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Deep Drone Death Metal Special


Requiem (CH)
Darkmoon (CH), Total Annihilation (CH)


Sommercasino, Basel, Canton Basel-City, Switzerland – 12.03.2011


Live report written by Dominic Latscha 

Pictures taken by Dominic Latscha and Alexandra Werner


The readers might ask themselves what “DeepDrone” means? Well “DeepDrone” is not a new kind of M & M’s or a new brand by Levis Jeans. There are a couple of headbangers from the area of Basel, who organise underground shows with bands from the genres Doom, Sludge, Post-Metal and many more. The shows are different than 90% of the usual metal shows.

But they organised a Deep Drone Death Metal Special Death Drone show with the local Swiss Bands Darkmoon and Total Annihilation. The Swiss Folk Death Metal legends Requiem got hired as headliner for this event.

I knew that I had to be at this show when I received an invitation by Facebook. It was a long time ago, that I visited the Sommercasino (Engl. Summer casino) and I was really looking forward to this show.

The open doors were at 9 o’clock PM but I was 30 minutes to early in front of the Sommercasino and waited with my friends for the permission to enter the location. They allowed us to step into the location at time and we went inside with a dozen of headbangers.

We runned in front of the stage, because we wanted the best places with the best view. I love it when a plan comes together, we made it!

The Basel Thrash Metal band Total Annihilation opened the show on 9.20 PM with their song “Nuclear Devastation” and a large crowd stood in front of them. Some crazy metal maniacs started moshpits, but the most metalheads banged their heads or shouted the lyrics together with the band. It was a special evening, because Bass Player Lukas Löw stood on the stage for the last time with singer Daniel Altwegg, Guitar Player Fernando Ortega, Guitar Player Nicolas Stelz and Drummer Tizian Blanc. He announced to leave the band one month ago. Musical differences were the reason why this happened and it was the only way to get along with each other. Now, Lukas Löw plays Bass with the Basler Doom Metal Band Zatokrev. He stayed 4 ½ years in Total Annihilation and he received a V.I.P passport for life and a collage with band pictures from back in the days with signatures. Singer Daniel Altwegg allowed him to sing the German song “Thrash Metal und Dosenbier” before he had to leave the stage. The rookie Ralph Kissling entered the stage and took the Bass Guitar. Then, the last song “Alone in the Dark” blowed out of the speakers and the large crowd showed them standing ovations for the strong performance. Good Job!


Setlist Total Annihilation

Nuclear Devastation

Social Distortion


Big Fat Lying Bastards

Thrash Metal und Dosenbier

Remember the Fallen


War, Death, Suffering

Alone in the Dark















Darkmoon maintain on this level? This question spinned in my head during the break. Total Annihilation had set the bar very high. The guys with Singer Matthias Borer opened their set with “Rise Up”. You could hear powerful Death Metal with Swedish Old School Death Metal influences and Matthias did the best to make the crowd happy followed by the anti-catholic pedophiliac priest song “The Hate Still Burns” and they shouted “Yeah” toward Matthias. Darkmoon also introduced the new songs “The Sword” and “Seki State” from the upcoming album “Wounds”. The feedback on both tracks was awesome and I am really looking forward to that records. “Dust In My Eyes” an absolute kick ass track drove the metalheads nuts before the last song “Black Domain” got played. Singer Matthias Borer, Guitar Player Gianrichy Giamboi, Guitar Player Christian Waltert, Bass Player Pascal Rechsteiner and Drummer Laurent Strack were about to leave the stage when the crowd shouted “Encore”. Darkmoon entered the stage again and played “Winds of Death”. After that they finished their set and left the stage with smiling faces.


Setlist Darkmoon

Rise Up

Far From Heaven

The Hate Still Burns

The Sword

Caravan Of The Dead

Before The Storm

Seki State

Dust In My Eyes

Black Domain

Winds of Death




















Now Requiem was the headliner and had the chance to finish a great evening. Singer and Bass Player Ralph Winzer Garcia, Guitar Player Phil Klauser and Drummer Reto Crola entered the Sommercasino stage after 11 o’clock PM. Guitar Player Phil started to shred his guitar, Singer Ralph screamed one’s mind to the heavens and Drummer Reto Crola thrashed his drum kit. A great performance got shown and the crowd started to headbang, some metal maniacs started a circle pit, others started to dance and one guy showed his air guitar skills. Requiem wanted to leave the stage after 60 minutes, but the people in the Sommercasino asked for an encore. Other bands might play only one encore, but Requiem was so grateful about the ovations and gave them the two encores “Murder USA” and “The Last Campaign”. Their first show in Basel was awesome and there was no reason to complain anything.

Setlist Requiem

New Intro

Final Conflict

Into The Unknown

Premier Killing League

I Am Legion

Vicious Deception


Perish In Open Fire

Killing Cell

Marked By The Signs Of Chaos

I, Terrorist

Echoes Of War

Diary Of A Damaged Brain

Murder USA

Last Campaign


The only negative fact of this evening was the missing enthusiasm at the performances of Darkmoon and Requiem. Although Total Annihiliation earned the standing ovations, the crowd did not show the same mood like at the beginning of the show. I don’t know the reason why, maybe it could be the bullshit mentality called “Kantönligeist”. That’s an awful way of thinking and leads into fights between the Cantones in Switzerland for nothing. Furthermore, it is responsible why Switzerland is no union at all.

Otherwise, it was a great evening and I want thank the Sommercasino Team for their effort.   


written  by Dominic Latscha  

Dominic Latscha is reviewer for since 2010

He is based in Switzerland.

















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