01. Inflamate Christianos (intro)
02. The Goatchrist
03. Diaboli Virtues In Lumbar Est
04. Demonic Staccato Erection
05. Paradise Regained
06. Fukk The Blood Of Christ
07. The Sin-Hellfucked
08. Swarm Of Rats
09. Lucifer Incestus

Helmuth:  heretic grunts, chainsaw

Sigurd:  six-string terrorism

Barth:   4-string goatfukk

Torturer:  highspeed artillery


BELPHEGOR: "Lucifer Incestus"    belphegor       

recorded at Mastersound studios In Stuttgart/Fellbach, Germany with producer Alex Krull (ATROCITY) and will be released in three different formats: limited-edition digipack with bonus CD-Rom video clip ("Lucifer Incestus"), the regular CD version, and the limited vinyl edition with a gatefold sleeve.

release date 01.12.2003



preview-review  by dalia "gryphon_spirit" di giacomo____    

Fukk the Blood of Christ!

Fire. Lucifer Incestus is the pure fire put in music through a Black/Death fusion that delivers us high speed, relentless rhythms, hyperblast ride, an extreme typical Death Metal drum propulsion , guitars and vocals evoked directly from hell, but also melodic passages embedded in the background, which give to the album that touch of definitive class and mystery. The result is an inflamed invocation , a manifestation of what is misterious, obscure, luciferine, sinister, mighty , fascinating but merciless . This evocation can hit old cryptes, morbid monasteries , deconsecrated churches, room with carpets and candles and walls of cold stone, yes, but above all our society in many, maybe too many, of its hypocrital sides. But even best if this music hits venues crowded by Death/Black metallers , connoisseurs of the best heights of Metal . Obvioulsy Lucifer Incestus is an evil ride of the hell coming to us, we have opened its gate, we have called it, through our devotion or through our sins, and this Lucifer must be played loud in your stereos and so loud to make your blood boil and the walls vibrate . Lucifer Incestus is like a succession of rituals but also a musictrack for a fight against all what poorly oppress our capacities and free expression. Religion in itself, after all is only one of those aspects, cause Lucifer Incestus has actually a deeper meaning. 
Fire is the result between black-metal strings and thunderous, hyperblasting, warm, implacable drums, with snare compression too. Dark melodies support many tracks, but, at the same time, every track is the incarnation of assaults and an attacks with no compromises at all.
I think that the heaviness of this album is obvious and speaks for itself , while the production is really astonishing. Austrian Belphegor have reached such a maturity and such a top mastering of their instrumentation and of their inspirations that they lead you in the pure empyrean of this musical genre. This album, which is the follow-up to "Necrodaemon Terrorsathan", is also the first to feature drummer Torturer and bassist Barth, who, together with "string terror" Sigurd form a strong line up around singer Helmuth whose growling and screaming vocals are simply impressive. A line up which plays with infernal exactness, and with lot of angriness and aggressivity. A pinch of latin increases the obscurity of the general background. Some electro- digital sounds are there above all in the intros for creating particular effects.

Before entering the details of the album i'd like to underline that the track number 6: "Fukk the Blood of Christ" , with its blaspemous aura, is a masterpiece, a jewel of melodic Black, with its epic intro, that is no heavy at all, so it can be appreciated also by those who don't like Symphonic Black, enriched by thunderous double bass drums, and in general a warm killing propulsion; its winning melody (sometimes even haunting) is the hammer , with guitar virtousisms and a reverbering mighty rhythmic like hardly you can find elsewhere, Brachial, mighty modulated vocals, fast attacking structures that are broken by a bridge that has a doom groovy atmosphere without loosing his charge of attack, Fukk the Blood of Christ is a song without rivals, a pure manifestation of evil benediction, that could be proposed by Dimmu Borgir too if they would use this kind of drums, and this is meant in the best meaning of the word, knowing the dispute about Dimmu being Black or not. This track is the pure melodic Black with such an almighty and blastering drums la Death that is the pure quintessence of pleasure, while the vocals represent both the demonic force and the claws. Of course this track has that catchiness that nails you in the absolute attention for already from the first notes. .

Lucifer Incestus opens with an intro , Inflamate Christianos, that is a scene in motion , a punishment among flames, with scared women praying in latin "Ave Maria Gratia Plena..."(very probably nuns, but attention! my grandmother too was praying in latin and was no nun...) while the wings of the obscure forces are raising . And the track 2, "The Goatchrist", hits the place to increase the fire, like a natural consequence of the intro scene. The Goatchrist is such an incredible compendium of an attacking brutal force mixed with guitar laments and percussive blastic rhythmic that dominates an agreaable haunted vibrating melody almost hidden all the time, which emerges only during some slower passages. Evil growling and grunts with screaming vocals give a picture of extreme brachiality. 

The following Diaboli Virtus in Lumbar Est has the same characteristicks: a nice vibrating melody and a winning propulsion of strings and drums, that create a controlled pandemonium over it: it's acrobatics in a thunderdome, a violent evocative attack with a sense of sacrality anyway.

Demonic Staccato Erection with a sado whipping intro is in general a high speed Black musicscape that will gift you with a sudden superb and short melodic insertion and a variety of attacks, some tempo changings and a final bass-guitar riding. 

Paradise Regain is a relentless Death riding mixed with pure Black evilness: an orgy of banging . The vocals here too follow the double line bass grunts and screaming, filled with angriness. 

And the track 7 , "Lucifer Incestus": the title track has a similar key of interpretation, a super fast morbid hymn full of brachiality with something hypnotic and final stop start.

Gloria patri in secula seculorum amen... and again we are launched in a incendio hyper speed without end: The Sin-hellfucked, the rawest, the harshest of all, the acid, with slow up and doomy moments, very hyperblastic orgy with claustrophobic moments, it's a track where the pain is an explosion. Well maybe it's the only one track i don't like that much , but it's ferocious anyway, almost without melodic support, but very architected in a mixture among Death, Black and Skin digression, being the melody substituted by the growlings and the screaming works to complete the work of lead.

Sad, though burning, "Fleishrequiem 69" provides the proper thundering final , enriched with a melodic passages full of intensity , looping satanic vocals (supported by double bass drums) seem very much chants of evil priests, with a touch of sad harmonic final strings which fades out in a short outro. The gate of Hell is open or closed again? 

Lucifer Incestus is a speed ritual, is a speed fight, is a speed opus with its valuable melodic moments. Sensuality is also part of it: seen as ferocius obscurity, while the reptilian punishment signs the nightmare and victory. Christ seen in a mirror of fire.

rating:  9.5/10 


dalia di giacomo    
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