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"Age of Pandora" 

Releasedate: 12.09.2014

Label: TrollZorn


Review by dalia di giacomo



01. Of Light And Shadow

02. Age Of Pandora

03. Blackened Seed

04. Black Witch Venture

05. In Blood Remained

06. Anima

07. Obey The King

08. Wings Of Dawn

09. Mossback Children

10. No One Holds The Crown







Dom R. Crey : Vocals / Lead-Guitar

Vik S. : Bass

Daniel K. : Lead / Rhythm-Guitar

D. Ziegler : Drums

Skaahl : Rhythm-Guitar








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Legacy of Metal.

German Epic Melodic Death Metallers Nothgard will soon release (September 12) their second full length album:"Age Of Pandora" under TrollZorn (and Soul Food/ AFM Records distribution). "Age Of Pandora" will surprise you mainly for two reasons: first off the new CD is really an example of evolution. Those who know Nothgard from their first album "Warhorns Of Midgard" will notice this evolutive change. The band is able to be more beautifully epic indeed, although the epic tone is featured only in particular moments of the album : for example in the instrumental intro 
Of Light and Shadow, which is so impressive due to a perfect, almost monumental orchestral sound-wall. 
The band anyway is technically excellent and relies on lead and rhythmic guitars, bass and great drums without becoming parasite of orchestras and key programming. But this is only part of the evolution, because, more important, Nothgard`s stable line up has been enriched since 2012 by the presence of a third guitarist: Skaahl from WOLFCHANT. Yes, exactly: as mentioned above, Nothgard play with two rhythm guitarists, one lead-guitarist who is also the vocalist, one bassist and , of course, a drummer: five great musicians that technically are simply top-notch, empowered by some orchestral performances which ensure a bombastic, heroic atmosphere, but only when needed.
Vocalist & Lead-Guitarist Dom R. Crey recently joined the German Epic Metal act EQUILIBRIUM (Label: Nuclear Blast), so you can imagine the great "legacy" that sorrounds Nothgard in inspiration and experience. Another aspect of the evolution consists in the musical composition. Nothgard's great guitar solos, that are Classic/Power Metal oriented, still delight the listener, but, all in all, the music has become darker, more aggressive, even with Blackened Death Metal patterns and some downtuned modern riffs. Nothgard has moved towards more extreme, and/or more modern regions of Metal. Maybe they will lose some "Sonata Arctica- fan" walking this way, but, in return, they will seal a stronger pact between Folk, Power, Heavy Metal and Death/Dark Metal. This is also a form of "legacy", isn't it? 

The second reason why the album will surprise you is indeed the great technical talent which supports harmony instead of killing it. The guitar work is awesome featuring staccatos, solos and compelling riffs. In any case Nothgard are also able to shoot grenades of brutality, providing an awesome contrast. Vocals are varied , from brutal to some short clear- singing moments and mead hall choirs. The epic intro (Of Light and Shadow) launches the fierce title track Age of Pandora, a song that has everything:death metal brutality at the borderline with BM, folk/battle feelings, bombastic harmony, harsh vocals, a great guitar solo...and an outstanding punishing drumming. Do you want more? Easy... you will have the whole album to explore!
Happier passages can be found in Blackened Seed, Folk- Battle Metal oriented. Black Witch Venture is folkish, evil, scary yet the refrain sung in clear brings a kind of modern rock mood. In Blood Remained is fast, lively, energetic, a mix between Power, Modern and Folk, with memorable hooks, exactly that kind of stuff which is excellent live. One of the best songs of this album indeed, of course you can imagine the solid, intense guitar work. Anima maintain the attention and the rhythm high with all nuances that balance moments of slowing down and bursts of rage, together with Power Metal enflavoured solos and various techniques in the vocals. In Obey The King we find the guest appearance of Robert "Robse" Dahn of Equilibrium, raspy vocals and imperative patterns and melodic outro. Wings Of Dawn features downtuned strings so that the lead work gets an incredible contrast. Wings Of Dawn contains everything your metal heart can desire, everything together yet extremely well merged. 
Mossback Children is a fast rock and roll for a  mead hall embellished by old school lead soloing, which will fascinate even Black metal fans. No One Holds The Crown is the final track which shows a great sing along harmony, awesome blast beats that can be heard in all their killer beauty and an epic orchestral outro 

The recordings of an upcoming music video are already done, the band will post some making off shots soon.

"Age Of Pandora" needs open minded  metal- worshippers to be appreciated in every nuance. To mix  darker or even modern styles of Metal with Power Metal could be a risk. In the future the band will definitely pick a direction, i presume. But now the legacy works, the pact is done, the songs are great and  Nothgard reveals itself as  one of the best emerging act of the German scene. 

"With 'Age Of Pandora' we've made, what we haven't
reached with it's album predecessor. Aggression combined
with harmony, technical parts combined with silent
nuanced, more emotional, orchestral passages. Even on
lyrical level I'm very satisfied this time. There are no clichés
at all on these new album, but true real-life topics and very
own feelings, which have a deep meaning for me and the
band. Simply perfect for our fans to get eventually 'lyrical
mirrored' so to say." (Dom R. Crey)


Review by dalia di giacomo



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