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 Cremation, Oral Fist Fuck



at MERKKER in Baden  - 05.06.2010











Live reportage by dalia di giacomo_ (photos and review)


Switzerland and the Alps.

Meh Suff welcomes June in Baden (Switzerland ) organizing at  Merkker a concert which is  100% Brutal Death Metal synergy . Writing this review now in an unusual very hot July, i remember with sympathy that evening, the evening of a day which was one of the first warm days we had this year after a rainy cold springtime. Ah ....that day was the messenger of summer...only it was too hot for the Italian headliner Blasphemer., signed by the American (USA) label Comatose Music. During the concert, the band was asking and wondering why such a hot temperature in an Alpine country. "Switzerland lies in the Alps!" ....Therefore should be permanently and pleasantly refreshing isn't it?... A couple of voices in the crowd low commented that Baden is not in the Alps.  More important, on the contrary, is that Blasphemer, in spite of their incredibly great technical ability, didn't build a good approach with the crowd, in my opinion.  Maybe Blasphemer played too late, after  underground Swiss bands who have totally drained blood and conquered vital force from the pit, in particular Cremation and Oral Fist Fuck (the name is already a "program"). When Blasphemer played the crowd was also not so numerous , the sound check was a bit too long for those circumstances and the communication (through an English with too strong accent) was everything but fluency and blasting Nonetheless, all in all,  people liked Blasphemer . The guttural shrieked growls ,together with the technicality and almost perfect execution of the tracks impressed massively because all this produces a sound which is an authentic bestial abomination, many times also repetitive., with fast tempos and gore taste...only the stage acting had with this visceral infection nothing to do. Cremation and Oral Fist Fuck were  on the contrary the "matadores" of the evening.  Oral Fist Fuck from Zürich/Winterthur is a brutal band that yet  shows joy and fun by hitting the stage, in particular vocalist Walt. The band is very harsh, with influences from Rotting Sound, Devourment, Internal Suffering and Suffocation, but is able to radiate a kind of joy for underground, involving the crowd, instigating the pit to mosh and to have a sore neck, impossible to be rid off in the next 3 or 4 days. Oral Fist Fuck  worked with 2 intros and with tracks like Unmercyful Evolution, This Little Part, False Side. 

Another local underground king is the punishing and technical band Cremation, founded in 1992. They have played open airs like Mountains of Death and Gampel and shared the stage with Grave, Cephalic Carnage, Exhumed, Mumakil, Requiem. They have experience and enthusiasm, although their experimentation doesn't always bring to cool results. Cremation is able to inject much fire but the art of composition still could be improved. Anyway they contributed a lot to fulfill  the task with Tracks like Pestiflex, Blowback, Murder, No Compromise (Soon e new album Blowback will be released). The task was to celebrate a maniac evening and  to have fun and discharge some daily stress with some brutal stuff which could sodomize the Alps.



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