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live report by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild ___

Even as I was walking in, there was this huge buzz about this show. Everyone was talking about Opeth and how many times they, meaning the fans, have seem them. Someone asked me, “Dude, have you seen this band before?” and I would reply, “Um, yeah this would be my fourth time. Twice in Phoenix and this will be my second time seeing them here.” To be honest, I didn’t know rather to be excited or not. Also, Devil Driver was heavily talked about as well. I admit, I was anxious to see Dez Fafara’s new band since his old band, Coal Chamber, had been disbanded. I walked upstairs to the balcony and stood on top near where the stage was on the left side or stage right as it is called in the industry.

Devil Driver
“DEVIL..DRIVER..DEVIL..DRIVER!” That was the chant you could here from the young crowd below just before they hit the stage. I knew it was going to get rough at this point…thank God I was upstairs! Devil Driver hit the stage blasting “Nothing’s Wrong?” and a very violent pit erupted on the floor! Everyone from the back to the front was moving! I hadn’t seen this reaction for a long ass time, even the people upstairs, including myself, had their fists in the air singing along. DD had a really nice stage presence. Actually to be honest, I think the sound guy was a sleep. You could hear Dez’s vocals in the P.A. but you couldn’t hear the rest of the band! To be honest, they were loud enough anyway. An interesting thing I noticed was the drums; they sounded completely different then they sounded on the album. Which wasn’t good. The drums didn’t sound as good until later in the show when the soundman woke up, he tweaked the kick drums, but it was already too late for the rest of the kit. As another thing I thought was unusual, the drummer was playing bare foot! If you ever played on a drum kit, playing with bare feet is just so damn odd! Especially in Minnesota this time of year! The other songs the band played were “I Could Care Less”, “The Mountain”, “What does it take (to be a man)”, and “Revelation Machine”. At least those are the ones I can remember. I liked the fact that in-between songs Dez would talk to the crowd about various things like his parents being Blue Collar, going out in L.A. during the week ect.  During their set, the crowd kept it’s intensity with violent pits and during various songs they would form a “circle pit” where everyone would be going around in a circle pushing and everything to the beat of the music. This area has been known to do this as opposed to Milwaukee or Phoenix. DD put on a spectacular show. If you do not have their CD…for God sakes get it! This is one of the best things to come out from North America for a long time.

It was a minor disappointment that hardly anyone in the crowd was talking about Moonspell, before or after their show. I had a feeling the crowd response wasn’t going to go as well as it had for Devil Driver. I think it was a mistake putting a high energy band like Devil Driver before Moonspell who is more methodical, melodic, mellow, and Gothic. Going from Fast to slow, isn’t the best combination and it showed. The crowd was not prepared or in the mind set for Moonspell. As Moonspell opened up with “In and Above Man”, the crowd just looked like “deer in the headlights”. In a way I can’t blame them. Moonspell played well, but it was all about where there set was positioned in that night. However, they went straight into “From Lowering Skies” and it sounded awesome. Then, it started somewhat of a pit, but it is hard to top Devil Driver and their type of pit. Moonspell played various songs from “Irreligious” and “Wolf heart”. I was a little disappointed that they didn’t play anything from “Butterfly FX”, “Darkness and Hope”, or “Sin/Pecado”. It was to be expected that they weren’t from “Sin” but not DAH or BFX. Some of the people I talked to felt the same way. I would say the highlight of their show was when they played “Everything Invaded”. Most people in the crowd must have seen the video because when Fernando announced they were going to play it, most people yelled and screamed.
Overall, Moonspell played an average show. Not terribly great and not bad either. Would I see them again? Probably, at a smaller club perhaps with better and more compatible bands.

Before I begin, I would like to apologize. I don’t listen to Opeth as often as I would like, so I am not familiar with all the song titles. 
Everything has been building up to this moment. Opeth would come on stage and blow everyone away. After Opeth played “Wreath”, Mikael announced that they were going to perform songs they hadn’t performed live before…after they played “The Drapery Falls”. Opeth played that song so well that I personally believe that has to be one of the best songs to hear live, out of any of the songs played in clubs, arenas, or bars. As they came to the second chorus where Mikael holds that one note, you could hear his voice fill up the Quest like none other. It wouldn’t surprise me if I wasn’t the only one with goose bumps (goose pimples) during that part of the song. Every nuance of that song was executed with precision and passion. You could hear every note of the bass, every strike of the drums, and the changeovers from distortion to clean with guitar were extremely smooth. But, it was like that the whole night! Mikael also apologized that he has a cold. He sounded fine though it was almost comical that he would be apologizing for something that minor, when his performance was as flawless as ever. Opeth also played “Patterns in the Ivy”, “Bleak” (I think), “April Ethereal”, and “A fair Judgment” those are the songs I can distinctly remember them playing. I also recall them playing a song or two from “Still Life” but I don’t have that album so I couldn’t tell you which songs they played. Overall, it was a above average performance from a band that excels %80 of the bands touring right now in terms of stage presence and sound quality. I didn’t quite what to expect from Opeth this time around, but it was a great show, and as long as they tour through town, I’ll keep going to see them.

Overall it was a great evening, there wasn’t a bad band at this show. The crowd interaction was more prevalent in this show than it was in others. I wish all shows had this great of a line up.

Overall 8/10


Matthew Haumschild    

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