Alpha - Genesis Of Loss

Beta -M33 Constellation
Gamma - Abortion Of The Kathavatthu
Delta - Six Seals Salvation
Epsilon -  Saturn Motion Theology
Zeta -  Oratio Descendere
Eta -  Profanis Codex LXVI
Theta - Whirlwind Journey
Omega - Absurd Omega Revelation




D. Deviant -guitar / vocals

Toxic H. - guitar

666 Torturer - bass

A. ZK6 - drums


ARKHON INFAUSTUS: "Perdition Insanabilis"  arkhon infaustus      

distributed in Switzerland by Irascible Distribution     


review by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____   

Perdition Insanabilis is a kind of  paroxysm and a kind of obscure nightmare transformed into music. Very intense, gloomy , menacing, oppressive like a leaden sky, often very  brutal,  sometimes even melodic, at times extremely attractive  for the presence of grasping hooks, at times  difficult. It is another exploration full of sinister fascination in the field of Black Metal, genre that Arkhon Infaustus model through technique and personal visions, without objecting to wide  towards   Death and Doom. The instrumental proceeding distinctive of Black is underlined by the moments of fast rhythm, by the typical guitar playing and drumming: Percussions are very strong, resolute, very often blasting, but softened in noise and gloomy like the scheme wants. The impressive vocals follow quite enough  the double  path of growling and screaming: only are brachial and very deep obscure leading voice is clearly predominant and abyssal, at the borderline of a cavernous barking fat-low growling, while screaming's are never too hysterical or high. Speaking again about rhythm, this album is not always fast and furious, completely on the contrary i would say.  It shows cadenced moments of very  slowness of mid tempo and doom . The atmosphere remains always completely obscure, no matter  if under  speed bursts or slow passages, but never it will be  mournful or melancholic. The Antichrist 's rage has no time for a plethora of tears. No tears, but post-modern and hypnotic, suffocating distortions of sound are not  rare. After all , here too Arkhon Infaustus are provocative: they have always been . Furthermore, with Perdition Insanabilis , which is their third album, they mature and take us in an immense inferno made of  pure compulsive darkness.  To say that Arkhon Infaustus are a clear reality of extreme metal, and Black in particular,  is to tell an obvious thing, which pleases me a lot, having been myself one of the first attracted by the phenomenology of this act. Now they seem even absorbed in  wider inspirations . Just only reading the titles, we meet Kathavatthu (n the Kath‚vatthu, the Buddha is said to have divided self views into two groups: annihilationism  and eternalism  of the ego?) and the deep sky object M33, spiral galaxy in the constellation Triangulum (galaxy  prophetically involved with "flu"  discovered in 1933). Everything accompanied by the famous Six Seals (which precede the Seventh one, hard business for the Lamb...). 

Listed according to the  Greek alphabet, the tracks develop a whirlpool  that extends from Alfa to Omega, from Genesis (Genesis of Loss) to the final Revelation (last song Absurd Omega Revelation), in a varied frame. This is to say : Perdition Insanabilis is  no boring at all, varied in the coherence, toxic. The opener Genesis of Loss seems the representation of  groaning souls. The punch in the stomach arrives direct with the beta- M33 Constellation which begins fast, strong and brutal but allows a doomy slow intermezzo.  Abortion of the Kathavatthu is very eclectic and experimental with  solo's and difference in  tempo between the almost blasting drumming and vocals. Tremolo's increase the mayhem. Honestly, it is a track i don't like , neither i understand where it wants to go.  Nevertheless Abortion of the Kathavatthu is very engaged and shows a consistent length of 5:11 mins, time  used to explore more than one corner of the Black camp with final distortion/hypno techniques. 

In an atmosphere of day after  and with a spoken intro begins Six Seals of Salvation which spits evilness like a snake, exploiting the methods of old school from Death and Black, corroborated by modern surreal  frontiers of sound. These latter tower, slow and malignant,  in the  instrumental beginning of  Saturn Motion Theology which delivers typical features of Doom Death. Due to  his modernity, joined to  evergreen Doom attitude of the slow massacre, is, maybe, the most fascinating track. Clear , Saturn and its motion, often associated with the Antichrist, deserves it... 

The more complex Oratio Descendere is more lively and pressing and tight (nice, by the way, this use of the  mystic Latina Lingua), among blasting attacks and slower cadenced  loops . Profanis Codex LXVI (guess the number eh?!) summarizes "in toto" the characteristics of the album with its distortions, its varied patterns , its bass abyssal sounds , its cavernous brutal lucifuge vocals with  the light counterpoint towards screaming, and relentless drumming and ferocious guitars. Harmonic touches are added. Complex but beautiful is this "Codex". And the good series goes on with  Whirlwind Journey which speeds up or slows down in doom-y way within a paroxistic blasting frame of terrified anxiety, gifting us with attractive hook riffs . The dual vocals, here triumphant, enhance the toxicity and the interest. Noticeable the instrumental technique which is touching its peak. Then, messenger of phobias and pain Absurd Omega Revelation  acts like last station of slow and torturer pain.

Perdition Insanabilis is also full of subtle , hidden elements, which surface  at times, in disguise,  softened, but cruel .  I  would not suggest this album to the sorcerer's apprentices, it is an album who alternates hooklines with passages that must be understood . And if you have a background and training as a listener of Deicide's music and Doom music too, even better.  Mighty place of forces that  we cannot equal: listening to Arkhon Infaustus we feel like being Dante visiting (and not always at  our ease) one other sort of them, where perdition is not healable... just only annihilable.

rating:  8.5/10


dalia di giacomo    

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