01 Failed 
02 Religious/Delicious 
03 Death can dance 
04 In brief war 
05 Guilt on skin 
06 Unbreak, Unchain 
07 Drive 
08 Every failier 
09 In trust of no one 
10 If 
11 No saint 
--- only on digi-pack: ---
12 Built for my ghosts
13 Re-collected 
Jasse von Hast - Guitar
Juha-Pekka Leppäluoto - Vocals
Pasi Sipilä - Guitar
Teemu Hautamäki - Bass
Antti Karihtala

CHARON: "The dying Daylights"       charon        Spinefarm Records



Review  by Carl "Adrimir" Bengtsson____    


This album I found by accident. I mean, not a total accident, I have their two previous releases and wanted to know if something new was coming out soon. I found
out that "The Dying Daylights" was already out, so I got it immediately.

I must say that I was not disappointed at all. Previously they have been compared to Sentenced, HIM and even The Rasmus. My god man, how is that possible...? Anyway! Of course they still contain some of their old sound, but they still have changed it around VERY much. And I was so pleased to hear this that I am still listening to the album while writing.

The song "In trust of no one" is my absolute favourite from this album. Mainly because it's very rare to find a fast song with such sense of melancholy. Also I like the ideas for the guitarplaying during the verses, and it's a very catchy tune.

Another tune that is incredibly satisfying to listen to is "Guilt on skin". The song itself is not as innovative as the rest of the album, but this song has that little extra that might suit the masses. I think it's always nice to find at least one song that is suited for video-production, and this one will hopefully have a video in the near future.

Unfortunately I was unable to find the digi-pack, so I cannot give a review of the two songs only contained on that release. Sad for me, but this is a very common and very popular trick. Make the cd's collectible in order to get all songs. It's a clear-cut money-making scheme, but it seems to work.

All in all this album can't be compared to either HIM or Sentenced because of these main reasons. It's much more melodic than Sentenced has ever been, and on a whole it's better than HIM can ever become.


Rating: 9/10  
Carl Bengtsson

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