2 days event in ATHENS, GREECE

at ”Rodon” , Wednesday 6 and 7 November 2002

review by Dimitris "Heartcollector83"  Theodoropoulos

photos © by Dimitris Theodoropoulos and Greenblooded  

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A small introduction………

Dream Theater live in Greece once again. One of the best bands in the world today comes to Athens for the World Turbulence Tour. Last time they played here it was at the Rockwave festival in 2000 and they headlined. Everyone was speechless that night and we couldn’t find words to describe that excellent show. Now, in the fall of 2002, they visit us again. What should we expect from them? They were announced to headline the first day of Rockwave festival 2002 but, as we know, this festival was cancelled. The less thing the promoters could do was to bring all the bands seperately soon. So….the announcement was done somewhere in late September. Dream Theater in Athens for 2 shows on 6 and 7 November. The venue that was announced then was ‘Ydrima Meizonos Elinismou’ but for some reasons, I don’t know, they changed it to the famous ‘Rodon Club’ which is in the center of Athens. As the band wanted to record the shows, Rodon is ideal for such things so that why they probably changed venue. Iced Earth recorded they 3 cd set ‘Alive In Athens’ back in 1999.  

The day had come and I took the bus to go to Athens for 2 days, only for Dream Theater. After 500 Km of traveling I arrived in town and in a few hours the show was about to begin. By the time I got there,2 hours earlier, there was already lots of people waiting for the doors to open so they can get inside and get a place in the first rows. Tickets were sold out many days before for both gigs. Actually this band has so devoted fans that people who bought tickets for the first show got a ticket for the second one as well ! I was not an exception of course ;)When I got inside everyone’s eyes were going straight on to Mike Portnoy’s drum set. We could see something huge covered with a black thing. It was enormous and it was uncovered a few minutes before the show.

The time was 8:00.The band hit the stage just in time and while many people (including myself) waited to hear Glass Prison as the opening song they started playing New Millenium off their Falling Into Infinity album. Great surprise!This song is great and live was even better! During this song all eyes were on John Myung who used on this song a 12 string bass (Chapman Stick) !!! This man has no boundaries and has proved it...he can play everything. Mike Portnoy had 3 bass drums instead of 2 which is the usual…!

After this song Myung changed to the usual 6 string bass he always uses. Next was Mirror and after it Lie in the same way they are played on the Awake album. Killer versions of both songs and very heavy ones. Burning My Soul/Hell’s Kitchen were ok and Another Hand/The Killing Hand were again well played. Now it was time to play a song from their new album and it was The Great Debate. This song rules and it was cool to hear it live. Portnoy did some very difficult drumming in this song. More difficult than he usualy does. Another Dimension followed and after it a ballad off the band’s previous album The Spirit Carries On. There was so much emotion in this song! Everyone was singing and James LaBrie was simply amazing. It was time for a song from the legendary Images And Words album and it was Learning To Live! What a song! Live it was even better. Emotion, power, feeling,  melody, passion, excellence….Dream Theater in all it’s glory. Jordan Rudess didn’t seem to have any problems at all playing the keyboard parts of the ultimate Kevin Moore. After all these years being in the band Jordan plays these songs as if they are his. Great version of the song and after this song I thought I’ve seen everything. The first set of the concert had finished and James said there will be a fifteen minute break and the show will go on. Of course it would be a shame not to say some words about the amazing John Petrucci…I haven’t mentioned anything about him until now but what can I say about such a player?? Just put in your cd players the dream theater albums,listen to the guitar work in there and imagine it live BUT with improvisations and much feeling and emotion. That’s how Petrucci is live.Sorry but I can’t describe his live work…there are no words to describe John.
The second set opened with the title song from their new album Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence. They played the song in it’s entirely from what I remember. The song is a 42 minute epic but when it finished I didn’t feel like I had heard such a huge song but there are 2 reasons why this happened. First reason: because they might have omitted some parts and made the song shorter. Second reason: they played it so great that time passed so pleasant I didn’t notice how quick it finished. When you have good time, time passes quickly. I think the second reason is more possible. Another song from their previous album was next. A crowd’s favourite, Home.Everyone went crazy on this song and for about 10 minutes all eyes were on John Petrucci. Good things don’t last forever so this night had to end with the best possible way. So, another song from Images And Words album was chosen for the encore…Take The Time! This happens to be among my top 5 dream theater songs and I moved from the second row I was to the stairs that lead to the balconies. I was at a little high point and had a great view of the whole band.During the song I was looking Mike in the eyes and we were screaming the lyrics to each other. The performance of the band at it’s peak for tonight.After the song Mike threw me his drum stick!! I have it on my wall now

So this show ended and noone could believe what we have seen. No one could tell the best part of the show or pick a member and say he was the best. All of them were excellent and played the song without any mistakes at all. But most of all there was this rare dream theater feeling and emotion in the songs. A feeling that only James LaBrie can give. This guy is very underrated. Even some dream theater fans don’t like him. Anyway….time for sleep now, tomorrow is a busy day……!

