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Shown in 3D in select theatres



Bryan Singer 

Jennifer Lawrence, Nicholas Hoult, Hugh Jackman, Michael Fassbender, James McAvoy, Ellen Page, Ian McKellen.

Action / Adventure


              Although I am not that big fan of the X-Men, i have always appreciated the chars, the stories, the creative ideas behind the concept of X-Men (well, i am a DNA fan). In particular i already liked very much  the previous round "X-MEN: FIRST CLASS". But this time X-Men have overwhelmed me in all senses. The review could be at this point very short: fantastic film. Period. OK, let's add something more anyway. This movie  is dark, it is mystical and biogenic, it develops in a very menacing future and in a past which, on the contrary, offers even a bit of nostalgia. The story is put perfectly after all the X-Men stories we know, and, in the past, it is  the time line sequel of the previous X-MEN: FIRST CLASS (1970s). Wolverine acts as main pillar of the plot being sent in the past, but of course Professor X, Magneto and Raven/Mystique take then it all. In my opinion the actors who  represent Professor X are both simply awesome. Enjoy this film also as photography and dialogues. It's really the best of X-Men till now, yet not expect too much from Halle Berry`s Storm ;).


            X-Men fight a compelling war for the survival of the species across the two mentioned  time periods, which is a war of reunion and alliance in the positive meaning of the term. Wolverine is the one sent back in the past in oder to change for better the future, because Wolverine’s abilities make him the only member of the X-Men able of making this dangerous journey back in time.  Director Singer explains:  “Going back that far in time would rip apart the mind of anyone else.  There’s only one person who has the regenerative capabilities to survive the experience, and that’s Wolverine.  Since he doesn’t age, when Wolverine’s mind travels back to his younger self, Hugh was able to play both versions of the character.  So that was a great opportunity for me and for Hugh.”


            Very important: it is Logan/Wolverine now  the one who tries to give faith to the young Charles/Professor X , who has lost everything, not only "his legs". Psychologically, the young Charles, at the very initial moment when Wolverine finds him in the past, is nothing more than shattered pieces, which must be put back together, like a kind of hopeless Jesus who sees  himself cheated by friends and life. Scottish actor James McAvoy returns fantastically to his role as the young Charles, while Patrick Stewart, who has played Charles Xavier/Professor X for over fourteen years had never before worked on a 3D film. Michael Fassbender returns to his role as young Erik Lehnsherr/Magneto from “X-Men: First Class.”. Academy Award® winner Jennifer Lawrence again portrays Raven/Mystique.

“Raven has been on her own in the ten years since the events depicted in ‘First Class,’” says Singer.  “She is no longer the girl that grew up with Charles, nor is she Erik’s disciple.  She’s found her own path, of vengeance, hunting those responsible for abducting, killing and experimenting on mutants. At the same time, she’s seeking vengeance against Trask, and that breaks Charles’ heart because he knows that will set in motion a very dark future that will lead to the destruction of mutantkind. So it becomes a battle to save the future, and also a battle for Raven’s soul.”

And who is the villain? Dr. Bolivar Trask. Trask, the inventor of enormous robotic weapons, the so called  Sentinels.  He wants to eliminate the evolutionary rivals of the human race: the mutants. And Mystique wants to kill him....

Another key mutant in the 1970s scenes is Quicksilver. He helps the Young Charles, Logan and Hank to let Magneto  break out of the Pentagon prison. He has superhuman speed. “Wolverine knows Quicksilver in the future,” says Singer.  “But in the past, he’s a kleptomaniacal kid with an attitude. The only way they can enlist Quicksilver’s help is to appeal to his penchant for troublemaking, asking him if he’d like to break somebody out of the Pentagon.”   

" Singer and director of photography Newton Thomas Sigel used high-speed phantom cameras and photo-sonic technology to film the Pentagon break-in and escape sequence, one of the film’s most technically intricate and visually arresting scenes.  The scene was shot at 3000 frames per second with Quicksilver running along the walls in the Pentagon kitchen, parallel to the ground. “We’ve never experienced this on film before,” says Singer. 

The technology required the use of enormous lights rigged above the set, each powered by about 40,000 watts.  “The set was so brightly lit, we had to wear sunglasses just to work on it,” Singer adds.  “The actors had to close their eyes until the moment they started shooting.” 

And now, enjoy the film!!! ....don't forget: after the end of the film, remain there till end credits have run. And see the final scene which may invite for sequel!


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