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Feb 13th 2008 @ The 7th Street Entry – Minneapolis - USA






live reportage by Matthew "Newbreed99" Haumschild___    




            Echos of Eternity were supposed to be at the show but could not make it due to illness of the band. Instead, Unexpect headlined and the show was only $5 instead of $8.


            I knew this was going to be an interesting evening. Interesting is the word in point, the one reason I was even going to go to the show in the first place was to deliver a DVD to a friend of mine, Mark, who was going. He mailed me and said, “On Wednesday I’ll be going to the Unexpect show, are you going?” My first thought was, “who?” But, Mark is usually never wrong in terms of music, so if he was going, chances are they were a pretty good band.


            So, I went to their myspace page, and I listened to roughly 2 minutes of one of their songs and my response was; “Whoa! That’s just fucking crazy! Oh my God!” Since then, I had to go. There were no, if, ands, or buts about it. I was going and that was that! The band could not be compared to any other band I’ve heard before, musically, because this is one of the rare occasions where this was an original band playing truly original music. The best way I can describe this band’s music, in basic terms, is a blend of every genre of music that one could possibly think of, with the exception of light music. It was, black metal, death metal, trance, jazz, thrash, classical music, theatrical, think of a genre, and they were playing it! It was utter chaos and it was great!  



Visideon: Don’t look like you’re practicing in a basement!

           Visideon opened up for them. I have seen them before, but it has been a while. The last time I saw them was probably two or three years ago, back then, I thought they were good and that I wanted to hear more. So, here’s my chance. I would first apologize for just the one photo, I had another, but it was blurry. To be honest, there really isn’t much I can write about them that’s good. The music was…average and some songs were better than average but not great. The guitar player sounded good, the bass player sounded good, the drummer was fantastic actually, the singer…sounded good. But there was a problem, they looked awful on stage; The guitar player and the drummer were doing their part to look like they were tearing it up on stage, however, the bass player and especially the singer, looked awful. Zero stage presence. There should be a rule about wearing blue jeans on stage because it felt like a garage band or a cover band was playing when I looked at them. The singer had no charisma at all. It’s like, she went up there, sang in front of her keyboard, said, “Thanks, and the next song is…” and that was it, she didn’t bang her head, she didn’t try to engage the audience, there was nothing there. My suggestion to her, is to wear a skirt or something, ditch the keyboard and get a sampler, hold the mic, and sing your heart in to it! Don’t look like you’re practicing in a basement! And own the crowd, engage the people standing around waiting for the next band. And the bass player…if you’re going to wear blue jeans, take off your shirt and play the bass as if you’re mad at it and you’re in a metal band, not a Motley CruE cover band. In the end, I was glad when they were finished. The guitar player and the drummer were great, but it wasn’t enough to impress me or anyone else in the venue.



Unexpect: A hell of a lot better than Slipknot  and  four times the talent!

          Now, the band I have come to see. The band that very much impressed me via the internet, Unexpect. I saw 7 people climb on stage, which is feet in itself because the venue had a small stage, and their bass player said, before the show even started, “Everyone in the back, has to come up front now!” So, that’s what everyone did. We all got up and proceeded to the front. Everyone on stage, looked like they were in a band, as opposed to the previous band. And they kicked everyone’s ass during the first song. If I could compare their stage presence to any other band, it would be Slipknot. I remember seeing that band for the first time, before they blew up to into a phenomenon, and just seeing, so many people on stage all doing different things was just so intense and up until now, I hadn’t seen anything like it since. The difference, Unexpect sounded a hell of a lot better than Slipknot does and have four times the talent! It was just utter craziness on stage; the bass player was making the best of the small stage, as was the singer. And oddly enough, I could hear what everyone was doing on stage. They had two guitar players, drummer, singer, keyboard player, the two guitar players had mics of their own, and a sampler and I could hear everything. The funny part was, they have a violin player, but that person was sick too! At any given moment, everyone on stage would be banging their heads all at the same time. The singer had super long hair that would get caught in the rafters in the ceiling, which I thought was kind of funny and the guitar player, in-between songs, would talk a bunch of non-sense before going into the next song.  


            Unexpect were definitely a spectacle to watch! The music was there, their stage presence and charisma were there. There is not one bad thing I could say about the show, and I would highly recommend everyone to see them and to buy all their discs. So, take my word for it! Unexpect will blow you away! So what the fuck are you waiting for? 

review by Matthew Haumschild  - photos ©  by Matthew Haumschild

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            The video below of Unexpect, was not their best song. And I only had 5:30 of recording time left on my memory stick, so I apologize. 



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