19 OCTOBER 2002

Review and photos © by Dimitris "Heartcollector83" Theodoropoulos  

Tickets were sold out about a week ago and a few more were pressed for the many fans that were asking for them.The venue holds about 900 people and it was almost full during the concert. The gig was about to start at 8:30 pm but they decided to take it back an hour and the doors opened at 7:00 and at 7:40 the first band DARK TRANQUILLITY hit the stage. Although I’ve never heard much stuff from this band apart from 1 album of theirs (Projector) I can say that they did a great intro of their show with an awesome song from the Haven album if I am correct (track #1 I think…).Then they did some cool songs from their latest album called ‘Damage Done’. The new material sounded great live.Their frontman, Stanne, was amazing! He was energetic on stage and his voice was in great form. He can sing both in brutal and clean vocals. The sound of their show was not so good…there were many problems and at times we couldn’t hear the guitars very good. After about an hour and some minutes they left the stage.

It was ENTOMBED ‘s turn and the ‘thrash fans’ started getting their positions in the first rows. Ok, entombed are not a thrash band but more of a death metal band but what happened in the crowd later reminded me of the thrash concerts J
 They played classics such as Chaos Breed, Left Hand Path etc… Also they played stuff from their ‘Uprising’ album which happens to be my favourite. They played for about an hour and some minutes. The band was amazing, with a lot of energy! Very enjoyable performance and the faster songs kept us happy. The singer did some nice gestures in his face which fit with the mood of the darker songs. Alex was ‘throwing’ one riff after another, he was great.
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The time had come…..it was time for Candlemass! The roadies changed the drum kit of the previous drummers with another one.This one had a double bass while the others didn’t and had more symbals. Jan Lindh is surely a great drummer and can handle all these pretty easy although this doesn’t mean the guys before are not great players! The 2 candle-holders were set at the 2 sides of the stage and the candles were lit 2-3 minutes before the show began.From the speakers we heard ‘Marche Funebre’ as an intro for the show.This didn’t last more than 30 seconds and the band kick in with ‘Crystal Ball’!!Excellent song for an opening and madness in the crowd! Messiah was as glorious as always and Leif,the king of the band, was playing his bass parts in the centre of the stage.Next songs were Mirror Mirror and Dark Reflections. A small pause then for Messiah to talk with the crowd and then a medley of Mourner’s Lament/Black Stone Wielder followed by another medley of Bearer of Pain/Somewhere in Nowhere. A crowd’s fave was next. At the Gallow’s End was enough to make the arena move faster and heads headbang more crazy!A medley of Ancient Dreams/Bells Of Acheron was next and  Sorcerer’s Pledge and Well of Souls closed the first part of the show. First encore was a medley consisted of the haunting Bewitched and during the riff change in the middle of the song Mats started the riff of Dark are the Veils of Death!!! Final song was the all time classic, one of the best metal songs ever written, the magnificent Solitude. All in all the band performed amazing! Probably as good as they played 6 months ago when they played in the same venue.

There were some interesting changes in the set list but something that caused a few problems was the bad sound….Messiah’s vocals were not on a good volume level and after some songs he told something to the sound technician but not too much was solved….And the rest of the organs were not audible so well but these problems didn’t prevent people from having great fan. Messiah was running on stage a lot and marched on the slow parts. During one of the last songs I saw him laying down on the floor pretending he was dead! A nice surprise of the show was a new riff of the band which will become a song for their new album.They played this riff before the final encore,solitude,for about a minute.I can’t remember how the riff was going but it had many things in common with the old slow-and-heavy riffs. When I asked Leif about it he told me they had lots of material ready for the new album and that riff was a small idea of the rest of the stuff they are preparing. Well, we can’t wait for the new album to come out!
The reunion news brought happiness to all doom-metal fans and a new album with this line up after so many years is something to look forward to!


Candlemass set list:

March Funebre/Crystal Ball
Mirror Mirror
Dark Reflections
Mourner’s Lament/Black Stone Wielder
Bearer Of Pain/Somewhere In Nowhere
At The Gallows End
Ancient Dreams/Bells Of Acheron
Sorcerer’s Pledge
Well Of Souls

1st encore:
Bewitched/Dark Are The Veils Of Death

  2nd encore:

Dimitris Theodoropoulos 

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