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Saturday, July 11th, 2009 - in Belington, WV - USA


by Steve "The Rev. Istvan" Rautner_      



Saturday July the 11 marked the day when Death Metal reigned in Belington.  

That was the day of the benefit Concert for Brian Stover was held, coupled  with plenty of food and fun attend by poeple of all ages. The silent auction,  cake walk and various raffles were very successful in helping to raise money for Brian and his family during his wait for double lung transplant. 

The music started at six o'clock and ran till eleven at night at the local  VFW park by the river in senic Belington, WV. Six acts in all were performing with the headliner as Tourne. A band that I have done a review for previously, and am awaiting the arrival of their new album as I am sure some of you are as well. 

Grasping Aura, a local band was the first on the list, a young but talented  punk band. 

The second to play was City of Ruins, a Death Metal act from  West Virginia. 

Third to take the stage was Brittany Coon who changed the pace and soloed a number songs accompanied by only her beautical voice an acoustical guitar which  she played as well. 

12 Confessions a death metal band, was the fourth band to play  to a growing audience. 

The fifth band to play was Death Metal band from Weston, WV,  by the name of Solomon' Key. This band is very good and seemed to rally the crowds  to a frenzy. 

The sixth and final act and the headliner of the show was Belingtons  own Tourne. Returning to their original lineup that included 'Red Bird' on bass,  they played 8 songs that were crowd favorites, the set list was as follows:

01, Voodoo 

02, Seeker 

03, Last Days 

04, I Love Rock and Roll 

05, The Queen 

06,Take a Breathe

07, Killing in the Name of 

08, Robot Society 

The fourth song was dedicated to all the bands and performers (one of whom was in  the audience) that influenced the band Tourne. 

Take a Breathe was dedicated to Brian and Sherry. Each band had a special song that was dedicated to Brian, and between  the sets the raffleing and door prizes were announced. At the height of the evening there were a total of 30+ metalheads on the floor showing support and throwing "horns" to the performers. 

Some of the fans were of course other bands but others were  dedicated followers of the local scene. 

An enjoyable time was had by all in attendance and much thanks for the event is given to the bands and coordinators of the Benefit concert. 


Steve Rautner



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