Love Will Tear Us Apart (Joy Division cover)


I Do

About You 


For The Things I Care





Luca Martello - guitars and electronic grooves
Vincenzo Di Leo - bass
Stefano Manfrin - drums
Antonietta Scilipoti - female vocals, keys

EVEN VAST: "Teach me how to bleed"  even vast           My Kingdom Music

preview-review  by Salvo "Lovedeath" Russo____   

Great gothic Dark penalized

by the production

The Italian underground is full of very interesting bands that I can’t understand are not well supported by media. One of these is EVEN VAST. A band that is active since 1999 , but two members play together since the early 90’s.!

This album is the result of many years spent to find the right musical dimension, and I can’t but admit that the band has released a very good cd, full of interesting tracks; on the whole a great gothic dark opera, that is penalized by a mediocre production. It’s a shame because these songs are great and they’d need a better production in order to be compared to the famous gothic-dark masterpieces.

Luca Martello plays guitars and realizes also many electronic grooves; Great work for him, well made under all points of view; Very good mood realized by electronic vibes that are the add value for this album.

There’s also Antonietta's heavenly voice…Great timbre and very good interpretation.

The first song “ Infected” reminds me of the best The Gathering …pure goth rock full of pathos and romanticism realized thanks to the work of a perfect rhythmic session and the whole atmosphere that is  full of good electronic parts.

It’s still sentimental gothic rock the next “Away” that will be the joy of fans of The Gathering and Theatre of Tragedy of these latest years…It’s impossible not to underline  once more that these songs should need a better production.

The melancholy of “Limelight” is pure melody for your deep feelings…Luca’s guitar seems to enter into your hidden side thanks to the good arrangement made by a great keyboard synth …without to forget  great Antonietta's great vocals.

It’s time for a great cover! ”Love will tears us apart” is the famous Joy Division song, re-interpreted in according to their style….Nothing to say…just a good song!

“Breakaway” is another gothic hit that can’t but remind of the best latest The Gathering also because Antonietta seems to remind of  Anneke in an incredible way!

From the abyss of modern Dark there’s the atmosphere of “I do” that is still penalized by a very mediocre production…Anyway it’s a good song in which the band mixes psychedelic dark and modern deep gothic rock.

Experimental modern dark is the next “ About you”…I love this song that seems to be very original concerning the atmosphere created and seems to mix the best of gothic-dark from the past re-visited into a modern key!

“Misbecoming” is another good song that mixes dark rock and modern psychedelic goth!

“For the things I care” is the less good track of the cd…the band (in my opinion) doesn’t find a great groove and the melody of the song is monotonous.

The album is closed by “Sleep” that is another fair but forgettable song…the band doesn’t find the right groove and tries to create an atmosphere that doesn’t go up.

The musical ideas are absolutely good, but the album is penalized by a not good production. Anyway,  if you like The Gathering, I’m sure you’ll appreciate what this talented band is able to create.

rating: 7.5/10  


Salvo Russo  09.04.2007  
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