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1. War Goes On
2. Twenties
3. Outpost
4. The East-Ghost
5. Das Kapital
6. Retreat '42
7. Weaknessphere
8. The Plot Sickens
9. One Way Media
10. Empire (Queensryche cover)
11. Few Words Again

Daniel Botti - Vocals - Guitars
Gary D’Eramo - Guitars /-Vocals
Klaus Mariani - Bass
Marco Di Salvia - Drums

NODE: "Das Kapital"      node    

mastered at Mastering Room (In Flames, Dimmu Borgir, Soilwork)! Recorded in Sweden at Underground Studios (Carnal Forge, Terror 2000, Necrodeath) together with Pelle Saether & Lars Linden it features as guests Jacob Bredahl (HateSphere) and Petri Kuusisto (Carnal Forge).


"Wollt ihr den totalen Krieg ?" A multi-structured Melodic Death among influences of Thrash, fast Death, Melodic Rock and a drop of Hard-core. This concept album is rich in political engagement and musical techniques. Evil vocals and elastic drums are some of the constant features.

The XXth century is the past century, the last century of the past millennium. It was only yesterday, we are all born during the XXth century (apart from some "vampires", maybe !) but it's past, out, finito, history, ready for student books. With all its social struggles, all its scientific inventions, all its new streams in painting and literature, but also with its terrible wars... it's history. And it was only yesterday...So enough material for a concept album, and if the engagement is not only musical but also political and social, there is no better idea.  An idea that the Italian Node develop very well with Das Kapital that is considered their best album till now, and i really think it's true. After many ups and downs and problems and line up changes, Node make now a great step. From the musical point of view this album is complex : but above all is Melodic Death. And from the moment that Death can be the fulcrum of many hybridizations and many experimentations, we see Node placed in a melodic Death frame opened to varied influences like Thrash, fast Death attacks, Swedish melodic Death. And even Melodic Rock. 

The opener War goes on is mix between resolute harsh Death and Melodic Heavy and Rock. Guitar solos are much Rock oriented. War goes on is definitely rich in starting points : an Italian way to integrate the strength of Death, underlined by Daniel Botti's evil vocals that contribute to let appear Node as a band influenced by  Hypocrisy, Dark Tranquillity, Soilwork and In Flames. The same considerations can be applied to Twenties, where, however, drums are surprising us revealing a good ability in double bass and blasting attacks, which alternate in the deep melody, melody which is a bit masked but very recognizable.

It's with Outpost that we reach anyway a real good level, and, though the temperament brings Node so much near to the Swedish masters of the style, the fusion between solid Melodic Death and a long stretched string tension, creates a result of its own, even with a certain Black propulsion.   

Change of register and rocking intro for The East Ghost, that develops a soft spot for modern metal in the wake of the new In Flames, followed by the title track Das Kapital, which is opened by a short original nazi record, an important speech to the folk of the Reich : "wollt ihr den totalen Krieg ?" (do you want the total war ?). Das Kapital, where a nervous, fast, angry but catchy Death appears married with many Thrashy tones, without missing some Hard-core colours : a neck-breaker.

Retreat 42 is imo the best song of the album : with a melodic talent that could be appreciated by Hypocrisy fans, supported by a massive Rock skeleton. It is catchy, it is refined, it is heavy and hammering. It could be "seen" pleasantly both by Metallers and Rockers.

But also the remaining tracks need attention : for example the blasting fast attack of Weaknessphere, in full European taste, with its short experimental moments and elastic drums. Or we could speak about The Plot sickens with its balladesque intro which fades into a massive melodic mid tempo featuring crunchy guitars and traces from old Metallica. One Way Media delivers much energy with its fast killing attitude and angriness, while Empire (Queensr˙che cover) is suitable for the musical vision of Node cause again moves into Rock direction on the shoulders of a dark rhythmic. Few Words again closes the album with final killing drums and speed attack.

All in all, Das Kapital is a remarkable album able to give oxygen to a wide target. In the future Node should identify better their musical direction choosing definitively which side should be walked with firmness. But, at the moment, we are anyway glad to taste an Italian Death, varied, opened, complex, like the new trend asks. United we stand. 

Rating: 8/10


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review  by dalia di giacomo   


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