David S. Goyer - director - producer -  screen writer for all 3 films

Peter Frankfurt ,Linn Harris - producers

Gabriel Beristain ASC/BSC - photography director (in Blade 2 too)

Ramin Djawadi - composer

The RZA - composer

Chris Gorak - production designer

Howard E. Smith - editor

Laura jean Shannon - costume designer


main actors:


Wesley Snipes - "iconic vampire hunter" Blade

Kris Kristofferson - Whistler

Ryan Reynolds - Hannibal King

Jessica Biel - Abigail

Parker Posey - Danica Talos

Dominic Pourcell - Drake

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Warner Bros. All rights reserved. Illustrative stuff is property of Warner Bros.


"The events Bram Stoker described in 1897 were only a tiny part of the mosaic. The real Dracula's origin goes back...six or seven thousand years...if you believe the legends, He was born in ancient Sumeria..."

in theatres in Switzerland  on 20. 01. 2005 


                                                         Three for all

"For Blade, Hannibal King and Abigail i wanted to develop three  different  fighting styles", Goyer says

Blade would have the most formal style because he was the most practiced in martial arts and a certain kind of Zen Buddhism. I wanted Abigail t be slightly less formal but also trained. And then I wanted hannibal King to be a messy fighter. He didn't have any style that he studied, it was more things it picked up on the streets and in jail and places like that."


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