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REVIEW BY  dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo

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Zürich welcomes Type O Negative  with a very warm and sunny day, i can easily imagine that the atmosphere at the Abart Club will be very electrified this evening, and hot! But still i can  not imagine how true this supposition is. Around 15.30 we reach the venue for the scheduled interviews with both bands : Type O Negative and EverEve that support today Peter Steele and his fellow mates. I'm really interested in these acts, Type O are one of the band i like the most since years and EverEve are about to win more and more attention in the international scene after the  successful records "E-mania"  and the brand new ".enetics". The interviews took place in a relaxed and very friendly atmosphere, the setting up  and  preparations for the stage are in full activity. We meet  Johnny  Kelly in the nice backstage and  during the interview   the other members of TON show up and finally Pete Steele too. Afterwards we are engaged interviewing  EverEve and have the opportunity to listen a bit to the  TON soundcheck and in particular to the check of the new formidable song "I don't wanna be me", so that i have a precious opportunity to hear clearly how beautiful Steele's voice can be.  We leave then the club in order to get a  break . Later the concert will begin. It will be exciting , you can bet !

EVEREVE         www.evereve.net        www.massacre-records.com 

We come back to the venue around 20:28, we find it crowded obviously and EverEve are already playing . With a certain difficulty i approach the stage when singer mz eve 51 is saying to the audience "es ist schön hier zu sein, heute, in dieser sauna! es ist heiss und eng aber trotzdem bewegt euch! macht euch warm!!" more or less it means - it is beautiful to be here this evening , in this sauna, it is hot and it is crowded but anyway move your bodies and warm up!! - and he announces then X-istence (i'm free) , song from the new *.enetics". Supported by the very rhythmed and heavy musicscape mz eve 51  shows a lot of  mobility and inspiration. The  green orange and red lights are fading the one into the other  , controlled  in a way to give a kind of futurist real unreality to the show. The temperature is rising and rising , hot outside, hot inside the venue . Some girls in typical gothic outfit begin to dance while the rest of the goth metallers are listening to this band with much attention. mc w1fbeater' s
 drums are thunderous,  the bass notes  are in general impressive , while mz eve 51 acts as a very good lively interface facing the crowd with energy and feeling. We go on with The Flesh divine and Mysery's Dawn which underline how much good taste this band has:  pushing , strong but with a touch of ethereal and dark sense of evolution. Guitarists and bass player are not moving around but the look is graceful , the sound heavy and the frontmann energetic headbanging with a verve of  measured scenery and theatricality. Among sincere applauses and after the launch of a cd to the crowd  Abraza la Luz starts: it is one of the most known tracks of . enetics , sung in spanish,  live it sounds really hammering. Always good the performance of  mz eve 51, and, if sometimes the breath  is a bit short it is more than justifiable  in this warm room . "es ist heiss! ich mache euch heiss¨" and indeed EverEve are doing an excellent job. Demons is then proposed with passion, atmospheric and catchy , while the applauses become longer and more intense. "Ehi ehi come on! lauter " and we pass to Someday "ok Zürich" and people raise their arms . After Her last Summer and Along comes a Fool it's time for Fade to Grey.  mz eve 51 is jumping and puts again a lot of energy on the stage. The audience shows to be pleased with the show ,  though i don't understand why people don't launch a savage general jumping and headbanging on the wave of this catchy and looping  sound. Great final with roaring instruments and good bye! 21:07 everybody is sweating looking desperately for something to drink:  i can confirm a certain  "cyber" spirit of EverEve but above all  this evening they have shown their  heavy face ,  they interpret a kind of modern electronic gothic with a good insert of guitars . They believe in what they do and this is the best impression i can get. All in all i have seen EverEve  like a better version of Lucyfire, very good, isn't it?
setlist - 


this heart



the flesh divine

misery's dawn

abraza la luz



her last summer

along comes a fool

fade to grey

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TYPE O NEGATIVE          Life is killing me: our review    www.typeonegative.net 

