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at RED ROCKS  in Basel City (CH)  - 22.12.2010 


Live report written by Dominic Latscha

Photographs taken by FROZENROOM

A sensation for a show on a Wednesday.


The venue “Red Rocks” in Basel City, Switzerland is not a location where you expect to see a band on stage or Rock music and Metal. There are often DJ’s who play chart music and the mainstream music listeners go partying there on weekends.

There had been some Hard Rock Thursdays and sometimes DJ’s got the chance to play Rock music and Metal. That was back in the days. An owner change happened and that was the downfall for Rock music and Metal in the “Red Rocks”.

That is the reason why this venue lost many fans of the rock music scene and the metal scene. A lot of frustration started to spread and nothing really happened in the Basel area for this kind of music and a fan called Pascal Schelker had been fed up with the whole situation and wanted to make a change.

For this reason, he contacted the new “Red Rocks” owners and arranged a meeting. He used this chance to tell them his vision. The meeting was a success and he got the permission to organise shows on Wednesday evenings.

This always happens once a month and a local band always performs at these events and gets the chance to show their skills to a crowd. It is very helpful for a band to make a name for itself and getting some credibility for their effort. This time, the band FROZENROOM had the honour to rock the stage.

I heard this name very often during the last weeks. A good friend of mine sent me the link to their MySpace page and I checked them out. So, I was able to get a first impression.

They sounded great and I was determined to attend their show at the “Red Rocks” on Wednesday evening.

The doors opened on 8 o’clock PM and show organiser Pascal Schelker shared the own production CD of FROZENROOM as a gift for attending the show.

It was a nice gesture to introduce this evening and I was excited about the performance of FROZENROOM.

In the beginning, there were not many people inside, but the more you waited the more people stepped inside. Others used the time to smoke outside, because it is not allowed to smoke inside. A friend and I sat down on a table in front of the stage and Disturbed blew out of the speakers.

Now, the club was filled with many people but there was no band. You could not see them anywhere. You only could see men and women dressed in casual clothes, but no metal clothing.

I checked the time and it was 9 o’clock PM. Suddenly, FROZENROOM entered the stage and the crowd showed ovation. They really did their best to rock the crowd, but most of them were either tired of work or not used to this kind of music. It was not easy to create a party atmosphere without a lack of co-operation besides the audience.

But FROZENROOM did not discourage at all and went on with their show. Especially singer Alain Schwaller showed his large vocal skills from aggressive parts to smooth parts and from melancholic parts back again to aggressive parts and rocked with the bass guitar next to guitar player Chris Furrer, who banged his head. Drummer Boris de Roche thrashed the drums in the background.

Then they asked the crowd about the band W.A.S.P and wanted to know, whether the crowd knows them and the song “I wanna be somebody”. They answered “Yes” and all hells broke lose. Finally, the crowd awaked and started to rock with FROZENROOM. They sung, clapped with their hands and some fans showed the devils horn (the official sign of metal heads that they like the show).

“Mindless Creation” should have been the last song tonight. But the crowd asked for more and shouted “Encore” toward the stage.

FROZENROOM heard these shouts and played “Get Away From Me” and “Your pain”. The crowd liked their performance very much and showed them their appreciation with standing ovations.

Tonight was a good night and the total of attendances was 114! That is a sensation for a show on a Wednesday evening and the total of attendances record of the GURD show got broken. The total of attendances at that show was 112.


Out of Control
21 Grams
Feel the rain come down
You don't see
Shattered lies
What if
I wanna be somebody
Mindless Creation
Get away from me
your pain


by Dominic Latscha 






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