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Wito - bass, lead vocals
Gg - guitar
Pablo - drums
Blondy - synth

ORIENT EXPRESS: "Illusions"  orient express          My Kingdom Music

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

The first great opportunity.


Mkm (New Dawn series) presents us another new band that began to play in 2002 and, after a demo and some appearances in compilations, comes out with its full-length.

The band plays psychedelic dark-rock and, all in all, this album is sufficient considering that this is  the first great opportunity for the band!

In my opinion, even if some compositions are mediocre  and if  I don’t appreciate the sound of distorted guitar and some choices concerning arrangements, the band gives the best of itself in the slow moments and is great to listen to the first track “Eternal Child” that is a very hypnotic, full of uneasiness in which the band is able to give emotions…

Orient Express combine dark rock with psychedelic rock. Though this lets me remind of many bands, I find a certain kind of originality that is an element to appreciate, even if there’s much to work concerning compositive approach and sound.

The compositions are the result of the union of the elements above mentioned but listening to all the albums it’s impossible not to feel a certain sense of unfinished work for many reasons:

A negative note goes to the  not good vocal recording lines  that are often wrapped up by the music …and also the vocal lines in themselves should be  improved, the singer is not always able to give emphasis to the songs even if he gets a good voice for this kind of music. The prolix compositions not always result up to the task, and sometimes the band doesn’t find a good groove.

Otherwise, a good note goes to  the use of electronic elements that in my opinion are the add value for the songs…just few valid electronics adds…listen to the good “Illusions” to understand what I say.

Good song is the track n°10 "Euphoria" that still gets elements from dark-rock and it’s able to give emotions thanks to the good decaying melody. In this case the singer results to find a very good mood in the vocal line.

The production is good. In conclusion …The road is still long , but I hope to listen to a better next release.

rating: 6,3/10  


Salvo Russo  22.02.2008  
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