1. As I Am
2. This Dying Soul
3. Endless Sacrifice
4. Honor Thy Father
5. Vacant
6. Stream of Consciousness (instrumental)
7. In the Name of God

  John Petrucci - Guitars
Jordan Rudess - Keyboards
Mike Portnoy - Drums
John Myung - Bass
James LaBrie - Vocals

DREAM THEATER: "Train of Thought"       dream theater    EastWest


reviews by Salvo Russo and Christian Bengtsson


review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   


This is a very important moment for all music lovers......Dream Theater are not only a metal-band...They are 4 boys burnt in order to play music......The technicality that they're able to put in every song is something incredible, and their carrier makes them one of the best band ever...not only in metal-music...Their music can be loved from Pink Floyd fans and Metallica as well......
This is their last new cd.....and I can't but admit that it is a good album...But if I make a comparison with  their old masterpieces I have to underline some negative aspects.....
The first: James LaBrie!!!!! His delicate and amazing voice known for its sweetness and the melancholy, in this album doesn't give the best of itself. It may be that the kind of new songs that are not very suitable for his voice...but his performance is very far from his old ones! Sometimes He remind me of Metallica's singer and in my opinion a song like "Vacant" (in which he shows his real ability) gives value to my opinion.....
The second: The sound has become harder than the previous cds... It could be a good thing but a song like "HONOR THY FATHER" or "AS I AM"  don't give value to musicians like Dream Theater......Try to listen these songs and I'm sure that you'll agree!!!!
The third: Where are the emotional atmospheric songs like "Finally Free"????Only 7 songs in which only an atmospheric song of two minutes............
Ok.......Now I can say that on the whole the songs are full of amazing technical parts, Petrucci is able to create and to play with a very top ability........Try to listen "In the name of God"'s solo ...but  we already know his ability.......he's one of the best guitar-player in all the world such as the other components.
"Endless sacrifice" and "In the name of god" shows how to create two very good songs that lasts more than 10minutes. These songs mixes Trash, melodic metal, prog in an amazing way; on hearing the technical ability of these musicians, you may notice how to give different atmospheres into the same song....!!!The songs shows not only a melodic compositive ability, but also the ability to create different rhytmic times in which Portnoy is able to create very elaborated parts. Their  long compositions never become boring..."In the name of God" is an example of compositive melodic ability joined to technical skills,  in the best way possible!
A negative note concerns the single "As i Am"....In my opinion it gets all the negative aspects that I said before! "Stream of conscious" is an instrumental song that shows the typical DT style.....a sad melodic riff guitar is the main theme...The song gets a very good technical evolution in which Portnoy shows his unquestionable compositive and technical ability. There are no comparisons...they're Dream Theater!! It's very hard to explain what a DT song is able to describe.....but for me this album is not up to the task comparing with the previous releases  considering also the value of these musicians!!!!Attention!!!...I DON'T WANT TO SAY THAT THIS IS A MEDIOCRE ALBUM.......On the contrary, it's a good release , but ,On the whole ,I'm sure that DT are able to compose an album better than this!
Rating: 7.5/10 
Salvo  Russo    

review  by Christian "Adrimir" Bengtsson  ____      


YEAH! THEY'RE BACK! FINALLY!! I woke up to the sound of a big package going through the mailslot in my door. My first though was "Nah, that can't be it...". I opened it and THERE IT WAS! I threw it in my cd-player and started up with "As I Am". I had already heard this song before, in a radio edit they released on their website.

My goodness! The radio-edit version was kind of bad quality, and to finally hear it in perfect stereo sound was amazing. It's very heavy, reminds me of when Metallica came out with their black album. "As I Am" has a lot of old-school Metallica influences, you almost expect James Hetfield to be singing it. But of course, it's James LaBrie, and thank god for that, since Hetfield can't sing to save his life anymore. He proved that on St. Anger.

Back to Dream Theater. The next song is "This Dying Soul", and suddenly it strikes me that they have become alot heavier since "Six degrees of inner Turbulance". I never heard anything like this on "Six degrees..." and I absolutely LOVE what I hear. The bass seems to play along with the drums alot more than usual, and also they must've done something to the bass, because it is creating a heavy sound all over. "This Dying Soul" has a part in it where I am reminded of Slipknot, actually, and that says alot for this album, how much they have changed.

Number three, "Endless Sacrifice", starts out as a calm song. Lovely melodies, and the guitar works well with the piano. Of course, these guys are masters of their instruments. After the first chorus they add alot of strings and makes the whole thing very majestic and then goes back to being melodic and calm as in the beginning. Lovely song structure.

On "Honor Thy Father" we hear Mike Portnoy going crazy on the drums. Aaaah...the sweet sound of Dream Theater. It sounds like Dream Theater, but with much more attitude than I've ever heard from them before. This song is aggressive and progressive, to say the least. Heavy rhythmic guitar-riffs mixed with drums that pound like obsessed. Geez...I never cease to be amazed.

"Vacant" is the shortest song on the album with 2:57. Sound like Jordan got his way on this one. Calm piano mixed with cello and what seems to be some kind of choir-pad in the background. Anyway, the song is lovely, I just think it's a shame they made it this short.

Next we have the instrumental song "Stream of Conciousness". This is a song that never gets boring. I think John Petrucci has added to his rack of effects for the guitar. The guitar sound throughout the album is not what you're used to when it comes to Dream Theater. This song sometimes reminds me of another instrumental they recorded a while back, called Erotomania, but with something that resembles middle-eastern harmonics. At some point I find that it turns into a melodic, powerful, epic progressive metal masterpiece. I can only hope they perform this song on their world tour.

"In the Name of God" gives me a scent of Def Leppard in the beginning, but that soon changes. I could go on and on about how it sounds like this and that, but I wont. Instead, I will give this one up for everyone out there to listen to and review for themselves. I want you to listen to this song with very scrutinizing ears and listen for any imperfections, because I can't find any whatsoever.

I have never given a 10 to any artist or album, but this album is all about change and changing old ways. It would be a mistake on my part not to give it a 10, because there simply isn't anything better out there in this genre, at least that I've heard and that is a lot.


Rating: 10/10  
Christian Bengtsson

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