Mylos Club,Thessaloniki,Greece
Date:Friday 20 December
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Just think how many bands have changed their style so many times and then they finally do the big ‘come back’ with one of their best albums? Right now I can only think of Paradise Lost as such a band. After the album Host many fans were angry during the band’s concerts and I don’t blame them. It was a big change but now with Symbol Of Life all those fans seem to be back with the band! That’s what I think after this gig in Thessaloniki on the 20th December! Many people from the old times were there to support the band again and even the live version of So much is Lost was much heavier than the studio version. As this concert was initialy announced for the 1st day of Rockwave Festival but the band cancelled their show in order to concentrate on the work of their forthcoming album Symbol Of Life. Of course as we know the festival was cancelled as well…..Last time PL played in Greece was in summer of 1996 in the Rock of Gods festival, during the Draconian Times tour and that concert was incredible,   those who were there still remember it. The come back of the band to Greece was in Thessaloniki in club Mylos which was full in the day of the gig, I heard the concert was sold out and it seemed so. Ticket price was 29 euros and many people could not afford to pay for it so imagine if it was a little cheaper the promoters would have to book a larger venue!
The gig was scheduled to begin at 9:00 p.m. and I arrived at the venue at 9:10 because of too much traffic in the roads. Hopefully the show hadn’t started yet. The band hit the stage at about 9:20 with the super hit Erased. This song was played on Greek rock/metal radio stations almost all the time for over 2 weeks before the concert. With the first notes of the main riff the crowd went all crazy. Best song to start the concert! The band had a nice presence on stage without any ‘exciting’ moves or things that other bands do. Each member was concentrated on his instrument. Next song was a blast from the past,Hallowed Land. Without doubt a crowd’s favourite and all were happy to hear it so early in the set list. Nice vocals from Nick in this one,no big difference from the initial vocals he used to record this song in Draconian Times album. When this song finished the first piano notes of Say just Words were heard and once again panic between the fans. This happens to be one of my fave PL songs and I couldn’t resist headbanging in the photo pit

Killer version of the song and the sound was very good although I think the vocals could be a little more louder…it’s not Nick’s fault anyway. Next song was from Believe In Nothing,the only song played of this album that night. Mouth with it’s amazing riff was introduced by Nick and I once again couldn’t resist the headbanding in the photo pits and I didn’t take so many pics during this song! Ok my time in the pits was over with the song’s ending and when I go back in the ‘arena’ two worlds started.Interesting live version of the song but I prefer the studio one any time. So Much Is Lost was next in line and the ‘pop’ parts of the song were not so loud as in the album. Guitars were louder in the mix and in general it was a more heavy version of this cool song.Many people reacted nice on this ‘new’ heavier version of the song.The drummer set a rhythm and Self Obsessed started.This song is a 100% live song with energy and power to excite the corwd (not that other songs don’t do this!). Another song off Draconian Times now and from the speakers we heard the words ‘I don’t know what sorry means…’.It was time for Forever Failure!Once again Nick was extremely good on this one with the rhythm section in great form as well. Next song was Mercy, another cool song and then I See Your Face. Both songs played good enough although there were some small problems in the sound.Nothing really annoying but it could have been a little more better.Now it was time for one of my fave songs from the Symbol Of Life album.Mystify was performed with great feeling and Greg with Aaron were great  (as always)!The crowd sang all words along with Nick and it was a really nice atmosphere.Finally the time had come for As I Die,a song that most of the people kept on shouting to the band since the beginning of the show!Of course when the song started all went crazy and once again pandemonium J

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Last song for the main part of the show was the self titled song of the new album Symbol of Life.The band left the stage after this song but after 2-3 minutes they came back of course to play more music.Intro to Small Town Boy was heard and the band kicked in with this beautiful cover song with all people singing the chorus along with Nick. True Belief was next in the list and again I think Nick’s vocals could have been louder because all people were singing so loud that they surpassed his voice!One Second came to close the set for a second time before the band returned again for the final encore after 2-3 minutes.They played Isolate and for the very final song of the night Last Time was chosen.The concert finished after 1 hour and 20 minutes.80 minutes in total including the small breaks between the 2 encores so in a small sum we can say the show was about 1 hour and 15 minutes.Ok I admit it was too short and the ticket was priced at 29 euros.Anyone could complain but no one did so because the concert was THAT good! It was and incredible night with 18 great songs performed live by an excellent prepared band.The show was a killer and all members of the band were perfect on stage. We can forgive Nick having a small paper of lyrics on stage reminding him of some verses ;)

If this band comes to your town don’t miss them!They are worth every last penny of the ticket!


Set List:


hallowed land

say just words


two worlds

so much is lost

self obsessed

forever failure


i see your face


as i die

symbol of life


1st encore

small town boy

true belief

one second


2nd encore


the last time  

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