Forever After Tour 2005






 at Elysée Montmartre - Paris 



review by Jelenes


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Paris, 8th June 2005.

It is under a sunny sky that I reach Boulevard Rochechouart, n°72 where the Elysée-Montmartre is located. It is 19h55 and Society 1 have finished their gig. Have I missed something? Well the impressions I gather from those who’ve seen the performance are far from being enthusiastic. The American band have the reputation of being provocative, the singer does not hesitate to show his arse to the crowd during gigs, but it is obvious that tonight Society 1 didn’t impress the Parisian audience. However, it must be said that the band -outside the stage- are quite sympathetic, speak gladly with those who dare approaching them and admit very honestly and humbly that they are not well understood, that even certain people have been scared by them.

At 20h00 Orphaned Land hit the stage under warm applauses. A good proportion of the audience is happy to see and hear live the Israeli band and ready to support them during the 50 minutes of their set. The atmosphere is quite festive, and the band seem to enjoy it. They will deliver a solid and pleasant gig, well supported by their fans and even those who are not very familiar of their music. The songs proposed are clearly metal, mixed up with Arabic, almost hypnotic rhythms and singing, and with prog influences. Quite interesting mix, well performed by a band who are very professional, playing tight and interacting with the audience. However the very frequent changes of rhythms within a same track are getting boring after awhile. It is quite unfortunate especially because the band have really good melodies and tempos that work very well live, making the crowd dance, jump and clap their hands. These changes are a bit ruining the songs, turning good songs into messy, confused and confusing demonstration. It is sometimes hard to « follow » the band without being slightly annoyed by this. All musicians are very good though, well concentrated and the singer is both good in singing aggressively and naturally. The only cheesy thing about the music is the keyboards’ sounds. I find it always surprising to hear « young » bands using such naff sonorities, like it is so often used in prog metal or power metal genres. Well matter of taste I guess…

This was the first time I heard Orphaned Land and I have no idea of the tracks they performed. They dedicated one of their songs to Paradise Lost and their crew and another one to Society 1, thanking both bands for their kindness and the good time Orphaned Land spent with them. 20h50 the band leave the stage under the acclamations of enthusiastic people who for sure enjoyed the show a lot.



No sooner Orphaned Land had gone that the stage was invaded by the PL crew, preparing everything -from purely technical aspects (tuning guitars, drums, checking microphones, adding more picks) to more « practical » things, like bringing towels, bottles of beer and water. All the crew work fast, precisely, everyone knowing his/her task. A rapid and last soundcheck and all of them disappear, except one roadie who will stay behind an amp during the whole gig, and will take pictures of the band and the audience during the show. Photographers arrive massively in the photo pit, readying their cameras while the crowd is calling « Paradise ! Paradise ! Paradise !» Tension is rising more and more as the minutes pass by.

21h15 off the lights, the crowd screams and applauds. Drummer Jeff Singer is the first one to hit the stage. Standing behind his drumkit he is already encouraging people to clap their hands in rhythm while the intro of Don’t Belong fills the air. Then appears Nick Holmes greeted by rapturous applauses, taking place behind his microphone, relaxed but very concentrated, eyes closed. He is quickly followed by Greg Mackintosh, Aaron Aedy and Steve Edmondson. Nick starts singing and the audience echoes his words. It is indeed a very supportive and enthusiastic crowd that lies under the sculptured ceiling of the Elysée-Montmartre, headbanging, singing, jumping, dancing and screaming like mad. Absolutely professional, confident, enjoying the show Paradise Lost will deliver one hour and 30 minutes of pure energy, generosity and passion, and it is hard not to give them back all this. Nick announces almost every track, speaks a little bit in French « Bonsoir Paris, ça va ? » « Merci beaucoup », he is more open, very relaxed and self-confident. Like Dalia wrote in her reports it is indeed a new Nick Holmes that appears in front of his fans. Not only new because of his long hair but also because of his voice. Very clear, high, soft but also aggressive and deep, Nick has now several voices, mastering them effortlessly it seems, making his performance really enjoyable, and proving that like the rest of the band, he has worked a lot, constantly improving himself. Appreciative, his fans give him ovations. Like they will do for the whole band. Greg Mackintosh delivers an incredible performance! He is three people at the same time: playing guitar without any mistakes, headbanging furiously, singing with conviction, even miming certain lyrics, the guitarist has a fantastic energy tonight. Several times during the gig he will bow towards his fans to shake their hands, give a bottle of beer, give some picks and even let a fan touches his guitar. He truly throws himself into his music and it is quite emotioning to see him so genuinely passionate and energetic, giving so much of himself! A really great performance from Greg that surely contributes to the super atmosphere in the venue. Mad headbanger guitarist Aaron Aedy remains the same. Like Greg, he lives his music intensely but never forget to take a moment to applaud and thank the audience, to shake some hands. It is obvious that Aaron loves his job and his joy in playing music is « infectious ». Very communicative, once again it is hard to remain folded-arms, passive in front of him! Always precise, sharp, heavy Aaron plays flawlessly. The same for bassist Steve Edmondson and Jeff Singer on drums. The cohesion between the five musicians is perfect, and though it is the first time Jeff and the rest all the band tour together, everything is going without any problems, without any hesitations. Everything works, coherent and solid. Despite a very good attitude from the audience throughout the show, it must be said that the PL fans have been really great during certain songs, like for example during classic As I Die. It is a very powerful « As I Diiiiiiiiie » that gets out of the fans’ throats and it really gives the creeps. Even Nick, who had turned for the occasion his microphone towards the crowd, is quite impressed and appreciative. The same for One Second and Say Just Words which will close a wonderful show, True Belief, Grey or Forever After. 22h50 the show is over, the band is warmly acclaimed and applauded. They shake hands with fans, throw picks, and drumsticks, wave goodbye to a very enthusiastic and happy crowd. This was definitely a fantastic show that surely pleased those who’ve attended it. Maybe the good number of excited fans who turned to the merchandise stall is a proof? It is now time to get out of the venue but a good number of fans will wait another hour outside in the street to meet the band, have an autograph, take a picture with them and be rest assured that they will not be disappointed at all.


Don't Belong
So Much Is Lost
Symbol Of Life
Hallowed Land
Accept The Pain
No Celebration
For All You Leave Behind
As I Die
True Belief
One Second
Forever After
Over The Madness
Say Just Words




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