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  1. Hell In A Handbag
  2. Who’s Gonna Save You Now
  3. Retribution Intro
  4. Retribution
  5. Sick Religion
  6. Mother Mary Intro
  7. Mother Mary
  8. Possessive Obsession
  9. Brewtality
10. Running Scared
11. Pride Before The Fall
12. War Wagin’


Dylan Rosenberg

Vocals & Guitar

David DeSilva

Vocals & Bass


Percussion & Battery

ARCHER: "Who's Gonna Save You Now?"             Foto von Archer      

band contact:

Produced & Mixed by Gilby Clarke @ Redrum Recording
Mastered by Maor Applebaum in California, U.S.A

Black Label Society gave them the chance.

            Archer is a young Hard Rock / Metal hailing from Santa Cruz, California U.S.A. Although they are unsigned, Black Label Society gave them the chance to go support them on their Bezerkus Tour 2011. This tour also had a show in Lucerne City, Swiss Canton of Lucerne, Switzerland.

Unfortunately, the truck with the Black Label Society equipment broke down on the way to Switzerland and they had to cancel their show. But that was the moment for Archer. They played more than one hour for free and gained popularity and a lot of new fans.

After their great show, I bought their current record “Who’s Gonna Save You Now?” for ten Swiss Francs. That’s a cheap price and a bargain in my country. That’s the story how I met Singer & Guitar player Dylan Rosenberg, Bass Player and Singer DavidDeSilva and Percussionist Ferret. I also appreciated their down to earth attitude and the fans had great small talk with every band member.

What can you expect? It is straight kick ass mixture between Metal & Hard Rock! Sometimes Dylan Rosenberg vocals remind me a little bit of Dave Mustaine and the guitar tunes from him and David sound like Black Label Society.

There’s no bad song on “Who’s Gonna Save You Now?” That’s a killer record for an Underground band. For example “Retribution” and “Brewtality” cause a lot of head banging moments and offer a great range of musical skills on a high level. It’s a great effort for these three musicians, who play music at a young age (the age is between 21 till’ 27 years).

Even the production is different than most stuff today. Gilby Clarke was responsible for it. It is fits right to the Metal and Hard Rock from back in the days. You might feel the old school vibes when you listen to this record! Maor Applebaum did the mastering in California.

I really hope that Archer get a record deal. Furthermore, I would be very happy if this or a further record could put them in the limelight. Such acts deserve a breakthrough. 



written  by Dominic Latscha 


Dominic Latscha is rewier and reporter  for since 2010

He is based in Switzerland and can be reached on facebook.



21.07. 2011



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