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01. Hold On
02. KMA Goodbye
03. Take Me Away
04. Maybe Tomorrow
05. So Long!
06. And Then Sun…
07. Keep Away
08. Hollywood Diva
09. No Way Out
10. Part Of Me
11. Still Standing
12. After All
13. The 11th Hour
14. Take Me Away (Timba Remix)

Total Runtime 54:37


Pivi R. Pieren 

Vocals, Bass

Phil Schelker


Marc Waldmeier


Raff Martin



EXCENTRIC: "White Knuckle Ride"       Foto von Excentric

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Produced by Excentric

Mixed & Mastered by Pivi R. Pieren & Raff Martin at Sh!thousestudio

Artwork by Anja Lehmann


2008 – Take This
2011 – White Knuckle Ride

In U.S.A. they would be on the same level with Creed, 3 Doors Down or Nickelback.

Excentric is a four piece Modern Heavy Rock Band from Sissach, Swiss Canton of Basel-Country and Switzerland. They are in the Swiss Rock scene for ages and made a mark with their debut “Take This” in 2008.

Now, they issued their second record “White Knuckle Ride” in 2011. This record was mixed and mastered by Pivi R. Pieren and Raff Martin in the Sh!thousestudio. Anja Lehmann is responsible for the artwork.

Did anything change in contrast to “Take this”? No, because Excentric are in a similar way like 3 Doors Down or Nickelback. You have to add a pinch of Hard Rock and you got the brew.
These guys can maintain with the big names. The songs convince with melodic guitar tunes by guitar players Schelker and Waldmeier, strong choruses by singer Pivi R. Pieren and a powerful production. These elements are responsible why the songs stuck in the head.

Although there’s musical talent and potential to make it big, they never got a record deal, despite of support of bands like U.D.O., Freedom Call, Chinchilla, In Extremo and Sentenced.

What’s the problem? The problem is that the band is from Switzerland and not from the U.S.A. Otherwise they had a record deal and would be on the same level with Creed, 3 Doors Down or Nickelback. Despite this circumstance, their songs got a message and there for they deserve to be heard.

Excentric are my rock favourites in 2011 and I’m excited about what happens next!





written  by Dominic Latscha 


Dominic Latscha is local editor for since 2010.

He is based in Switzerland . He can be reached on Facebook.



October 2011

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