The stage is prepared scrupolously for Type O Negative:  6 big monitors are placed outside the perimeter of the stage sorrounding it  in order to let the biggest space possible to the impressive keys and to drum kits. Crew members are wearing shirts in surgical style with a small representation  of the cover art in front and the  words Brooklyn Hospital behind  : black with green letters or green with white letters. A little carpet , that under the diffused lights appear to be red-orange is placed near Peter Steele's microphone, which is set properly for the frontman's height  too. a couple of ventilation devices will relieve from  temperature more than providing   whatever  stage effect. it's hot as hell, in many we are massed  around the monitors, the venue is packed , i begin to wonder how we could stand this furnace  a whole gig long... visions of  crystal clear glasses of hyper cold beer or water are dancing before my eyes. But if i look better i can clearly distinguish bottles of water and wine drawing the attention on the amplificator near Steele's place, and not only: strategically placed, other bottles of waters are driving me mad . The preparation of the stage goes on with care checking microphones drums, keys and amplificators. This waiting is getting the crowd more excited and finally here they are!. 21:48 welcomed by incredible  shoutings Type O negative appear in a surrealistic darkness, broken by short and long paused   white lightnings. All this, supported by a sinister intro background with gloomy drums and and an apocalyptic but very bass tuned alarm siren, which underlines the hospital impending feeling of death . The shouting and the approval of the crowd continues and Ton members can be hardly distinguished in this dark scenery in their green surgical  clothes. Finally the lights enlighten with an obscure and cold  red the stage . Enthusiasm!  Steele  dominates the stage with his size,  severe expression, not giving a flying sh*t to his gained weight. The band starts off with Unsuccessfully coping , better known as you are fucking someone else. And indeed after a rather long instrumental intro executed with energy and hypnotic attitude "I know you're fucking someone else " are among the few understandable words one could catch. When Steele starts to sing, it is the volume of the voice that is missed completely. Supreme disappointment for me that i have just observed with amazed eyes how plastic Josh is behind his keys, doing some headbangings in extreme slow motion, that i have just noticed how determined are drums and how good tuned  kenny's guitar is. Well, nobody seems to care a single ounce of how Steele is singing however, the crowd which presents also a great numerical male presence is already in rapture, many begin already  moving, moshing and banging in this infernal oven. Backing vocals are supporting a kind of reinforced singing, while the instruments are strong, heavy, distorted and sharp. Johnny is powering the soundscape with precision , Josh, inspired at the keys, bows often, letting his long mane  falling almost to ground . Kenny  is not the expression of the  happiness but tries to do his best for the coordination of the sound, caring about the many tasks and facettes his guitar must express. In this frame Steele is more appreciated as bass player than as singer. Oh damnation where is the voice i heard only a couple of hours ago? Anyway Steele's shows some sarcasm and entertainment features speaking to the crowd expressing a sort of greeting  : the crowd is well  amused , everyone well convinced that TON are doing the best they can. Having thrown an eye to the setlist i cannot wait that Wolf Moon begins. I am pleased  for this song firstly because is one of my personal fav from October Rust , secondly maybe for the female charm of the lyrics. i can hear hardly Steele's voice stressing, during the refrain, " hey wolf moon" the successive "come cast your spell on me " must be basically guessed, at least from my position , so close to Kenny's monitor and to  on my right side placed speakers of the venue . We go on with Every1 i love is dead , reaching finally the moment for the formidable and legendary Christian Woman. What i like is that these songs appear remixed, not played exactly like they are recorded on the album, all this gives a brilliant live feeling, but it must be said that sometimes the music comes too much distorted, some notes are really too much sharp, crossing the threshold of pain, some passages appear a bit confused. The comments of many fans after the concert will point out that TON have not played very well. But, rather surprisingly , the impression that i get is that  Josh, Kenny and Johnny are able to offer you a gig full of appeal and inspiration in spite of all tiredness that the band can show or in spite of eventual live errors. The stage acting , though nothing exceptional at all,    in spite of all awful surgical look, appears, at the end of story, very persuading, being Josh and Johnny among  of the best acting keyboarders and drummers i have seen. The atmosphere that TON want to evocate is fully gained. The crowd, in spite of all future comments, appears to be very appreciative and totally in ecstasy. All this is mixed  together to make seeing TON  live a cool  experience full of pleasure. In the meanwhile the heat is becoming almost unbearable, Steele launches many times mineral water on the fans and  himself: a sort of   short and sadic showers,that only make the desire for fresh liquids sharper. One has to accept the idea of attending a mainly instrumental concert , but World is coming down takes a bit of voice with it , supported by an amazing background. The typical merciless  doom slow TON progression of heaviness, launching deep atmospheric melodies is executed always very well, being the seal of this music.    10:44 the band leaves the stage among the general acclamation, the encore is called very lively in this terrible equatorial sauna. A kind of solidariety in the disease makes people sharing one another a sip of water of cola or of beer. TON are badly wanted again: under these circumstances i can call it a success, though the concert was  very far from being a perfect one.  10:48 Pete Steele appears again followed by the rest of the band: all of them  a bit exhausted  but still interested in rewarding the dedication of the swiss audience. We all wait indeed for this moment that should crown the whole concert: the presentation  of the only  (megasigh!) one  track taken from the new album "Life is killing me". The moment for the fast and excellent I don't wanna be me is in the air, and the song is performed really well, letting noone disappointed. "One more song! OK?" says the tried and still not good- mooded Steele OK! Black No 1 starts and with it the last enthralling moments of this concert dripping with sweat.  The execution sometimes sounds really bad now , in particular when, after a slow proceeding, mastered by the keys,  the bands enters too much rashly the tempo changing  in such a raw way like an elephant could crash suddenly into a china shop. But the moment of the mythical passage "loving you was like loving the dead ", sung along by many fans too, makes forgive everything. Looping effects and final in slow motion. Applauses and general hurried look for  drinks and exit door.  People remain speaking a lot outside the venue in this warm almost italian summer evening . I liked this gig , TON  were above all Josh, Johnny and Kenny this really means that  TON are not exclusively Steele, and they are a top band not by chance: this is the first time i enjoyed a concert that was not completely good,  TON have lost none of their success. Did they play good, did they play so bad? The impressions run from mouth to mouth but everyone is more than ready for the next time! yes me too, more than ever!
setlist - 

Trux intro

unsuccessfully coping with the natural beauty of infidelity

wolf moon

everyone i love is dead

christian woman

love you to death

world is coming down

-kill whitey-



i don't wanna be me 

black no 1

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