at The Lab - Saint Paul - USA


live review by Matt Haumschild 

all photos by Stefan W. Vogelaar

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Hello all. First I would like to point out that this show was one of
the most comical, most entertaining show I've been to in a while. Maybe you
might notice this, but when you go to a show, you tend to go, stand, maybe
go into the pit, watch the band, have a beer, and leave. No frills, just go
there and watch a band play their set. This formula seems to get old after
awhile but was remedied by three bands who do not follow the norm it self.

Getting to the club around 4:30 pm, the doors opened at 5:00 pm, all
the kids stood outside, while people over 21 who in this country is the
minimum legal age to consume alcohol. In simpler words, all the kids had to
stand out side in the freezing cold while the adults could go in and have a
beer to two.  A local band opened up, but I didn't bother to watch them
since I had no idea who they were and they didn't sound too talented from
the barstool I was at. After their short thirty minute set they got off. To
be honest, I was surprised there were local bands at all at this show.

I go into the part of the venue where you actually see the band
play. The Lab, as a venue is split up into two parts. There is a wall
separating the bar and the actual venue were the stage is. To me, this is
very unorthodox in the way the club was designed, usually the bar is in the
back of the club or on a second level and the stage is at the front. But
this isn't the first time I've been here either. Just so you get the idea
what I am talking about.

Society one came on around 6:00 pm, which is unusually early. The
band had some troubles with their DAT (digital audio tape) player before
there set started. I don't know how often everyone keeps up on the metal
news, but a week ago, Society One's drummer sprained an ankle or broke it to
that extent and went home while the drummer for Primer 55 replaced him for
the tour. The intro on the DAT finally kicked in, and to the noticeable ear,
you knew that it was an excerpt from either "Army of Darkness" or "The evil
dead", which was interesting and the people who knew the clip were taken off
guard by it. The band hit the stage, and everyone in the club kind of stood
there and watched. Which is normal around here for a band no one had ever
heard before. But the singer didn't see it that way, after their second song
he said, "my God, you all look like you all got lobotomies or something."
I don't want to sound like an asshole or anything, but for those of you
reading my column and English is not your first language, a Lobotomy is when
you go into brain surgery and you're turned onto a zombie. But just the way
he said it was funny. Don't get me wrong, I don't think he should have said
that, but the crowed was not reacting to the music, which was understandable
since no one knew who they were. Their music was very good though. Through
out their set the singer kept yelling at the crowd asking them to kiss his
ass, or to suck his dick or something to that extent, I couldn't help but to
laugh. To me, this is entertainment. Sort of in Professional Wrestling,
there is the "Bad Guy" who antagonizes the crowd. The singer would be one of
those people. Probably my favorite quote of the evening was "For those of
you in the back, do me a favor and just turn your backs to me for the rest
of show, because I don't want to look at you either!" I am still surprised
he said that but what shocked me more was the fact that about fifteen people
actually turned their backs!!! The music from the band was very good like I
stated above, their stage presence could use some more work, but was better
than most. This band was signed to the "Earache" record label about 3 months
ago. I was very entertained by this bands performance. The highlight of the
show was when the singer mooned the crowed. I should let you know that the
crowd was responding to the band after the third song. This was a much
better response to an unknown band then there usually is. If they ever go to
Europe, I really recommend seeing this band, rather it be for the music or
just for a good show and as I far as I k now, off of Earache's website,
there should be an MP3 of there's to download, if not there should be one on
this website in a few days.


Next was Primer 55. There was hardly any need to re-set up drums or
to do another soundcheck of the drums considering it was the same drummer,
but, low and behold, they did it anyway. I have been fortunate enough to see
this band two other times before, well, I attended an ozzfest where they
played but I did not watch them, and about 2 or 3 years ago, they were on
tour with Soulfly, and I watched them, I didn't care for them too much then.
It was kind of a shock to see that the singer gained weight, the last time I
saw him, he was this skinny little guy from Detroit. Actually, I liked them
much better this time around. This was obviously a fan favorite, they've
been though the Saint Paul/Minneapolis area a lot in the last few years, and
I guess they have a fan base here. A lot of people from the crowd sang their
songs and of course went nuts.  The music matured a lot from their previous
efforts. If these guys came back around, I'd deffinately go and see them.
Their stage presence was very good. Makes me wish I knew their music a lot
better. The only downfall to their set was that they were extremely loud.
Too loud in fact, I had to run into the bar area a few times just to escape
the noise. So if they ever go through your town, bring earplugs because it's
going to be loud!

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After Primer 55 got off stage, additional stage preparations were
made for Dope. For example, they put "Police Caution" tape at the very front
of the stage so no one could see what was going on. On top of their
amplifiers, were barbed wire and assorted police lights. About three months
ago, Sony/Epic decided to drop Dope from their label. Also, in the past 2
years or so, they lost their guitar player who later joined Static X and now
he's with the murderdolls. If you keep up at blabbermouth.net you'll see
that both Tripp Eisen and Edsel Dope (the singer for Dope) have been dueling
with words and what forth. Their fan based ahs shrunk during all the turmoil
Dope has been through. They are mainly touring to keep their fan base. I
guess I can't blame them. Before this show, I had never heard the band. I
mainly came to see Skinlab, but a few days ago they dropped off the tour due
to an injury. But I attended the show anyway since I already bought the

Dope jumped on stage with a really catchy song "Die motherfucker
die" which subsequently got stuck in my head the rest of the night. Dope put
on a wonderful show. There is actually very little to say besides that they
are a very good act with music to match it. I didn't stay long because
Primer 55 was so loud, I didn't want my ears to suffer another assault but I
did stick around for 4 of their songs. The light show was great, I like the
fact that they were bad mouthing their old record label and Edsel was
talking about why they were on tour in the first place. They have really
good fan relations, better than most bands you see now days. At the show,
they were selling their CD's $10 a piece which is a steal! Dope put on an
A-1 show, if they go through Europe. Go see them. Another band I highly

Until Next time, have fun.

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