Set List  6 November

1st  Set

New Millenium



Burning My Soul/Hell's Kitchen

Another Hand/The Killing Hand

The Great Debate

Another Dimension

The Spirit Carries On

Learning To Live

2nd  Set

Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence


Take The Time


Wednesday 7 November 2002


Arrived at the Rodon club at 4:30.The show was scheduled for 8:00 but I was there to be present at the special meeting of the band with some selected members of their Greek Fan Club and also to be awarded from the Greek Warner Music for the band’s success. The band was in a very good mood while talking to the fans and signing autographs. A person from the record company gave the award to the members of the band which was a big frame that had all the albums of the band placed in a row from When Dream And Day Unite up to the new cd Six Degrees Of Inner Turbulence. They had some pics taken with the award and after that they signed some more autographs, chatted with the fans and then left. When I got out the time was about 5 and many people started coming to wait in the line to get in. I saw many familiar faces from the previous day and as I said somewhere above almost everyone who got tickets for the first day got ones for the second as well. You can never get enough of this band.

The show started again in time at 8:00 with Glass Prison. This song is a perfect opener and the crowd went wild. After the middle part of the song until the end we saw the ultimate definition of the best progressive band in the world or should I say the best band in the world in general? A song off the Awake album followed,6:00 with the cool short drum intro. Strange Deja Vu was next and then some songs from the new cd. War Inside My Head and Test That Stumped Them All. These songs are part of the 42 minute song which was played yesterday but no one complained of course! Next song was Surrounded a song I always wanted to hear live. James was awesome and was sitting on a chair during the ballad intro of the song. Next song was Through My Words. Another beautiful melodic song off the previous album. Fatal Tragedy again from the previous album and then was Misunderstood from the new cd.Once again nice melodies and amazing guitar work by the master. Peruvian Skies was played next and then the band did a big instrumental with many improvisations which many call the Intrumedley. The song started with Dance Of Eternity and then they changed into countless songs and also they threw in there some cover tunes from other bands as well! This instrumedley was the best part of this night for many people.  For about 15(?) minutes we were all staring at all members. Each of them was giving his own show but Mr Petrucci was playing some incredible stuff! Myung was as always ‘punishing’ his bass, Portnoy playing everything he wants with even one hand while with the other one he was drinking something. Rudess with his spinning keyboard system was smiling to the crowd and playing. James was nowhere to be seen of course. I bet he was backstage relaxing since this was an instrumental. After this excellent piece of music the first set of the night closed with Lines In The Sand which featured a magnificent guitar solo from John ,who was doing some effects with his mouth on the microphone while soloing.

After the 15 minute break we heard the number of the beast speech intro from the speakers! Rumours had spread the word some day before the gigs that the band was to cover Iron Maiden’s Number Of The Beast album in it’s entirely and now we were all ready to hear it. So the band started playing the album from first song Invaders up to the last one Hallowed Be Thy Name. The second guitar parts were played on the keyboards by Rudess and in some parts he did it so good you thought it was a guitar playing. In some other parts he wasn’t so successful but that was ok. Petrucci seemed to play all the guitars very easily of course…the things dream theater play are so much difficult than that and all seemed to have fun to play these easy songs. Especially Mike Portnoy was so cool and could play parts with just one hand. All of them seemed much more relaxed than when they did their own songs. The album was played like it is played by Iron Maiden except only one song, Gangland. Dream Theater managed to turn this average song into an amazing tune! They played it in a completely different way, a jazz/blues version I could say. The only difficult part of the number of the beast album is without doubt the vocals. Few singers can sing Dickinson’s lines. James LaBrie didn’t screw up in any parts at all. He approached the songs in his own style and although he didn’t make that big impression as the other members did he was just ok and had fun. In the background there was the cover of the album but instead of saying iron maiden it had dream theater written with the iron maiden font style! After about 40 minutes of playing the album it was time to finish the show with an all time dream theater classic and probably their most famous song, Pull Me Under. The live version they did was great and in the middle part of the song they played it in an ultra fast version! It was funny to hear James trying to keep up with the other member’s pace with the vocals but he managed to do it! In the last part when the song was about to end they played it in an ultra slow pace and it was sounding like when you put a vinyl LP record playing in a slow motion. Once again this band is unpredictable and played the song in this different way. There were no good or bad parts of the show. All were equally fun and like the previous night’s gig we show the best musician’s of the world giving an unforgettable show. No one will forget these 2 shows and I am sure that even the band members will remember the times they spent here in Greece.
Until next time we see them live again Let The Light Surround You!  


Set List  7 November 17, 2002


1st Set
The Glass Prison


Strange Deja Vu

War Inside My Head

Test That Stumped Them All


Through My Words

Fatal Tragedy 


Peruvian Skies   


Lines in the Sand 

2nd Set

Number of the Beast - Iron Maiden

Pull Me Under  


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