Hydrogeios Club
Thessaloniki,Greece - 21 April 2002

review by Dimitris Theodoropoulos
About 600 people attended this great concert and in my opinion when such 
historical bands come to your town for a live it must be a sold out show but nevermind...
A Greek power metal band opened the concert named Out Of The Lair. These guys 
were amazing!
Their songs were very interesting and had this cool live feeling. They played 
for about half an hour and i liked them a lot. They surely have a bright future!
Next band was Evergrey. I am sure that most of you out there know them. They 
have released some very good albums although i've never listened to their music carefully 
their live performance was very good. They played for about 1 hour and most of the fans 
had a great time except some others who just couldn't wait to see Candlemass play live ;)
I heard Evergrey's music for the first time in this concert and i think they 
are one of those so called new-blood of European heavy metal. Cool band and they also had nice 
merchandise stuff. They also played a 9 minute ballad with just keyboards and vocals(!!).Their 
keyboards player was aweosome during the whole concert.
The time had finally come for Candlemass to hit the stage. The roadies started 
to light candles on the 2 sides of the stage and the band started their set with Gothic 
Stone/The Well Of Souls from their second album Nightfall. I have no words to describe this 
moment. The band is in such a great form they gave their 101% to the fans and their set also included 
all time classics such as: Demon's Gate, Under The Oak, Bewitched, Samarithan, At The Gallows 
End, Dark Reflections, Solitude, A Sorcerer's Pledge and some more songs.
They closed this fantastic gig with Crystal Ball this all time classic doom 
metal song with all members of the band performing in an amazing way. Messiah Marcolin's 
voice was as always in very high standards. This concert was very important for me.I finally saw 
one of my fave metal bands live and they played much better than i thought they will. They 
exceed our expectations. This was one of the first gigs of their first tour after 
their reunion with Messiah. We really look forward to listen a new album by this band.
Long Live TRUE Heavy Metal

Dimitris Theodoropoulos 


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