1. Burning Visions
  2. Darkside Possess Me
  3. Minds Against The Nature
  4. Falling Into A Sad Madness
  5. Sea of Presages
  6. A Sand Sky
  7. The Last Prayer
  8. Evil and Passion
Aldo Giammusso - Vocals 
Calogero Piscopo - Guitars 
Pietro Di Bilio - Bass 
Alessandro Sanfilippo - Drums

DARK SECRET : "Evil and Passion"    www.darksecret.it             Brutal Symphony Production


review  by Sara "Shadow Lady" De Vita____     

I must admit it: I am very proud of the Italian underground’s productions!!!

It is always satisfactory to listen to a good work, especially when comes from your own country (a bit of healthy national pride..eheheh).

Surprising indeed these Dark secreT. A fierce and furious sound, very fast and of high impact, the kinf that takes your breath away. An excellent drumming and bass work, that creates a rhythm section of great skill, on which are developed with great majesty stout and melodic guitar riffs, with hints of slides that make the work a sort of evolutionary stage.

8 tracks, for almost 38 minutes of pure ferocity, never stopped, always in motion…lethal!

The double bassdrum in “Darkside possess me” is emblematic: it plays with the guitars, thus reprocucing a sort of fall into the darkness.

A powerful and gloomy growl melds into a really fine and heteorgenous technical work. Almost a celebretion we find in “Minds against The Nature”: here the guitar is the true master, developing a sound that  recalls the beloved Shuldiner.

Running breathlessly, as if we’re pursued by a demonic presence in the guise of musical notes, we pass on “Falling into a sad Madness”, not stumbling, not relenting, in dreamwalk and anguish.

A Sand Sky” and “The last Prayer” are the best performances of this Sicilian band that plays on almost prog intermissions, revealing interesting and doubtless technical capabilities. Gloomy and terrifying, they transmit decadent anguish that walks along us up to the final “Evil and Passion” (titletrack)…the symbol, in my opinion, of the Dark Secret’s style: a song that collects mastery and daring of these guys that keep high the name of a musical genre extermely complex, for the difficulties in trying to be innovative, and for the high speed that require competence and study.

Great work boys!!!

Rating: 8.5/10

Sara De Vita  

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