1. Unreason 

2. Escape 

3. Far from Grace 

4. Maybe you are... 

5. The Warmth of Life 

6. Frost and Emptiness 

7. Bloodred 

8. A Prayer 

9. Instants of Madness 

10. While I'll burn 

11. Unspoken





Alessandro Consoli


Alfio Timoniere 

Riccado Failla 


Gabriele Litrico


Sandro Galati


RESONANCE ROOM: "Unspoken"               

                                                                                          My Kingdom Music 

Recorded, mixed, mastered at Resonance Home Studio, Italy by Riccardo Failla

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Images of solitude and sadness


From Catania (Sicily) it’s with a great pleasure that I review a gothic doom  band that shows me that  in Sicily too there are good bands….

This band was born in 2003 and the result, after 6 years of activities, is good….The band  gets inspiration from Katatonia, Anathema and C… The music is full of melancholy, sadness…but at the same time very powerful, and, under this aspect, there are reflections of death-doom…with a moderate use of growl vocals that are applied only to express a melancholic anger….

A scenery that is perfect for all those who appreciate sad & powerful music…and who is grown up with the music of the above mentioned band can’t but appreciate this album…

The production is about mediocre…but this a problem of many good bands, that have good ideas and good songs but not sufficient means to get a great production…

The band alternates slow and speed parts into the same songs with a great precision and I can’t but underline “Maybe you’re” that puts in evidence that the band has learnt the lesson of old Katatonia…

Another valid comparison under many aspects is with Klimt 1918….in my opinion Resonance Room is more metal but plays with the same melancholy… For example, try and listen to “The Warmth of Life” that shows a great decaying melody …

In my opinion the production doesn’t give value to the good singer’ interpretation …the music hangs over the voice…this confirms what I said before…

Shadows of old Paradise Lost are mixed to Katatonia into “Bloodred”, a very great gothic-doom that seem the soundtrack of autumn….

“A prayer” is another modern-gothdoom song that is penalized by the production but shows the good attitude to create images of solitude and sadness….through a very suffering music.

The problem of this album is not only the production but also the fact there’s no variety in the composition...the songs are good but there not surprises; the progressive aspect of the songs is a their own characteristic and it’s part of their music  and the themes song are not enriched by particular alternative solutions also concerning different arrangement approach…but it is only my personal opinion. Even if there’s no originality, I admit that that the band makes good songs and the album deserves the right consideration. On the whole this cd is just a surprise…and keeps high the expectations for the future of this band…

rating: 7,6/10


written  by  Salvo  Russo    05.10.2009

Salvo Russo is editor for gryphonmetal.ch since 2001

He is based in Italy, reachable at this e-mail address nightofdreams@hotmail.it


The band was born in Catania as Fragment in 2003 . Since the very beginning its aim is to play a gothic metal mixed with progressive influences. After a year and a half of rehearsals the band records its first demo, “Fragment”, and has some live exhibitions. After a few line-up changes the band records its second demo “Way Down To Hell” (2006), very well received by the metal media. In 2008 the band changes its monicker in Resonance Room and records its debut album: "Unspoken", an eleven song, 50+ minutes opus, mixed and mastered by Riccardo Failla at the Resonance Home studio. In December of the same year Fabio Monaco joins the band as a new guitarist and completes the line up.

In the early 2009 the band joins My Kingdom Music roster, signing a deal for the production, promotion and distribution of "Unspoken". The release date is fixed for September 2009.
2004 - "Fragment" (promo EP - as Fragment)
2006 - "Way Down To Hell" (promo EP - as Fragment)
2009 - "Unspoken" (CD - My Kingdom Music)

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