Suborned (CH) - Funeralopolis (CH) 

at WENK  in Aarau (CH)  - 06.11.2010   www.w3nk.ch





Live reportage by Dominic Latscha(photos and review)


My skeptic thoughts disappeared after I stepped into the concert room.

I heard about this underground concert, organized by the club "Wenk" in Aarau - Switzerland, because I met leadsinger Lucie of Suborned one week ago and she told me that I have to check out this concert!

First, I was shocked when I stood in front of the Wenk. It looked like a travel agency instead of a club. One minute later a long haired metalhead told me, that it had been a travel agency a long time ago.

My first skeptic thoughts disappeared after I stepped into the concert room. There’s an acoustic guitar on the right wall, so I started to feel very comfortable.



The first band Funeralopolis entered the stage on 9.00 o’clock PM. It was their first concert with the new line-up after the split-up of their former band Human Waste in 2009. The audience got to know from the beginning that Funeralopolis played old school death metal. I noticed some Doom Metal elements in their music during their performance next to the speed variations. The guys in front of the stage went totally nuts and started moshing around and they even created some circle pits.

They had to do the circle pits, otherwise singer Chanting Ghoul of Ravenous Redemption would have been very mad about it. After the cover versions of Graves “Into the Grave” and Napalm Deaths “You Suffer”, the four guys and the female drummer wanted to leave, but the metalheads asked for more. Unfortunately, they had no other songs and played the song “Pit of Death”  again. It was a good performance and I am excited about the bands next shows.

Setlist Funeralopolis

Day of Mourning

Euphoric Blasphemy

Tale of a Mass

Pit of Death

The Wrath (of the Dead)

Devouring Crypt of Darkness

Existence Beyond

Into the Grave

You suffer






Photobucket Suborned

After a After a short break, the Thrash Metal Band Suborned entered the stage after a show introduction with occult vocals. They did not lose much time and started to kick ass from the first minute and singer Lucie showed no inhibitions and made sure, that they are serious about this show and she started to run around the stage like a whirlwind. Somehow she reminded me of Candace Kusculain from Walls of Jericho who has a same kick ass attitude like her. The  things I liked the most, next to powerful guitar and drum sound, were the Lucie's vocals. This handsome woman can vary her voice from deep death growls, like Arch Enemy singer Angela Gossow, to angry black metal vocals what offers a wide range of vocal skills.

One guy loved her performance so much, he threw a cuddly toy on stage and Lucie was very grateful about this gift. With “Brainwashed” and “Follow me “ the band started to talk about serious issues like dictatorship and wanted to inform the audience, there’s to be no place for such scum in our society! Then the most powerful song got played. It was “War is my Shepherd” from Exodus and the audience loved the song so much that a lot of guys banged their heads. Then they played their last song “Kill with Anger” and they got much applause from the audience. Suborned did an excellent job and if Arch Enemy should retire, then there would be the chance for this band to become the Swiss Thrash Metal version of Arch Enemy. They got the potential to make it big.

Setlist Suborned


Your Catacomb



You – Down



War Is My Shepherd

Follow Me

Kill With Anger












Foto von Radwaste 

The last band Radwaste had the honour to enter the stage. They started to rock with “Retribution” after the introduction with the classic movie song Once Upon a Time in the West. The only difference between them and the bands before was the lack of a female band member. That was the statement from singer Daniel Jerosch toward the male metal heads in front of the stage.

The roof was still on fire even when a lot people were outside of the Wenk. Inside was still party time and you did not notice any tired person! Unfortunately, technical difficulties caused a short break and the technician did the best to fix the problem. Although the problem still persisted Radwaste decided to go on with the show. “Operation” was the last song of their set and the audience asked for encore.

Now the band started to play a cover of “Symphony of Destruction” from Megadeth and everybody started to yell! That was the moment when you could see smiling faces from the front to the back. They ended the show with the cover “Sidi” from the famous Swiss Folk singer Mani Matter. I liked them, but the technical difficulties were responsible why Radwaste weren’t as good as Suborned.


Setlist Radwaste


Fade With Light


Bother You

Hide & Seek

Live Fast

Rotten Roots





Symphony of Destruction



After a couple of hours with great performance from all bands, the concert was over and a lot of people left the Wenk to go home. Some metal heads stayed there and I used the time to get a personal impression of the attitude from the bands. I appreciated the happy mood from everyone and had a real good time with them.







by Dominic Latscha 






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