed this track  leaves me disappointed after that beautiful sinister atmospheric vampiric/almost blackish intro,  i find it useless and boring:  no substance in this song and even not too much smoke (paraphrasing a bit he italian saying -all show no go: much smoke and not much roast) . In As we eternally sleep on it  Moonspell copy themselves and hundreds of many others without taking off of one single millimetre. It should be rich and catchy but is only grey.  Muuuuuuuuuch better is the atmospheric drop in "A walk in the Darkside", and obviously in the  "Lunar Still". Patience one full point blown  away stupidly.

Anyway, all in all, Moonspell are able to showcase melodic facettes and, at the same time, raw and very and solide sides. It matches perfectly the new trands, without forgetting the roots. 
Another important plus point imo is a good emphasis given  to  the rhythmic section, with solide sound,not too much distorted only for the foolish taste to do it. Good the acoustic insertions and the balanced  drums.

The Antidote: highly enjoyable without loosing nothing in maturity. Thumbs up to Portugal , thumbs up to the pre-production of Waldemar Sorychta, thumbs up to the cover art work, and why not? to Niclas bass player from Amorphis too.  ....And the electronic "butterfly effect"? Listen to me, forget it and get an ANTIDOTE!

rating 09/10

dalia di giacomo    


Review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____  


Moonspell leaves behind the latest not good releases, and try to begin again.....They come back with an agreeable album that could be better if only they'd refined the complexity of the structure's songs and if they should have removed some mediocre compositions. On the whole I've to admit that they've found a good inspiration in order to compose very macabre atmospheres in which Fernando shows his ability with deep lyrics concerning spiritualized themes. The best aspect of this band is the originality. In my opinion they play their music from the bottom of the heart....it's sure, in fact it's not easy to define this kind of music, because it gets a personal style that is very far from every kind of musical definition. Although the gothic atmospheres are in evidence, they are able to give a personal taste to all songs and I'm sure that is very easy to recognize their unmistakable style!!! Macabre atmospheres full of intensity and inspired lyrics are the elements of this album...but in my opinion I think that they could improve concerning the structure'songs and not only....
Fernando is able to alternate his typical growl voice with a deep and low voice that give emphasis and atmosphere into songs that are characterized with keyboards in evidence and a not very good guitars ; in my opinion guitars don't get a very powerful distortion, because guitars don't get good low tones. Although the distortion is not very good, I have to underline a good guitar-work concerning both riffs and solos.
The speed songs are full of that kind of wildness that is Moonspell mark! Try to listen "In and above men" and "From lowering skies" to understand what I say!
The proper care concerninG the rhytmic parts is mixed with a melodic taste that sometimes remind me to SENTENCED!!!!In my opinion Fernando & C. can't but admit Sentenced's inspiration!!! It is in evidence in atmospheric songs like "As we eternally sleep on it" that begins in a typical Moonspell songs , but it gets a particular new mood that is similar to Sentenced, and "Crystal Gazing"..in which I notice a good guitar arpeggio , but on the whole a boring song, with no good melodic ideas!!!
For me the best song is "Lunar still" a vampiresque composition that could be perfect for a soundtrack horror-film!! The complexity of this song is justified with the very macabre atmosphere that is able to create horror sensation since the first listening.
"Everything invaded" is a good deep song in which the decaying atmosphere is sung with a very sad refrain! It's a shame that the guitars don't give power to the music...
"Antidote" is a pure Moonspell gothic metal such as "A walk on the darkside" and "The Darkening" in which I notice the search for a better sound with a good arrangement in which keyboards give the perfect emphasis!
In my opinion they can still improve...but this is not an album to be thrown away, on the contrary I'm sure that you'll find something better comparing with the latest releases!
Rating: 6.8/10  
Salvo  Russo    
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