at Remise in Wil (CH) - 15 . 03. 2003 



 PHOTOS BY:   Stefan "Absolut_Evidence" Vogelaar    

REVIEW BY  dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo 

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We reach the venue in Wil, between Winterthur and St. Gallen, just before 17:00, and the tour manager is waiting for us in order to greet us and organize the scheduled interview with Satyricon , in particular with Satyr, which takes place in the very comfortable and nice backstage room. After the interview we remain in the venue and have the honour to listen to the sound check done by Satyricon. It is a nice experience even because one can have proof how much professionalism and preparation hides behind the curtains of the top tours that cross our continents.  Near the bar corner 2 television-screens are showing the video of song Fuel for Hatred. The venue is preparing for the many visitors who will join the concert this evening. We also get to know   that Satyricon drummer Frost  must play with a broken foot, and i still don't know how well and thunderously he will play....!

Just a few word to present  the venue: It is really a nice one, with a capacity of more or less 350- 400 persons , one gets the impression it's smaller than it really is, but it's 100% Rock /Metal  look and its blue walls painted with orange flames  fascinate from  the first moment. The stage is big enough , well equipped and the sound quality really good. Moreover the stage is enhanced by a cinema-like screen on the back wall, on  which videos of live concerts or videoclips  of songs can be shown, while waiting for the band on the stage. Remise wins  more and more the attention of important tours and not by chance: just to give the idea of another important date that will hit the Remise soon:  the concert of The Haunted on 18. april 2003. And indeed it's a  live concert- video featuring The Haunted  that is shown when doors open , while waiting for Khold.

KHOLD     www.khold.com        Moonfog


Doors open around 20:00 and  the first visitors already flow in the venue that this evening will be  nearly   sold out: the audience is homogeneous enough being composed by 100% metalheads of the most convinced scene. No need to wear at any cost bracelets , spikes and so on, cause the T-shirts of various bands , Satyricon too obviously , are the actual dominating look of this evening audience, and ,during the concerts, an almost general headbanging will be the must. On the stage the 2 drum-kits are prepared. That one of Satyricon still hidden by a black covering . Around 21:00 the venue is right crowded and the video of the live concert of The Haunted has kept our company during the wait .

21:05 Khold are on the stage preceded by the usual smoke effect and by a dark gloomy intro. But when the Norwegian quartet is about to begin the show a technical problem happening to the guitar of their singer is afflicting the band. Fortunately the problem is solved soon enough and the performance begins with its heavy , crushing sound. And here the nice surprise: though knowing Khold by name, it's the first occasion i have to listen to their music with calm and attention, and i like a lot to be surprised sometimes by a first live impact , cause the impression you get is one of the most honest you can get: either you like the music and it turns into a kind of revelation, or stop, very bad  ,  no need to bend  over the CD for long time: And this evening i have indeed the nice surprise to listen to a music that seems to be done for me like a model dress: i am impressed by Khold like rarely i am. First of all, their show is precise, well calibrated, self-confident, straight-to the goal. I don't listen to one single defiance   that i could  identify like a mistake. Perfect like a  machine, brusque and  severe, Khold  propose a music that is one of the best Metal expressions i 've heard till now: they are successful to build, on a rock'n roll base, a Black/Heavy metal of extreme heaviness with  melodic and doom touches , driven by bass sounds and a rhythmed leading mid -tempo. Obviously they can offer faster tempos and thunderous attacks, powered by  exact and merciless drums, but every tempo changing is very agreeable as well as the typical Black vocals. The result is heavy, without compromises, but catchy , persuading, being able to be proposed to a large audience, from death and  heavy to black metallers. In one word : brilliant: brilliant music, good show. My first reaction during the first part of  Khold's concert was that one to go and by their CD immediately. When then i've looked for it at the merchandise stand ...it was simply sold out...eh yes. The audience shows to enjoy greatly their gig: warm applauses and headbangings are "released" in large quantity.

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21:55 Frost's drum-kit is set free from the black cover and appears in all  its beauty. Guitars are checked and the last preparations are completed. Satyricon are strongly waited and when 22:34 they take the stage, the enthusiasm of the crowd can finally take  its  course. Frost walks on crutches ,the guitarists (bassist included)   take place lined up in front of  Frost and near him . Finally Satyr reaches his cool microphone. And with the courage to wear a white shirt. Long rhythmed beginning , synchronous headbanging and let's go with the  fast but solemn  attacks given by The night of the Triunphator , where  Satyr's  biting vocals perfectly  match the music and where Death Metal flavours are mixed with Black . Very soon the talent of Satyr's vocals reveal itself: this voice can span from deep growling to screaming high notes with extreme facility.  Violent intermittent lights underline the sinister apparitions. After a very energetic applause Satyr greets Switzerland , the land of Celtic Frost. And we can pass to Angstridden. The band plays in an excellent way: like Khold, Satyricon too offer a performance of first class. Actually one must not think that the show on the stage is that original, but all in all the impression given is superb. Though a certain immobility this wall of 3 guitarists is impressive due to  the way they propose their tecnique and their haedbanging. Extremely severe, not friendly at all, they seem dark angels come directly from the upper  spheres of Hell, and the way to play the bass holding it  rather high, level with  the breast gives an unusual touch. And now a couple of words for drummer Frost: it's simply unbelievable to me what a brilliant performance he can offer though having such an injury to his foot: drums are thunderous , majestic without beeing invasive or corrosive. They support the band like a discrete calibrated rumble, more than doing it like a sharp primadonna. Double bass beats are shoot with technical precision like highly technical seems the band on the  whole.

Satyr announces that there will be some pyro effects so attention! And is the acclaimed Fuel for Hatred that showcases the fist pyro, followed by an intense sulphur smell. Fuel for Hatred is played perfectly: mighty merciless and at the same time catchy and enthralling. Another highly acclaimed song is Repined bastard Nation. During Supersonic Journey we attend another  pyro effect.  Listening to this compact music i  am convinced more than ever that Satyricon is an authentic war machine. The angry attacks are anyway enriched by  with melodic paths. Particularly intense and very inspired are Satyr 's vocals and behaviour while singing Hvite Krists Dod.

At the end of the show, Satyr promises to a very satisfied audience : "Thank you very much , we come back!" The crowd claps hands ,  unleashes chores of enthusiasm and the encore is called. At 23:41 Satyr appears again on the stage followed by the band and asks "what do you want? Mother...? "Mother North!!" answers the audience in unison. And Mother North may be with us: the so warmly requested song is proposed among an almost general headbanging. This evening it was the turn of Black- Death Metal of first class proposed without many frills and strange frames: Satyr, who in my opinion is a very intelligent artist, can break every rule just with his music, and which such musicianship he can do what he wants. My sincere applauses too to both bands, it was a really "dark" and interesting concert.



the night of the triumphator



fuel for hatred

blessed from below

black lava

repined bastard nation



supersonic journey

hvite krists dod


mother north

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our interview with Satyr


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