Stream Of Unconsciousness

The Secret Of Life 
Colours Of My World 
In The Light (Instrumental) 
The Fallen Feather 
La Vita Fugge 
Versions Of The Same 
Through The Eyes Of God 
We Are, We Are Not
The Fall Of Reason 
Out Of The Maze
New Eden 
Send Me An Angel 
The Whisper 




Extra features
Bonus live tracks (28:22)
• New Eden
• Send Me An Angel
• Pain
• The Whisper
• The Secret Of Life (alt. version)
Photo gallery (26 pictures)
Exclusive interviews (33 minutes)

Olaf Thorsen (lg)
Michele Luppi (v)
Andrea Torricini (b)
Oleg Smirnoff (k)
Matteo Amoroso (d)
Federico Puleri (g)

VISION DIVINE: "Stage of Consciousness"  DVD    vision divine                  


9 Degrees west of the Moon
Interview with Olaf Thorsen 2006
The Perfect Machine
Interview with Olaf Thorsen 2003

review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

The soul of the band and the true essence of the concert

The celebration of a great band!!! Vision Divine realizes the first official dvd, and it is a piece of  history considering that it has been realized last year; Two members then have left the band, Matteo Amoroso , the drummer and Oleg Smirnoff (keyboard).

The dvd has been realized on 16th April 2005 at Reggio Emilia (Transilvania). A very great opera in which the band plays the song of the album “Stage of Consciousness” with the new singer, Michele Luppi. He’s the perfect singer for this band!!! One of the best voice in the world!

The songs are perfectly arranged and played in according with the studio performance , and all fans appreciate the ability of this band, that actually is one of the best melodic-power metal!!!

This dvd is a jewel of rare intensity in which you find a menu with photo gallery , an exclusive interview and some bonus-tracks! The concert has been filmed without particular effects and shows the soul of band and the true essence of their concert; "Stage of Consciousness" could be interesting for all musicians that can appreciate the technique of all members!

The quality of the dvd is not at the top,  but I appreciate it because it shows  the heart of this band unveiled in  live-performance!!!! If you want to watch a true Power-Metal metal band, don’t hesitate,  this dvd is a jewel !!!!!

rating: 9/10


Salvo  Russo 
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