report of the first day

12th June 2004 -  at Arena Parco Nord  - BOLOGNA - I

in collaborazione con AA Productions


 review by Sara "Shadow Lady"  De Vita










After precisely a week since Gods Of Metal, and always in the Arena Parco Nord in Bologna, there has been the second edition of a festival promising great and positive follow-ups: the Flippaut, that last year had as guests bands such as Queens Of The Stone Age and Audioslave. This year the organization seemed to have read in my mind and found my Nu-Crossover jukebox of favourite songs, proposing bands such as Ill Niño, Soulfly, HIM, and Korn.

Yet like the infamous Damocle’s sword a danger was lurking above our heads:  the mysteries of weather. As a matter of fact, just a week before, at about half of the first Gods Of Metal day, the skies opened up: a so strong downpour that forced some bands, among which Stratovarius, to postdate the show to the following day. But let’s get back to the Flippaut! No rain: just hot sun!!!


The fest offers a pleasant surprise for me: a band not previewed in the programme, a band that I follow from about a year with very much interest and satisfaction, Guilty Method, that played in the place of Backyard Babies. and the Guilty, Italian Nu-melodic band, shown their own to an overexcited audience, obtaining good consensus.

And enter Extrema, an historical band of the Italian (but not only) scene, for which a true commotion happened: screaming fans, hellish pogo and stadium choirs for a band that is always one step away from the BOOM, but never close enough to consecrate international success even though here in Italy they are a myth.


And here come one of the surprises of this hot June afternoon: the Life Of Agony, their line-up just recently made up again, after a period of quiescence following the split-up, and they give proof of a strong and knowledgeable live experience, by involving a curious and appeased audience.

It may have been the hot weather, or we were tired or unnerved for waiting the Soulfly, Ill Niño and Korn, but the audience appreciated very little the Mistonocivo performance, this band never managed to involve most of the audience (including me), that instead attended to their performance in “respectful absent-mind”.

This is just one of the reasons why I don’t like too long festivals: people gets tired and, under such a powerful Sun, it’s easy to get distracted.

And it’s a pity indeed, because back home I listened to some Mistonocivo songs and I must tell that they deserve much more than they’ve reaped.

But we go now into the hot zone (in any sense) of the day: on stage Ill Niño.

The audience is screaming, relentless pogo, a shapeless human mass shaking after a rhythmic sound of a neo-Latino Nu Metal. The audience’s feet, during the pogo, lifted a giant cloud of dust and dirt that along with the hot weather gave the sensation of being in a desert, carried by unique and involving sonorities. Delirium…

And it’s time for Brides Of Destruction, that unfortunately, as happened for Mistonocivo, don’t manage to get the people involved, maybe also for the fact that this band proposed a punk-glam genre, very out of place in the Nu-Crossover theme of the fest.

And yet there has been a moment when the Brides managed to involve the overheated human mass in an enthusiastic and acclaimed show: when this neo-band of Nikki Sixx played “Shout At The Devil” and “Live Wire” by Motley Crue.



A quick (in a sense) change of stage and here they come: Soulfly!!!

The audience grows (numerically): <<but from where all this people come????>> I ask myself as I get crushed among sweating and crazed Metallers!!!  

Pure power: stage animals. Max Cavalera is a great show man that excites the audience with gesture, moves, screams and haphazarded musical mixtures, as a Ska-reggae one (frankly I did not like it). …result? …emotional chaos!!!

Prophecy”, “Bleed” (where Max sang along with his son) and even the mythical “Roots Bloody Roots” by the great Sepultura…the emotive peak is reached with these songs… nothing can be added: you can imagine the rest!!!

And then it’s HIM time (I will not discuss the polemics about their apparition in a Nu-Crossover oriented fest, as also told about Brides Of Destruction), followed by a good (yet not very high) number of fans, among which I count myself, simply adoring Gas, a myth true, and, of course, Ville Valo, in his full live abilities. A very good show, right in the face of those that try to discredit a band that, against all odds, always remains in the hearts of a big part of the audience, either for musical tastes and age.

And it’s evening…


An unnerving, endless change of stage… …and here they come: it’s Korn time.

No stage design, no banner, nothing at all!!! …empty stage, instruments at ready… but where are they?

…the waiting…HERE THEY ARE!!! … no… it’s just a technician placing in the center of the stage a thin vertical structure covered by a red drape!!! What can it be???  …revelation!!! <<could it be the famous microphone stand that Jonathan Davis has been made by the great Giger???>> …and yes it is…the woman-shaped mic stand…artwork!!!

At last, they come on stage… Korn!!! Charged, maybe much more than we audience, no talks, no embellishments, just music. We go with “Right Now”, song from their last album Take A Look In The Mirror. The show goes on with old hits as “A.D.I.D.A.S”, “Freak On A Leash”, “One” by Metallica and then “Got The Life” and many others, to close with “You Wanna A Single” (my favourite), always from Take A Look In The Mirror.

…I was in a true ecstatic state: sweating, tired… even exhausted, but happy… happy because such a show is a rare event, maybe unique, made even more special, allow me, by the marvelous company of Silvia and Annalisa (Nagyrev), Cristiano and Massimo (3rd), Francesco “Hanged Puppy” (our former collaborator and my dear friend) and Beppe.

Of the return trip, only one thing I remember: …silence!!!

Sara De Vita  

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